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Statement by Barry Diacon

Light Rail Transit is the most important transformative initiative that Hamilton can make or has ever made.
It is very important that Hamilton commit itself to a sustainable future, rather than pouring its scarce resources into ever-farther flung suburbs which must be serviced and which require automobiles to travel to.
The supply of gasoline has already reached its peak and will make huge SUVs, large pickup trucks, humvees, etc. an expensive luxury. The suburbs will become the new ghettos. We will have to spend money to transform suburbs back into parkland.
Let us not spend any more money or time going down this unproductive road. It is time to focus on the urban, on livable density, on people living together, on all the cultural benefits of a growing, vibrant, people-centered city. It is time to build a Light Rail Transit in Hamilton and bring us back to the innovative city that Hamilton was at the turn of the 19th century.

Barry Diacon

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