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Statement by Daniel Jelly

LRT is an opportunity that Hamilton should be grabbing with both hands. Seldom does a project come along that will enhance the lives of so many and lead to innumerable economic and social spinoff benefits. The short term sacrifice will pay dividends for generations to come, providing citizens from all walks of life a safe and reliable form of transportation and neighbourhoods designed around people, not just around the automobile.

LRT is the beginning of a transformation to a healthier, more livable Hamilton. As we continue to feel the effects of volatile fossile fuel prices and increased population density, LRT will help insulate our local economy by providing an affordable and convenient form of transit when other options become unsustainable or unattractive.

We are not just building LRT for today, we are building it for a future generation of Hamiltonians who will demand more than the status quo. If we don't build it, they will move to cities who already have, and it will be just that much harder for us to catch up.

I can understand that in a world driven by 4-year election cycles it's difficult to commit to a project that will be built and completed by successive governments. I encourage all of our elected representatives to look past the ballot box and lead boldly. LRT is an opportunity to build something big, a true legacy that will help tie our community together and define what Hamilton will become.

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