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Minutes for the June 17, 2008 Meeting

Summary of the discussion and action items from the June 17, 2008 meeting.

1. Overview of public works committee decision to proceed to phase 2 of rapid transit initiative with a focus on light rail

  • Now going to full council and is expected to pass with ease. Update: the recommendation was passed by council).

  • Nicholas outlined his presentation on behalf of HLR to the committee

    • one question from a councillor after presentation to clarify costs (investment vs. ROI)

  • Public works (PW) staff were in attendence and talked about:

    • Public works was asked by councillors to get more public feedback

    • PW will hold more consultations and have new ideas to get this feedback

    • PW will look at Clairmount Access as an alternative to a tunnel up the mountain, in order to meet a tight September deadline they will not look at the Jolly cut

    • PW tried to get a light rail car to display in Gore park but two major companies said the car(s) they use for such displays were not in North America

    • PW will contact Alstrom as well

    • Whether two ways on Main or on both King and Main is not a current priority so will be left for a latter stage

    • Need to do an environmental assessment

    • Examining possible staging of construction, ie if it is possible to build in sections and if so which ones

    • PW sees HLR's role to continue to promote LRT in the community and with the media, a role PW as part of the city has limited ability to do

2. Nicholas' trip to Bordeaux, France

  • Spoke to head of economic development in Bordeaux:

    • Two year construction period, extremely disruptive, chose to do it all at once

    • Merchant subsidy was created

    • At the same time completely rebuild the streets (one way to two ways, cycling lanes, sidewalks…)

    • Added waterfront park

    • Required all property owners on the lines to renovate building fa