The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Leo Zarzuela says,

    LRT’s good for Hamilton and it’s economy and will future proof the city.

  • Phyllis Alfano says,

    Develop the LRT and help make Hamilton the world class city that it was meant to be. STOP making Hamilton the laughing stock of Ontario and accept progress!

  • Gianni Charalambopoulos says,

    Please do not let this opportunity pass us by... Hamilton needs this!

  • Gianni Charalambopoulos says,

    Please do not let this opportunity pass us by... Hamilton needs this!

  • Nick Policelli says,

    This project is good for the city of Hamilton.

  • Earl Cousins says,

    It's time to start building the future of travel within the Hamilton region. The first step is having the efficiency of the LRT as a base to expand from.

  • Bonnie Patterson says,

    Please STOP this delay.
    The LRT is a positive decision for Hamilton. It's about time the City of Hamilton moved forward with this. It's beneficial to moving people quickly to their destination and so much more.
    I agree with the featured statement I've read today by A C (June 14, 2021)

  • Faris Mecklai says,

    I don't understand why you would say no to this proposal. You're getting a chance to develop your home city, increase travel, and help small businesses and the best part is... you don't even have to pay for it!!! Stop delaying and make me proud to say I'm a Hamiltonian please.

  • John Dunn says,

    Let's get moving on LRT. It will create jobs, replace badly needed infrastructure and stimulate the economy. Please stop this nonsense about operating costs. They will be lower as buses will be replaced and will need fewer drivers. Additionally LRT will help reduce our carbon footprint. Bring Hamilton into the 21st century and adapt LRT immediately!!

  • Dana Boyter says,

    LRT is a city builder! Hands down!

    We all gain: city and suburbs!

    We need a livable city in all corners!

    (And we don't need to destroy a valley)

  • Kate W says,

    To those it may concern:

    We have been dragging our feet long enough. When I got married nine years ago, I was gifted a framed photo of the proposed LRT stops in Hamilton. NINE YEARS. Why is this still up for debate?

    We need the LRT for jobs, for the environment, and for Hamiltons future.

    Please, let's get this done.

  • Ian Downer says,

    Please, please avoid any further delay and agree to proceed without further delay to restart the LRT project and move Hamilton’s Transit into the future.

  • Mara Adams says,

    Dear members,
    I have sent an email to my representative Lloyd Ferguson outlining my strong support for the LRT even though I live in Ancaster. This kind of investment for the lower city helps us all. The time for delay is over. We need to move this project forward while the money is sitting on the table. I encourage all decision makers to do all in their power to move this project forward.

  • Elizabeth Andrykew says,

    LRT now! No more delays! This will be an important step in revitalizing the city. It will create jobs. We won't have this opportunity again. Yes LRT!

  • Marlene Balsdon says,

    This must proceed. ASAP.

  • Terrance Odette says,

    “…Gift horse in the mouth” and other platitudes aside, let’s get on with it and build the LRT, please. Keep Hamilton a functional, up to date and environmentally responsible city. LRT will make the center of the city accessible to all areas.

  • Glen Doe says,

    It's time to quit the dithering and get on with LRT and the infrastructure improvements that go with it. Research has shown the benefits. Please follow the research.

  • Cesare Di Donato says,

    Council, please stop the delays and pass the LRT motion on Wednesday! Our future depends on it!

  • Robin Parsons says,

    Hamilton City Council: Embrace the future! Vote "Yes" on the motion to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding between the City and Metrolinx!

  • Brad O'Hara says,

    Get off the pot and get going with the LRT project. If Hamilton truly wants to become a dynamic, progressive city LRT has to be part of that equation.

    Urban transit of this nature has positively transformed every Canadian city that has made this leap - starting one line at a time. Yes, the lower city route may not impact those on the Mountain today, but it will eventually.

    Let's not blow it Hamilton.

  • Rick Robertson says,

    Please stop the delays with LRT. It is time to move forward. The economy needs the jobs that it will bring. The city needs this transformational project. Let us not go backwards. It is time to move forward

  • Tim Simmons says,

    Dear Council,
    All of Hamilton needs rapid public transit. LRT is the opportunity that has been given to us, so be brave and make it happen. LRT will be the anchor for future expansion of Hamilton’s modern transit system that will eventually include both rapid buses and trains. This has never been about buses verses trains because all modern cities need both. LRT needs to happen first before the rest can be built.

  • John Dupuis says,

    Please vote to go ahead with LRT without any more delay it will attract billions in investments along the corridor, create thousands of jobs and connect the city like it has never been connected before and is environmentally progressive. thank you

  • Rodrick Brown says,

    Please stop the delay, let’s move forward for once.

  • Alistair Ingram says,

    It is astonishing that this is still a subject of debate. One could argue that foot-dragging has landed Hamilton a better deal although pandemic "serendipity" had a big role in it. But it is now time to fish or cut bait. If we turn down this offer it will be quite clear to all observers that the "Ambitious" city's politicians have no larger ambition than to live the remainder of their lives in the 1970's.

  • Ian Fox says,

    Please get this thing going. It’s a game changer for infrastructure upgrades, reinvestment in the core, help lower dependency on autos. I’d go on but I will stop there.

    Hamilton needs to think forward and invest in our future.

  • Alexandra H says,

    I understand that this Wednesday, City Councillors are voting on a motion to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and Metrolinx and once again, LRT opponents are trying to delay this step to run out the clock.

    This is a procedural tactic and political grandstanding - everything that is wrong with politics.

    Let's get this to a vote and prevent the few nay-sayers from ruining a fantastic opportunity.

  • Adrian Clark says,

    Please accept this offer from the province and federal governments. This transit system will greatly benefit all Hamitonians, not just part of the city. It will be a much need boost that this city needs to grow our tax base with new investments and modernize the way people can get around.

  • Tom Broen says,

    Hamiltonians deserve the best public transit system please support the city’s people and future and vote for LRT.

  • John Coakley says,

    Let's just do it!