The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Mmabatho Seete says,

    LRT is a no-brainer for an Ambitious City.

  • Yongsun Yeo says,


  • Michael Root says,

    Please continue to vote in a way that reflects our shared concern for accessible mobility and Hamilton’s attractive development.

  • Naomi Kane says,

    Let's get this LRT on track. Make it happen!

  • Catherine Clase says,

    So many steps and stages, and every time we are anxious. Stay the course, keep approving this project, and help rejuvenate our downtown.

  • Jonathan Heemskerk says,

    THANK YOU city council for doing the right thing for Hamilton. THANK YOU for being ambitious in the Ambitious City.

  • Ashish Chonkar says,

    Please try to approve MOU
    Thank You

  • Steven McKay says,

    Thank you to our city councillors for putting so much critical energy and attention into this project.
    It’s amazing to live in a City that works towards the future.

    I encourage you all to vote in favour one last time to secure our LRT future. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best option we have.

    Best regards

  • robin zilberg says,

    The way the city handles budget is facaca
    I do support the LRT though

  • Dana Boyter says,

    It’s a city builder!!!

  • Eileen White says,

    Thank You councilors who voted for all Hamiltonians who will benefit in so many ways with the completion of L.R.T. Less noise, less pollution, less traffic . More accessability to our downtown shopping, city services, sports venues, theatres, dining, museum and Hamilton Place. Great Job Guys.

  • Mary-Jane McKitterick says,

    I urge you to bring Hamilton into the 21st century. There is so much potential to be a climate leader, bring in prosperity and share it with all of our residents. The LRT is not the sole solution but it is a key pillar. A cleaner, connected city that includes the lower city will support sustainable growth.

  • Raymond Braun says,

    Go for it !! It will be great ! I am a big railway / street-car fan
    at age 91 and have travelled all over the world and use street-cars in cities.
    Do you know that Wuppertal in Germany has a "hanging railway for 22 km over and connecting 2 cities ?? And it is
    over 100n years old and still runs with modern cars to-day...

  • Doug Gerow says,

    Unique opportunity that the city will benefit greatly for years to come..
    Do the right thing and get this going. I’m going to live in the thick of it. My neighbourhood would be affected by the construction, but I see it as forgivable knowing how cleaned up and appreciated it will be when construction has ended with Hamilton having something to be proud of.

  • Richard Trebilcock says,

    Take the cars off the road. Please do your part to combat what has been called a climate emergency. Many other progressive cities have invested heavily in public transit and Hamilton should follow suit without the historical procrastination that has bogged the city down for years.

  • Y Newcombe says,

    Please look into the future and see yourself as a part of a positive transformational project. In 15 years you will be proud to say you were a supporter of the Hamilton LRT.
    Best wishes,
    Kim Newcombe

  • Wayde Nie says,

    Let's get this done already. Sign it today!


    Please, for the love of god, just get on with it already. How many votes, how many elections do we need to have before we can do this. The majority of people want this. Just make it happen. I swear to god this city is so poorly run. It’s like some kind of banana republic. But that’s insulting. Shit actually gets done in countries we call banana republics. Just do this already. If the average person did as little in their jobs as city council has done with this issue we’d all be fired from our jobs. Please just make this happen already. And then maybe we can move onto some other pressing matters.

  • Joanne Hudspith says,

    There are so many good reasons for Hamilton to go forward with LRT at this time. I know there will be short-term pain (and lots of it!), but the long-term benefits will make Hamilton a great place to live for our children and grandchildren.

    Please vote for the long-term future of our wonderful city.

  • Richard Robertson says,

    We have now reached the LRT goal line! Lets punch through and get the ball in the end zone!!

  • Steve Sut says,

    Let’s not miss this opportunity like we did with the Red Hill expressway…..get the shovel in the ground and let’s get it done.

  • Nicky Carter says,

    I support the Hamilton LRT

  • Claudia Leduc says,

    This is the right thing to do. Hamilton will benefit in multiple ways when this project is approved.our city needs this and I would argue it couldn’t come at a better time. Let’s move forward.

  • Bruce Simpson says,

    Public transit is a great investment in our city, our economy, our climate and our future. Please support this great opportunity!

  • Teresa St Jean says,

    We definitely need the LRT to make Hamilton thrive in many ways! I fully support this!!

  • Ryan Poole says,

    As a Dundas resident I strongly support LRT and expect my local councillor to do the same. Failure to do so would represent a colossal setback for the city and surrounding areas, and a failure of municipal politics.

  • Michael Neglia says,

    Let’s make this transformation a reality. Yes LRT

  • Michael Majcher says,

    Please support the LRT for Hamilton. With the growth that is projected for this city an efficient public transportation system is vital. This is our chance to avoid ending up like Toronto did with all their grid lock issues. They could have largely minimized those had they gone ahead with their major public transport improvements BEFORE the crushing growth landed.

    Mike Majcher
    Ward 5

  • Heather Kindy says,

    To City of Hamilton; I support LRT coming to this city.I believe it is the right and just thing to do in order to create new empoyment and affordable housing for our Hamiltionians and new immigrants that is so desperately needed at this critical time. It may be costly and so it is better to do this project now.I am sure my Grandchildren would prefer to pay only for the LRT ,rather than pay for both repairs including LRT. It makes a huge burden for my Grandchildren to do Repair,etc and LRT.all together. Sincerely Heather Kindy

  • Paul Raun says,

    In late November last year, I moved into a low-rise building in downtown Kitchener. Since then, on a regular basis, I ride the ION LRT, which started operating in Summer 2019. It provides a very comfortable and fairly rapid way of getting around Kitchener-Waterloo, making it convenient to travel across much of the twin cities to do shopping or to engage in longer distance walking(close to the twin cities' edges) and cycling. It has greatly reduced my need to travel by car within the twin cities. While the Niagara Escarpment wends its way through Hamilton, both Kitchener and Waterloo sit on a series of moraines with "the Alps" (the highest point)forming the twin cities' western edge, which makes for rather hilly terrain in various neighbourhoods such as Cedar Hill or Forest Hills or Westmount.

    With the ION LRT already having operated for a few months, by Fall 2019, Waterloo Region experienced a great increase in transit ridership until COVID-19 struck in March 2020. With the vaccination rates having grown considerably over the Spring and Summer in Waterloo Region, along with measures for masking, ridership has risen notably again over the last few months.

    I find it interesting that I have heard little, at most, from Hamilton City Council members, whether they have made the relatively short trip, 65 kilometres to the northwest at its furthest, to try out the ION LRT. You won't regret it.