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Peter George Supports Rapid Transit

In a letter to Mayor Fred Eisenberger and Council, McMaster University President Peter George has expressed support for the city's rapid transit initiative.

He writes:

I wish to express my support for exploring light rail transit (LRT) along with other rapid transit alternatives, and trust that Hamilton's preferred rapid transit choice will be based on full analysis of the relative strengths and weaknesses of these options.

He adds that McMaster University is "aware of both the ongoing discussions and the various draft plans that are being considered" and "is taking steps to ensure it is informed on this issue."

He notes the benefit of "a rapid transit connection between the Central Campus, the McMaster Innovation Park, the McMaster Downtown Centre, and the proposed Downtown Family Health Centre that provides comfortable, fast and efficient service."

Hamilton Light Rail is encouraged to see McMaster University taking an active interest in such an important initiative for the city's long-term health.

You can read the full text of the letter on the Hamilton Light Rail website (PDF).