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Statement by Jim Davis

I'm Mayoral candidate Jim Davis and I support LRT but NOT the route. I believe it should run down Main St from Mac to Jones Rd in Stoney Creek. It should start out at the GO stand at Mac, this way future LRT route to Dundas can go out the back along Cootes Dr to Dundas. When leaving Mac, it can travel in the 2nd & 3rd lanes of Main, allowing for right hand turns and it can cross the 403 bridge without interfering with the ramps. This now eliminates the bridge they want to build, saving money. There are now 5 lanes from Paradise to Sherman allowing for even flow of autos and transit. From Sherman to Gage the road can be widened as there are Blvd on both sides of the street. At Gage it can elevate so from Ottawa to the Redhill, the roads can remain the same. It also makes the city look like Chicago for movie shoots, attracting more movie productions. If the pipes still have long life like Vito says, 80yrs, just bury the cables the same way they are currently doing so on Catharine St. This will save lots of money, making up for what has already been spent. This can also allow for the LRT to extend to Jones Rd in Stoney Creek. A LRT, HSR hub can be built and more routes can service Stoney Creek. Houses and property already purchased can go to the city for affordable housing. Main St has never really been considered as a route or the city would have done an independent study, not one done by city employees.

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