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Statement by James Scarfone

I support LRT for Hamilton. I want our city to take the next step in its development. We are so close and many would argue we are there. LRT will show our citizens we want a better future for Hamilton. LRT will prove to people and businesses considering a move that we care about the future of the city.

We care about being prepared for the flight back to urban cores. We care about attracting a youthful and educated workforce. We care about companies that want to be part of a city with a vision. We care about environmental sustainability by encouraging efficient public transit use.

LRT has proven to be a boon to cities everywhere. The evidence is overwhelming that it can transform an urban area and reduce sprawl. It encourages development and attracts a young, skilled and educated workforce. I am young, skilled and educated. Though I live here, I do not work here because the opportunity is not there. Yet. I aspire to work in my hometown.

We deserve LRT and the benefits it will bring. Why can't it work for Hamilton?

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