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Metrolinx Benefits Case Analysis Update

Update from City of Hamilton Rapid Transit Office on timing regarding the Metrolinx Business Case Analysis (BCA) on rapid transit in Hamilton.

By City of Hamilton Rapid Transit Office

Metrolinx is concurrently undertaking nine separate Benefits Case Analysis studies for projects that were identified for early implementation as part of the Regional Transportation Plan. Hamilton's B-Line corridor BCA, Eastgate Square to McMaster University, is one of these nine studies.

Recently, due to a number of different issues, Metrolinx staff have advised Hamilton staff that the aggressive timelines set for completion of the BCA's, for all nine projects, may not be able to be met. This is in part due to the new structure of the Metrolinx Board and the time required to develop the BCA and undertake required modeling.

It is anticipated that the results of all nine BCA's will be delayed to Fall 2009, although no specific date has been set for anticipated Board approval.

The Rapid Transit Team will continue to keep Council and the City of Hamilton public appraised in regards to the status of the BCA and impacts to Hamilton's own proposed timelines/plans for implementation, once more information is available.

Following the presentation of Hamilton's BCA to the Metrolinx Board, staff will bring forward a report to City Council for their consideration. It is anticipated that this comprehensive report will include information on the recommended rapid transit plan for the B-Line corridor (as recommended by Metrolinx staff and endorsed by their Board), associated impacts, potential timing for implementation and funding matters.

Although it was anticipated that this report would be presented for consideration in September 2009, most likely, due to the Metrolinx process, this report will not come forward until Fall 2009.

Public Consultation Update

In addition to the Community Update Meetings that were held in June 2009, the Rapid Transit Team continues to engage the community through various mediums in order to gather public opinion on the potential routing options for rapid transit along the B-Line.

The survey is available online at or at Hamilton Public Library branches, Municipal Service Centres, Councillors' Offices, Mayor's Office, Clerks Office and HSR ticket office/GO Station, in addition to being made available at the Community Update Meetings and other public events throughout the summer.

Input was requested by July 31, although surveys will continue to be available throughout the summer. Comments are always welcome at

Rapid Transit Team staff will provide the results of the survey to Council at its Public Works Committee Meeting on September 14, 2009.