The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Jaquan Ondricka says,


  • Shona Kennedy says,

    This would be a great advantage to us because of the ease
    To move onto and off the light rail when we visit family in Hamilton we are over 70 years..Hope we live to see the day!
    A huge clean advantage for the city with the beautiful gardens!

  • Raphael Reichel says,


  • Renee Paucek says,

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  • Peewee McGreal says,

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  • Mary Louise Thepig says,

    Google "Ottawa LRT"

    We deserve to be treated like that.

    Choo Choo

  • Peewee McGreal says,

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  • Suraj Abe says,

    The only hope for this city of ruins is the LRT.pls do start the project or Hamilton will be a ruin

  • Kimberly Robyn says,

    There is something fishy when the City of Toronto got yes’es across the board for ALL their transit lines! Hamilton has “real” need for the LRT! This LRT will provide help for all (not just Hamiltonians)

  • Margaret Moore says,

    The Hamilton LRT is an infrastructure project that would positively affect millions of people (the commuters who use it of course and there’s a big need for more of this in the Golden Horseshoe) but also those who don’t but will face less congestion and of course everyone who breathes the air or who is adversely impacted by human induced climate change

  • Miranda Lee says,

    Let's help make Hamilton become the great city we know it's capable of becoming.

  • Robert Kesik says,

    It's time people. I am a car commuter but would 100% use lrt to get downtown.

  • nino leo says,

    I'm a big supporter for LRT. Fixs this problem and let's get this project started. Its not fair that all surrounding cities get funding for their Lrt, especially Toronto! Bring Lrt to hamilton and let's clean up downtown!


  • Ryan McCann says,

    Dear Mr. Ford.

    I ask you to reconsider your position on the Hamilton LRT.

    One of the major reasons my wife and I purchased a home and invested in Hamilton and therefore Ontario was because the house was on the approved line.

    I have been fortunate enough to live on a subway line in the City of Toronto and have also lived and traveled to many places around the world where mass transit is a priority and where I have experienced the positive effect it has on everyday life.

    Heavy and light rail transit make cities better places to live, which in turn makes these places, "Open for Business" and better places to invest in. I look to the investment dollars that poured along the LRT line in Kitchener/Waterloo and it's apparent the same thing is taking place here.

    I urge you to create a blueprint of growth and leave a legacy that will impact a populous in a positive during and after your time in office.

    Stay well, and thank you for your time.

    Ryan McCann

  • Alexander White says,

    While work on Hamilton LRT should have commenced years ago, and be mostly finished by now, how fortunate are we to have such a well thought out "shovel-ready" ready project at this time. The project would provide much-needed stimulus to the sustainability of communities within Hamilton's downtown core and the regional economy more broadly. Let's do this!!

  • Michael Mileski says,

    The LRT project will be a great equalizer for our city. Let's not delay any longer.

  • Nathan Savelli says,

    LRT is a crucial piece of the puzzle in the city taking it's climate emergency declaration seriously. It is essential that we make this project happen.

  • David Murga says,

    Having an LRT is important. Having come from Waterloo, I can say it is definitely worth it and really shows that Hamilton is moving forward. Not only will the LRT tackle the issue of the century: climate change, it will also create jobs in a time where unemployment has skyrocketed. It is important to note as well that a good chunk of the Hamilton population are student. By having the LRT it will be a win win situation. Student will be able to rely on the LRT for transportation to social events or just to go home and see their parents. This also means a lot of revenue from the students and university. It truly is an all around great addition to Hamilton

  • Dieter Klaus says,

    Modern, efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation is the lifeline in any modern progressive city. It is high time that Hamilton catch up to what citizens in great cites all over the world take for granted.

    And in this time of need for economic activity and recovery, building public infrastructure with high economic impact is extremely potent and of very long term effect.

    Let's get on with building the LRT.

  • Graham Jeffries says,

    I pulled out of my investment opportunity in Hamilton due to the LRT project being initially cancelled.

    It would be very beneficial to Hamilton to develop a stronger working class that is able to retain the graduates of the two top post-secondary schools in our community.

  • Stephen Officer says,

    Let’s get it done for the future of our city and for the benefit of all during this unprecedented time.