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Press Release: Hamilton Light Rail Launches Renewed Engagement in LRT Project

Posted May 13, 2016




Nicholas Kevlahan

Hamilton Light Rail Spokesperson


Hamilton Light Rail Launches Renewed Engagement in LRT Project

Citizen engagement, Council support essential to ensure Provincial investment is successful.


Hamilton, Ontario, May 13, 2016 - Hamilton Light Rail is launching a renewed effort to engage Hamiltonians in local consultation and advocacy to ensure that the Provincial investment in Light Rail Transit (LRT) for Hamilton is successful.


A year ago, on May 26, 2015, the Ontario Government announced full capital funding for LRT in Hamilton. This was a hugely exciting milestone after years of planning and advocacy, but there is still a lot of work to do before the project is completed.

Recent developments, including the selective leaking of information to the press and the level of leadership demonstrated by City Council on LRT, are cause for concern. To that end, Hamilton Light Rail is announcing a renewed effort to engage in local debate as the project unfolds.

"Strong provincial and citizen leadership is largely responsible for the success of the Light Rail project to date", says HLR spokesperson Nicholas Kevlahan. "It is essential that there continues to be strong citizen-led engagement to ensure that the Hamilton Light Rail project will realize its full potential."

Three essential points will be reinforced in Hamilton Light Rail engagement efforts:

1. LRT is a transformative investment that will not only help Hamiltonians move effectively, but will also attract new private investment, drive economic uplift through the LRT corridor, and help meet our intensification targets under Places to Grow. LRT is central to the City's long-term strategies for land use, transportation and economic development.

2. The Hamilton Light Rail Transit project is a Provincial project, and ultimate decision-making rests at the provincial level and their representatives locally. Having done its due diligence to study the LRT proposal and formally requested full capital funding for LRT, City Council must now continue to show leadership by supporting the successful implementation of this Provincial investment.

3. Direct citizen-led engagement was a major part of ensuring that the Hamilton Light Rail project was approved by the Province, and ongoing citizen-led engagement is essential to its continued progress moving forward.

About Hamilton Light Rail

Hamilton Light Rail is an independent group of citizens who believe that Hamilton needs an ambitious approach to economic development and urban revitalization based around high quality rapid transit. To that end, we are dedicated to promoting the goal of building a light rail transit (LRT) system in Hamilton.

Hamilton Light Rail is strictly volunteer-based and is not affiliated with the Corporation of the City of Hamilton or with any commercial interests. We are citizens who want Hamilton to enjoy the many benefits of light rail transit.

For media inquiries, or comment from Hamilton Light Rail, contact:

Nicholas Kevlahan

Hamilton Light Rail Spokesperson

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