The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

Statement by Bill Kemp

Although I don't live in Hamilton I am very often in Hamilton.
In my opinion I have for several years felt the more roads and/or highways were not the answer. It is a never ending expansion of roads/highways taking up more valuable land and creating a very undesirable atmosphere.
Lets take a look at Europe for example and I do realize that this LRT is different than high speed trains, however in Europe they move people with both LRT and High Speed trains much quicker and with less road congestion not to mention less effect on the environment.
I also believe that if cities like Hamilton do not modernize their transit system with LRT and "now not later" they are going to miss out on industrial and commercial expansion, as companies tend to go to cities that are willing to go forward with modernization.
If this does not happen Hamilton will slowly but surely fade away as far as keeping up with the rest of the larger cities.
The Vancouver system from Vancouver International Airport and the City of Richmond are a good example of this.
Hamilton must go ahead with LRT or you will slip away from prosperity.

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