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Meeting: April 15, 2008

Date/time and agenda for the next HLR / TUG meeting.

The next HLR / TUG meeting will be on Tuesday, April 15, 7:30 PM, at the FRWY Cafe, 333 King Street East (at Wellington St. N.) Hamilton, ON L8N 1C1.


This section is still in development and may change.

  1. Hamilton Light Rail
    1. Update on community outreach/presentations
    2. Contacting City Council - it looks like we won't be able to present to council as a whole, so we need to reach individual councillors
    3. Organize public lecture on Thursday, May 1 with Becky Schlenvogt, Principal Planner, Transportation Planning, Region of Waterloo. Specifically:
      1. Program: Time to speak / answer questions
      2. Equipment: need to run a powerpoint presentation
      3. Focus: comparison b/w BRT and LRT, region's goals and criteria for choosing, public consultation process, etc.
      4. Location: FRWY is available but will cost $113. Sky Dragon might be available.
    4. Light Rail Feasibility Study - do we need to modify our presentation to address it? E.g. "tunnels" red herring, bridges, lack of EcDev research, etc.
    5. City public consultation on rapid transit: organize public to add comments in support of LRT
    6. Communications strategy: Who speaks on behalf of HLR?
  2. Transit Users Group
    1. Public debate on free transit - chance to revive it?
    2. Update on Affordable Transit Pass Program
    3. Research into last year's transit survey
    4. Outreach program to raise awareness of TUG and increase membership