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Dreschel asks whether Mayor Bratina is "going rogue"

Posted September 29, 2011

In his latest column for the Spectator, Andrew Dreschel asks whether Mayor Bob Bratina is "going rogue".

"It looks as if the Liberals realize that Bratina may have acted outside council direction and that LRT funding is in danger of becoming a local election issue that could hurt the Liberals.

Though McGuinty hasn’t changed his line that work on a light rail system for Hamilton is ongoing, he’s clearly taken steps to shift any blowback for the emphasis on GO onto Bratina’s shoulders. ...

"There’s no doubt that landing all-day GO is a welcome and logical development strategy, both locally and regionally. There probably isn’t a member of council or informed resident who would dispute that.

"What is questionable is how Bratina’s agenda became the provincial government’s without council’s knowledge or consent. Were any quid pro quo deals struck or promises made in the process?"

You can read the full article.

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