The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

Tell the Task Force to Choose LRT

Posted March 06, 2020

A lot has happened since Transport Minister Caroline Mulroney was chased out of town with a police escort back in December after cancelling Hamilton LRT.

Through leaked documents, we have learned that the cost estimates she quoted were false. We also learned of problematic connections with her staff which, once reported, resulted in the transfer of these staff from her office.

The numbers of LRT supporters have surged as more and more information comes out. More recently, the federal government stepped forward and offered to contribute financially to LRT, but is waiting for a formal request from the province.

Most importantly, a Transportation Task Force was established to provide recommendations to Mulroney on how best to spend Hamilton's LRT money and we know that LRT is still on the table for consideration. The Task Force is due to provide their recommendations on March 16.

We are now at an important moment and we need to make our voice heard. We need to tell the Task Force to choose LRT for Hamilton and not squander this opportunity on projects with less impact:

  1. LRT has the highest positive impact for Hamilton in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Multiple studies show the massive benefit this project will bring and Metrolinx's own comparisons show Hamilton LRT has higher net benefits compared to other projects in Toronto.

  2. Hamilton LRT is the only project of its size that is ready to be implemented. With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, the LRT project is well underway.

  3. The federal government has offered to cover the funding gap for Hamilton LRT, which was the only reason Mulroney cited for cancelling the project in the first place.

Given these facts, the best solution is that the task force recommends LRT and any extra funding needed comes from the provincial government or the federal government.

You can tell the Task Force to choose LRT for Hamilton by filling out the form below.


Please help us run a constructive civic campaign by refraining from the use of personal insults and derogatory language when submitting a statement. Be passionate but civil. 


On March 6 2020 at 2:25 PM Chris said:

We deserve to know why other LRT are projects still have a green light despite expected budget concerns but Hamilton was sunk for the same reason. They need to show us the numbers.

On March 7 2020 at 11:40 AM Juby said:

Hamilton deserves LRT.
Residents rallied to support it and our City Council have voted for it over 50 times.

LRT is an important investment in mass transit and infrastructure.

Yes to LRT!

On March 7 2020 at 9:51 PM Cameron Swan said:

Beyond the obvious transit improvements, Kitcheners LRT brought in 2.3 billion dollars of business investment to the area. We could have the same and revitalize our downtown core. The transit in this city also needs improvement and with the federal government covering the cost overrun, this is a perfect opportunity to prepare Hamiltons transit for the future. This project should go forward.

On March 8 2020 at 9:06 PM Benjamin Crotty said:

Please choose the LRT for Hamilton. Not only is it the first step in updating Hamilton's transit system, it also will provide many other benefits, from infrastructure upgrades to increased investment in Hamilton. And the project is already underway!

On March 9 2020 at 8:44 PM Andrew Marshall said:

Good transit in Hamilton will help the local economy and jobs. People of Hamilton want this project done. The province should respect the people.

On March 12 2020 at 10:54 AM John Dunn said:

Let's get LRT for Hamilton back on track!

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