The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Ania Szado says,

    I live in Hamilton and strongly support LRT for our city.

    LRT will give current and future citizens of Hamilton -- people of diverse ages, income levels, and physical mobility levels -- more equitable opportunities to access the city's businesses, resources and communities.

    I respectfully urge our City of Hamilton Mayor and Councillors to proceed with the full LRT project.

  • Sheila Metzger says,

    Please build the Light Rail!
    I recently moved to Hamilton and knowing that Hamilton was getting light rail played a big part in my decision to pick Hamilton. Don't turn thos down ... Do it! It's good for the city.

  • Vernon Wayne Elshaw says,

    The offer of 1 billion dollars by the provincial government is amazing. LRT is a city-building project, that will greatly add to our city's revitalization and grow our tax base. The planned route from west to east will act as a safe, secure and reliable way for thousands of people to move around. To top it off, the vehicles will be electric, helping us move away from polluting fuels and aiding in our battle against climate change. Please act with vision for our city!

  • Vincent Zingaro says,

    Having been a professional engineer for 40 years in Hamilton I
    have learned that with large projects you never have all the answers. My suggestion is lets get the project going and ensure that Hamilton gets the 1 billion funding and an opportunity to ensure that our future as a seriously mega city. Councillors you need to do due diligent at getting information but don't kill the project. There is a lot at stake for ALL OF HAMILTON

  • Lindsay Croswell says,

    Adding value to the core of the city (where I work) will directly add value to the city's most outer limits (where my family lives). I believe in the transformative opportunity the LRT will bring to Hamilton. Please give your full support to the City's LRT plan.

  • Angelo Berrafati says,

    Big supporter of Lrt.

  • Norman Robinson says,

    First of all I feel that council and city planners have choosen the wrong street to go down, Main street is much wider this would get rid of the narrow parts of KIng Street. The route would be much staighter and would get rid of having to build a bridge for the LRT at King West.

    #2 I think it is being built in the wrong direction it should run from the Bay frant to the Hamilton Airport Stopping at both GO Stations.

    #3 If this is not suitable then it should run down Barton Street from go station to GO Station.

    We needrapid transit but it should not be going from MacMaster University to know where. What are the plans is the city going to build another bus terminal at Queenston Traffic circle This would be a waste of money. I don't know who the city engineers were that thought KIng StreeT was the best route.

    If they are really thinking about revitalizing any part of the city do you not think the best investment would have been Barton Street. The LRT could go from Barton Street Go Station to The Centenial GO station
    but I am just a commoner with a lot ssense I do do not have a degree in anything but reasoning.
    That's my thought but who will listen.

  • Adam Luker says,

    Let's use our foresight here, Hamilton. Think ahead to the future, and not stay stagnant in the past.

    A major overhaul is needed if this doesn't pass. Hamilton will get left behind in the growth of the region, and that's criminal.

  • James Buffett says,

    This is an opportunity to use these funds to drastically invest into Hamilton and improve our City

  • Kevin MacKay says,

    Public transit is widely acknowledged as the future by ecologists, urban planners and climate scientists.

    The billion dollar provincial grant is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do the right thing and move forward with the progressive transformation of Hamilton.

    I'm a downtown resident, business-operator and building owner, and I think it's time to get the LRT done!


    As frequent user of public transit I support LRT

  • randall huffman says,

    we need need it 100 per cent

  • Sara D says,

    I was shocked to find out that Hamilton City Council will be voting again on whether to proceed with the LRT at this stage of the project after years of planning and voting in favour of the LRT. Many people, including myself, have chosen to invest in Hamilton property based on our understanding that the city would be proceeding with the LRT. This is because we know that the LRT will generate economic growth and so we felt confident in our investments. But now there is uncertainty, even though the decision to proceed with the LRT was already presented to the public as a done deal. Even Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has expressed her surprise that Hamilton City Council will be voting on the LRT again. This re-vote appears to be more about the politics between city council members rather than to do with what is in the best interest of our city. No more funny business City Council! Let's move forward and do the right thing for our city's future and vote yes on proceeding with the LRT!

  • Reta Swift says,

    Turning down willing dollars from our provincial government is short sighted, and frankly ridiculous.

  • Noda Kouniakis says,

    I support the LRT. Even though I would very rarely take it and probably not directly benefit from it I believe it would be good for the city and future growth and prosperity. I take the Go to Toronto for work. My wife drives to Burlington for work. But we understand a thriving core is essential for the city. I've lived in Hamilton for 10 years now and I've seen drastic improvements in the core and city in general but as far as its come it has miles to go. There are still not enough professional employment opportunities in the city and especially in the core. Its still not a desired destination to live. But we are getting there on both counts. The LRT accelerates the progress. Blocking the LRT could slow progress. Its that simple. Let stop talking and move forward.

  • Susan Muma says,

    I fully support the LRT. It is the only way. Yes, it will be messy, but it is long term gain for short term pain.
    Councillors need to be leaders and stand up for the future of our city. I think we really need Councillors at large whose concern is the whole city, not just their own little fiefdoms.

  • Withheld Withheld says,

    I cannot identify myself, but I am a ward 8 resident. My entire family resides on the mountain. The very councillors who are supposed to represent us and who are trying to thwart this opportunity need to think very hard who they think they're speaking for. It is not the 100 senior citizens who show up for a town hall at Westcliffe Mall. More of us are listening, and watching, even if we don't show up in person to the meetings. And the positions being taken are frankly very disappointing.

    Our city is at a crucial turning point. Do we choose progress? Are we visionary? Do we think about our city's future prosperity and the prosperity of our future residents - our babies, our nieces, nephews and grandchildren, the future newcomers of Hamilton - or do we stay stuck in the status quo, narrowly thinking in terms of only what is good for one part of the city? Fixing potholes and putting up stop signs?

    A vote of confidence in LRT is a vote for enhanced investment opportunity that benefits EVERYONE across the city. The tax uplift from future investment because of the LRT is badly needed. Our taxes are currently approx. 87% weighted on our residents and about 13% commercial/industrial. Something drastic needs to be done to balance this equation and LRT is a significant catalyst in that effort. It isn't the silver bullet, just as the Red Hill was not the only answer to opening up transportation routes for better goods and people movement - but it was a huge move in the right direction. The increased investment = lower tax bill and more $ for the City to yes, spend on those annual road repairs/huge infrastructure deficit, but also new rec centres, more parks, enhanced programs for families, etc.

    I urge council to please, please consider the bigger picture. The many questions and unanswered details will come, but I know making this happen starts with a huge leap of faith. And hope. Belief that we can have - actually, DESERVE - a world-class city that everyone can be proud to call home.

    Do the right thing. For all of us.

  • Charles Helsdon says,

    As the Hamilton's population continues to grow, we will find our city crippled by gridlock if do not begin investing in a 21st century transit system to move all those people around. The developers support it, the BIAs support it, the experts support it as does a majority of the population. The B-line LRT would form the spine of the future city of Hamilton. I moved back to this city from Toronto excited by the of the sense of shifting attitudes of what this city could be. I bought a home here, invested in Hamilton. It's deeply saddening that some would want to keep things stagnant instead of letting the city grow to its full potential. I hope council can set their egos and ideologies aside, look at the facts, and just get on with city building. Say YES to LRT!

  • Tina Dort says,

    We need a long term transit strategy. For years the city and stalled and blustered on public transit. This has to end. The province has offered to make an amazing investment in the future of Hamilton. Please consider future generations and accept the LRT proposal. Consider if other transit projects had been built when proposed what Hamilton would be now (subway in 60's, to the Mountain Mono-rail in 70s, Rapid ICTS in the 80s, LRT in the 90s, LRT in the 2000's LRT in the 2010s) Stop pushing off these projects and help Hamilton GROW!!!

  • Mark EISENBERG says,

    While it is simple to find numerous short term reasons why building the LRT will be disruptive, in the long term the benefits are overwhelmingly positive.
    If trepidation were to have won out in the past, development of all types would have ground to a halt the world over. There would be no subways, airports or public transportation of any type.
    Move forward Hamilton and show the foresight required to keep our city great and move it into a future of beauty, efficiency and prosperity.
    Mark Eisenberg

  • Paul Grunthal says,

    I support the LRT in Hamilton to revitalize the infrastructure of our city. This will help take Hamilton to the next level as we reinforce public transit and rebuild the core. This is a smart long-term investment.

  • Catherine Clase says,

    I'm writing to express strong support for the LRT initiative.

  • Joe McLaughlin says,

    The LRT will help the continuing gentrification of downtown Hamilton. It will attract investors and people to Hamilton. It will help build the city's image. It will move more people faster than buses. It is time for city councilors to stop debating about the LRT and just make the decision to build it.

  • Keith Jolie says,

    I unreservedly support the development of rapid transit in Hamilton - It will be one of the most important infrastructure projects in the history of Hamilton.

    You can look a little East across the lake and find out what hesitation on transit initiatives gets you. Years of nothing and the same. Act now, leave other cities behind. Be a great city.

  • Michelle Torsney says,

    Our city needs LRT! This is an investment in our future. I implore our city council to please stay the course. The evidence is clear that to continue our trajectory to be the amazing city that we can be we need to do two things:
    1) develop our waterfront;
    2) have a state of the art transportation system.
    How do we fiinance this?
    By attracting more tax paying citizens. The housing crisis in Toronto, the rise of the our arts community in Hamilton, and the increasing recognition of the desirability of walkable neighbourhoods will attract an influx of young urban tax payers. Our financial future depends on developing our urban centre and attracting young urban tax payers. Two car families and suburban living is generally not considered desirable by the under 40 age group. This is consistent with trends in Europe where LRT comfortably makes its way through architecturally interesting cities (think Dublin, Milan, Berlin, etc).
    Our city is undergoing a major transformation. We seem to be a tale of two cities: urbanites and suburbanites. Urbanites are comfortable with and welcome public transportation. Suburbanites want garages for 2 cars and may not appreciate the urban sensibility. We can accommodate both kinds of thinkers. Ultimately though, we need to increase our tax base by attracting more taxpayimg residents and businesses. We need to transform our urban areas from abandoned, derelict spaces to livable, walkable, desirable urban living and working spaces. We live in unique, geographically amazing city. We will ALL benefit as a community as we ride the wave of transformation. An LRT system will attract much needed urban tax payers to realize the dream of a culturally and financially rich, sustainable community. We need LRT!

  • George Overend says,

    Please. I live on the mountain and we all need this. I encourage everyone to reaffirm their commitment to this project!

  • Olivia Divinski says,

    For the future of our amazing growing City I would love to see the LRT go through. We need to be progressive with our thinking and the LRT will bring our great City into a new realm of economic development and growth. I would like the City council to approve this. I was born and raised in this amazing City and I love to brag about our future, but other Cities look down on us. If a City like Kitchener can move forward with LRT then Hamilton can and should move forward as well. Lets not let 1 Billion go to waste, especially from Ms.Wynne.

    I do feel that the LRT should be extended right to Eastgate Square to serve our Stoney Creek neighbours. I live off the back of Greenhill and I would prefer to take one bus to Nash and Queenston Road and hop on the LRT then another bus to the traffic circle.

    Once again we need to consider the future and make sure this goes through and is built properly the first time and not decide ten years down the Road at taxpayers expense to expand. Please consider the disaster of the Redhill which was developed over 30 years ago and does not fit our current traffic situation.

    I do not believe that it will affect the few businesses/or small malls along Queenstown Road as there is numerous entrances into those places. But there is numerous buildings with thousands of people that could benefit the use of the LRT.

    I currently have a daughter at McMaster University and she has to take three different buses to get to school as I am sure many other students do as well. Please consider our future generations.

    If certain councillors can't see the future of our great City then it is time to move along.

    I will not vote for my councillor if he does not help push this through.

    Please pass this for the greater good of our amazing City.

    Thank you
    Olivia Divinski

  • Rich Pascoe says,

    I reside in Waterloo, but lived in Hamilton at one time. The LRT project here (ION) is transforming this community. While traffic can be challenging at times, GrandLinq Consortium, builders of ION, inform the public regularly about road closures and alternate routes.
    We have seen and continue to see major development projects completed, under construction and planned/announced all along the LRT line. And when completed, Upton Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener will be vibrant, people oriented destinations for work, shopping, eating out, cultural events, etc.
    The next phase of ION, extending the LRT through Cambridge is already in the planning stages and will be extended to include that community once Phase 1 is completed.
    Hamilton is a larger, more densely populated city than K-W. An east-west LRT line through downtown Hamilton will be successful, no doubt, and it will also transform your community.
    Get going on this important project. Be ambitious. Take the provincial funding. Don't think small and let this generational opportunity slip away. And then get planning started on the next LRT line up the mountain.
    Those in Hamilton who say LRT is not currently necessary fail to see that the planning & development of major transportation infrastructure must be done 30 to 40 years in advance of it's need. Witness Calgary, Edmonton & Ottawa Waterloo Region is now following those models.
    An LRT line will be the best thing to happen to Hamilton in a very long time.

  • Anne Howarth says,

    we want the LRT in Hamilton please accept our vote to proceed
    it is important for our city's future and for our downtown core

  • Kathryn Newell says,

    Our founding fathers saw the importance of forward thinking, initiative and progress in order to make this wonderful city grow and prosper. With that there was a lot of construction and inconvenience. Our council needs to have the same vision as our forefathers. They are wasting time - get on with it council, funding is at your fingertips.