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Breaking: Metrolinx Releases Regional Transportation Plan

Here's a quick, high level summary of what the Regional Transportation Plan means for Hamilton.

Published in Raise the Hammer on Tuesday, September 23, 2008.

Metrolinx has just released their Draft Regional Transportation Plan (PDF link).

More analysis to come shortly, but here's a really quick, high-level summary of what this means for Hamilton:

  • Emphasis is on "dramatic", not "incremental" change.

  • Integrated rapid transit across Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

  • Integrate transit fare system across GTHA bt 2012.

  • Downtown Hamilton is identified as an area of high social need.

  • The 15 year plan includes two rapid transit (BRT and/or LRT) lines for Hamilton: the east-west B-Line and the north-south A-Line.

  • The 25 year plan includes a third rapid transit (BRT or LRT) line on the Mountain.

  • An improved GO Lakeshore line will reduce travel time from Hamilton to Union Station to 45 minutes.

  • Municipalities will assess transit corridors for higher density mixed use development.

  • Rapid Transit on B-Line listed in top 15 priorities for fifteen year plan, but not A-Line.

  • Rapid Transit on Upper James is expected to drive urban growth and development with a "transit-supportive density and urban form".

  • The implementation principles are to "be bold" and "move quickly" on the "big moves" without ignoring the fine details.