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Article: Council wants province to come clean on LRT question

Posted September 29, 2011

An article in today's Spectator reports that Council voted last night to request confirmation from the Province on whether they will honour their promise to fully fund LRT in Hamilton:

"City council has thrown down an election gauntlet and is demanding to know whether the province will fund light rail transit in Hamilton.

"Councillor Brad Clark's motion requests confirmation from the Liberal government 'to fully fund' the capital costs for the two, long-planned LRT lines.

"The motion didn't specify a timeline, but Clark said he wants an answer before the election.

"'I want (the government) to come clean and indicate they're still onside,' said Clark, who added government officials have been sending mixed signals about the priority of the two transit lines promised in 2007.

"The motion echoed a recent call from citizens group Hamilton Light Rail, which has asked provincial leaders to 'stop playing games and recommit' to the project."

You can read the full article.

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