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It's Launch Day

Posted September 22, 2011

Hamilton has an historic opportunity to build a modern rapid transit system with the Ontario government paying the capital costs. Together we can make it happen!

Hamilton Light Rail is an independent group of citizens who believe that Hamilton needs an ambitious approach to economic development and urban revitalization based around high quality rapid transit. To that end, we are dedicated to promoting the goal of building a light rail transit (LRT) system in Hamilton. 

In recent weeks, the future of what seemed like a sure thing for Hamilton - the creation of a rapid, modern, light rail transit system - has been thrown into jeopardy.  
Mayor Bob Bratina has said that LRT "is not a priority" for Hamilton, and Premier McGuinty has said that based on conversations with Mayor Bratina, all-day GO transit service has supplanted LRT as a priority. Meanwhile, City Manager Chris Murray deprioritized work on LRT and the manager of that file, Jill Stephen, has left the City.
We believe that this opportunity cannot be allowed to slip through our fingers.  Hamilton needs LRT, Hamilton wants LRT, and Hamilton deserves LRT.  Moreover, Premier McGuinty promised us LRT in 2007 while campaigning for re-election.
Please join us in holding Premier McGuinty to his promise, and please join us in calling on City Council to clearly and unmistakeably support the Hamilton Light Rail Initiative.

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