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Mayor Eisenberger Endorses Light Rail

Mayor Fred Eisenberger spoke out in support of light rail during his recent "State of the City" address.

By Ryan McGreal

This year, Mayor Eisenberger arranged for the Bus Rapid Transit Office to be renamed the Rapid Transit Office (minus the word "Bus"), convinced Council to approve a rapid transit budget, and arranged to have Hamilton included in the Greater Toronto Transit Authority plan for developing rapid transit across the GTA (we were missed in the original plan).

However, despite this background work in support of light rail, the Mayor did not publicly endorse it until his recent "State of the City" address:

City Council has already approved and we are targeting funding for two rapid-transit corridors. Imagine, as we move into the future, the possibililty of getting from one end of the city to the other by light rail quickly, safely, smoothly and without harming the environment.

This is another indication that the movement to bring light rail to Hamilton is gaining speed.