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Statement by Graham McNally

It's too easy to say that development isn't happening so there is no need for LRT.

Currently, developers aren't coming to the B-Line so lack of LRT can't be the reason. They're staying away because of development regulations and a perceived lack of ROI for developing. Certainly, if we do nothing to change the current conditions, developers will continue to not invest in the corridor.

City staff have reviewed, researched and studied the LRT corridor and I am confident that the changes to the zoning bylaws and other development related regulation recommended will, with the inclusion of LRT, stimulate development in our city, specifically along the LRT corridor.

Without LRT and the associated zoning & bylaw changes, nothing will change along the B-line corridor.

We need strong leadership for LRT to be realized. We need city building champions. We need to be progressive and that means changing the status quo and moving forward, together, as a city.


Graham McNally

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