The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

Statement by Tibor Bocz

Members of the LRT Task Force/

This note is to pass on my strong, continuing support for the LRT as our preferred option for transit improvement in Hamilton.

The development of light rail has been demonstrated as critically important and effective to economic improvement and downtown revitalization in many jurisdictions worldwide, including recently in Toronto and Waterloo. More particularly, it is clearly the best option for the proposed transit investment in Hamilton:

1. LRT has the highest positive impact for Hamilton in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Multiple studies show the massive benefit this project will bring and Metrolinx's own comparisons show Hamilton LRT has higher net benefits compared to other projects in Toronto.
2. Hamilton LRT is the only project of its size that is "shovel ready" for implementation. With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, the LRT project is well underway.
3. With the recent federal government offer, this option is fully funded to meet currently projected costs.

Quite apart from these economic and strategic benefits, this project represents the expressed will of the majority of Hamiltonians as repeatedly demonstrated via polling and the results of municipal elections. The current impasse represents a clear breach of the commitments made between this constituency and their representatives, and this is an opportunity to repair that, and to restore faith in the democratic process.

Please support the LRT as the preferred option for provincial funding of transit in Hamilton

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