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Statement by Mohamed-Mutasim Mohamed

While I support Hamilton's light-rail transit (LRT) project, in my view it must be coupled with bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors linking various communities, i.e. Hamilton Mountain-Burlington, Hamilton Downtown-Stoney Creek Mountain.

I have lived in Edmonton during recent studies. Edmonton not only has an LRT system, but Edmonton is contemplating reducing the number of regular bus routes by consolidate them into BRT routes which complement the LRT system. The goal is to increase commute time by reducing number of stops.

Hamilton should share this vision; it should have a BRT system with dedicated bus lanes running alongside the LRT and through dense corridors. A BRT system which complements the LRT system would make commuting efficient and timely; these are essential if Ontario's economic powerhouse--namely, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area--is to continue to churn and increase its productivity (stress caused by commutes, I venture, probably reduce employee productivity).

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