The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

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  • Jordan Callander says,

    Continue the LRT!

  • Cynthia Cote says,

    The decision to eliminate the LRT in Hamilton is both short sighted and clearly destructive. The negative impact for Hamilton will be felt in all economic areas of the city. This is simply one more decision which focuses on making the provincial government books look good in the short term, but downloads the negative financial reality to, not only Hamilton, but surrounding areas.

  • Srimonti Karmakar says,

    After so many years, so much work done, money spent and hopes raised, Hamilton deserves its LRT.

  • Ahmed Sheeno says,

    Just do it.- Nike

  • Sharon Richardson says,

    Hamilton deserves to be treated fairly

  • Steve Konkle says,

    Build the LRT!

  • Sherry Paterson says,

    I'm signed the letter for whom it may concern sherry Paterson

  • Anil GOKHALE says,

    I support LRT project.

  • Robb Moon says,

    Bring the LRT Project back to HAMILTON.

  • Mike Demczuk says,

    Build the LRT,
    We need to move into the 21st century

  • Diana Billings says,

    I've been here 62 years. It's time to revamp the city and bring it into the future to create new jobs, new businesses and brighten up this city, however the lrt should run up to our "international" Airport and give that a state of art upgrade also. Come on hammer, get with it!!

  • Muhammad Azam Razzak says,

    We have recently moved from Mississauga. Seriously dis appointment with the news of LRT cancellation.

    We believe this is not fair with Hamiltonian

  • Mary MacKinnon says,

    It’s the right thing to do!

  • Denzel Carnegie says,

    Hamilton is a growing city with an evolving, dynamic economy. We need this. Build in phases.

  • Dwayne Green says,

    Makes sense and will take stress of your infrastructure in Toronto Doug !!

  • Linda Gullaksen Hayes says,

    Please reconsider it is a great boost to a upcoming again City

  • Doug Niessen says,

    Please proceed with the LRT as we do not want to take a step back we want to move forward with progress.

  • Kuldeep Salooja says,

    LRT is required

  • Sean St Cyr says,

    It is ridiculous that this plan was scrapped considering the amount of time and effort of numerous individuals had put towards the project including people who were displaced from their homes and metrolinx employees who were hired. Disgraceful to not be accountable as a provincial government.

  • Elyse van Nie says,

    Please help Hamilton get the LRT. Keep our cities growth and development on track!

  • James McDermid says,

    Must be built! Only way to relieve incredible traffic chaos on the qew. If we think it’s bad now, 10 years from now it will be horrible.

  • Nino Cedrone says,

    Its time for the elected politicians to start giving back to all citizens that contribute through taxes for the future of the cities.

  • John Willms says,

    Mr. Ford I voted for you because you shared a vision of Hamilton with an LRT. It is very disappointing that you have cancelled this. You are very aware of the battles that Toronto faced and still does regarding transit and the back and forth. I did not imagine that you were going to do the same to Hamilton.

  • Kimberley Eng says,

    The LRT has such a positive economic impact for Hamilton. Hamilton is a larger city (pop) than Kitchener with 5km less of track and therefore it should not be the outrageous amount the Ford government stated. STOP penalizing Hamilton along partisan lines!

  • Bill Moore says,

    Our sons live in Calgary AB and their CTrain runs thru the city. It is very much used as people don’t need a car to get around and no need for downtown parking which is at a premium in Hamilton. I feel that a LRT would do the same for Hamilton and would also get rid of many buses and polluting autos. It has certainly worked in other cities like Calgary. Thnx

  • Allan Avery says,

    Without the LRT, which is the future of public transit, Hamilton will be reduced to an second class, economically retarded community. Our premier has absolutely no interest in Hamilton. His focus is strictly on Toronto & Mississauga.

  • Margaret Jones says,

    I grew up in Hamilton and feel we deserve better than to be promised money for LRT and then to have it taken away. When other cities are being reassured that they will have LRT like Mississauga after denying Hamilton because of cost when theirs is costing more than ours. Where is the justice for Hamilton LRT. I want our LRT back as it be very helpful for commuters.

  • Marina Joseph says,

    The proposed LRT is more economical to operate than buses, both presently and in the future, as fuel prices increase over time.

    In addition to lower operating costs, LRT carries many more people than buses at a lower operating cost.

    Cleaner for the city/environment.

    Should attract more people out of their cars.