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Statement by Mary Wingo

Hi there, my name is Mary Wingo I been doing business in the import-export business in various capacities for over 10 years.  Though a US citizen, I often live and do projects in Ecuador, which is a South American country with a lot of low-cost trade opportunity. In addition, it enjoys many free trade agreements for low or zero duties for many imports types.

If you find that your domestic or foreign suppliers  are becoming more expensive or getting hit with high import taxes, please keep my name on file and when the need arises check with me to see if I can get you a better deal with Ecuadorian sourcing.

Some of these industries may include textiles (including custom and artisan), Panama hats, industrial, metal, or chemical products, leathers, or wood products just to name a few. There is absolutely no obligation or risk---If I cannot source what you are looking for, I will just let you know.

Before you make your next order with your current supplier, just give me a quick shout. Or are you open to some type of other dialog?


Mary Wingo
WhatsApp +5930997072884
Skype ID: maryiscontary
US Address-13359 North Highway 183
Suite 406-577
Austin TX 78750

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