The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

Statement by Allan Hamilton

I have lived below the escarpment for the past 21 years. My wife and I moved to the mountain only five months ago but much of my life; work and play, will continue to be significantly connected to Hamilton neighbourhoods below the escarpment; the areas where I'm sure the LRT stands to have the greatest positive impact.

Everyday, I am inspired by this amazing (and underappreciated) city (please don't forget that much of the early growth of Canada is a direct result of this city and its forbearers being here) yet reminded of just how much opportunity and growth; for the masses, is still desperately needed. Hamilton has long been left in a state of needing every vital opportunity to modernize and advance with the rest of the country that seems; unless I'm terribly mistaken, to have forgotten the history and true value that remains here. The people of this city still need and want to contribute to this nation's growth, just as much as they need and want to boost their own. All the reports already exist to show that the LRT is an absolute necessity for this city and the GTA. For our elected officials to suddenly say that the LRT is no longer a priority without breaking down every honest reason why, in plain language, is actually quite heartbreaking to all of us citizens (a majority to my understanding) who can hardly wait to see this project get off the ground for a better future (for themselves and the succeeding generations).

We know that it will be costly. No one understands the burden of high price better than the average Hamiltonian, especially since the global recession took hold in 2008. We are still committed to the LRT project, nevertheless. How can that not count for something?

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