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Spectator editorial: Bratina wrong to usurp council on LRT

Posted September 30, 2011

This Saturday's Spectator has an editorial calling out Mayor Bob Bratina for "usurp[ing] council's stated will" on LRT:

"[T]he mayor unilaterally, without city council’s endorsement or support, took it upon himself to tell the premier’s office GO is the immediate priority, with LRT coming a distant second, if at all. But that’s not what city council said in its 2008 endorsement of pursuing LRT. In effect, the mayor misrepresented the position of council. He certainly knew council’s position, since he was there when it was adopted.

"For better or worse, the mayor is the political leader and spokesperson for our city. Fair enough. But he is not city council. He is one vote. He should not be allowed to usurp council’s stated will. And yet that is what he did, and did so, apparently with impunity."

You can read the entire editorial.

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