The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

Minutes for the September 23, 2008 Meeting

Minutes and action items for the September 23, 2008 meeting.


The Earl Kitchener parent Council is endorsing LRT.

Nicholas made a presentation to the Rotary AM Club that was received enthusiastically. he also met with local MPP Sophia Aggletonitis, who asked what she can do to support LRT in Hamilton. He is still working to present to other Hamilton Rotary Clubs.

HLR provided brochures to be distributed during Car Free Week events.

Nicholas and Ryan were interviewed by Rob Faulkner for an article in the Hamilton Spectator.

Nicholas was also interviewed by Mike Nabuurs on Talk Radio 820 AM about light rail in Hamilton.

Nicholas presented two videos provided by the LRT operator in Porto, Portugal, whose successful efforts to build a system there may offer lessons for Hamilton.

HLR has an opportunity to present to the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association AGM on Tuesday, October 21.

Action Items:
  • Reach out to the Hamilton-Wentworth Public and Catholic School Boards to seek endorsements.

Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan

Metrolinx is going to build out from its committed budget of $11.5 billion without waiting for additional financing, while it works concurrently to secure more capital.

Metrolinx still needs to do its own review to decide whether Hamilton should have LRT or BRT for its rapid transit system.

The organization has indicated that it will pay for "the lion's share" of the capital costs for Hamilton's rapid transit system.

October 6: Public Works staff presents its Phase 2 Report to the Public Works Committee.

October 20: Council will decide whether to apply formally for a project under Metrolinx. Hamilton needs to demonstrate that it can actually commit to build and meet its commitment.

Road Trip: City staff (Bill Jansen, Scott Stewart, Jill Stephen, Lisa Zinkewich, and Paul Shaker), the Mayor and two councillors went to Charlotte NC, Portland OR and Calgary AB to meet local officials, ride the rapid transit systems and study spinoff economic development.

Councillor Ferguson has since stated that he believes LRT is essential to grow Hamilton's economy.

Public consultation is extremely important throughout the Metrolinx review, so it's important to keep up the momentum and public enthusiasm for LRT. We also need to participate in the Metrolinx public outreach, keep doing community outreach, keep soliciting endorsements, and keep communicating to Council that they should support LRT strongly.

Public Works staff have produced a promotional video that they have posted on the city's Rapid Transit webpage.

We also need to seek support from federal MPs and the Federal Government to help cover the capital costs, especially if Metrolinx is not willing to fund most of the capital spending.

Metrolinx is set to publish its first five-year rolling budget on November 28, 2008.

Action Items:
  • Be available to respond to media outlets with questions about light rail, local support, and Metrolinx.
  • Nicholas will try to meet with Carl Turkstra about possible support for LRT among Hamilton's business community.
  • HLR will attempt to make a presentation to the Spectator's editorial board.
  • HLR will ask the local federal candidates if they support Metrolinx and LRT in Hamilton.
  • HLR will investigate options to hold another big public event in November.

Meeting Locations

The FRWY Coffee House is no longer open late on Tuesdays, so we need a new permanent home for meetings.

Action Items:
  • Tuesday of the month at the Sky Dragon Centre (Bread and Roses Cafe), 27 King William St., between James and Hughson.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at the Bread and Roses Cafe, 27 King William St. (b/w James and Hughson), Hamilton.