The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Vladimir Smiljanic says,

    I have lived in Hamilton since I was I was 6 years. My parents decided to pick up everything and leave from Europe and come to Canada. They left everything to start over here in Hamilton. Hamilton provided them with jobs and tools to give us the life we have today and for that I am forever grateful. Though I don't live in the city anymore (my parents are still dad works in East Hamilton) I still care what happens to my hometown.

    Being a recent graduate from University of Waterloo Planning program I know the unbelievable benefits Light Rail Transit provides a community and a city. The initial investment is tremendous but the future economic gains are exponential. You don't have to leave the continent to see it's success. Just look at a city like Portland, Oregon which has embraced light rail transit and has used it as the main transportation infrastructure in it's city.

    I care about Hamilton and want it to prosper. The cities location in this part of the continent gives it enormous potential for economic success. The city needs to start taking hold of these opportunities to give future families the same opportunities my family was lucky to receive.

  • matt holmes says,

    Build the LRT! Hamitlon is 8th largest metro areas in Canada and does not have a subway/lrt? Let's not cheap out and do this right. Make it part of the greaeter transit system conecting all of the golden horseshoe. If you could add high speed rail to Toronto too that would be great.

  • Jonathan Therien says,

    A durable, cost efficient, and attractive public transit system is a necessity to all cities. LRT is a chance to achieve these goals

  • Dustin William says,

    It's time we evolve from the bus. This in my opinion will change the city for the good.

  • Daniella Cisternino says,

    DO IT

  • Fraser Pollock says,

    I am a Transportation Planning Consultant living in Ottawa, originally from Toronto. I have always firmly believed in the transformative power of transit including, rail based transit.



  • Lia Bronsard says,

    Light rail is fast, does not pollute and is silent. It is technically advanced and will create jobs. It will make Hamilton more advanced than other cities.

  • Eric Gillis says,

    The need for LRT in Hamilton is undeniable. Buses alone are consistently proving themselves incapable of providing the population of Hamilton with fast & reliable service-- which is something Hamilton desperately needs as our city grows and develops. Full-day GO train service is a step in the right direction. But that's it, just a step, we've many more to take after that.

  • Rebecca Hammond says,

    As a young professional who has chosen to make Hamilton my home, one of the deciding factors in choosing to buy a house in Hamilton last year were plans for an ambitious and necessary Light Rail system. This investment is essential in raising the national and international profile of the city to make it competitive in the emerging economies of the 21st century. Please do not turn your backs on taking this bold step to realize our bright, creative, future. The expenses are significant, no doubt, but the benefits will be reaped ten-fold in the coming years as we see this city as the true hub of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.


    Rebecca Hammond

  • Maya March says,

    Adding light rail transit will greatly reduce the disparity between economic classes within this city. I strongly support the project and know it will contribute to the vision that forward thinking Hamiltonians have for our city in the coming generations.

  • TROY BUSH says,

    I think this will be of great benefit to the city.

  • Catherine Roberts says,

    Public Transit is the glue for a successful Hamilton. Perhaps this is the incentive needed to start improving the downtown core! And, new small businesses might be encouraged to invest where there are major stops.

  • NICK HUTTON says,

    My family has lived in the Hamilton area since the first Loyalist settlers arrived over 200 years ago. The decline of our once great city core is painful to experience. I strongly believe that no single act could more positively affect Hamilton more that light rail. It is therefore the clear duty of any elected official to strongly and effectively champion a Hamilton Light Rail line. Any elected official that chooses not to does not deserve to be considered for re- election.

  • Shwaan Hutton says,

    The studies have been done and public opinion is in....LRT just makes sense for Hamilton. It would be short sighted and irresponsible, at all levels of government, to not capitalize on this opportunity. With rising fuel prices, environmental degradation and a downtown on the rise, Hamilton's economy, reputation, citizens and generations to come have the potential to thrive as a result of such an investment. The benefits will pay for the initial cost several times over and a healthier, happier community is priceless. Let's make this happen!

    - Queen's University MPl 2013 candidate. VIVA HAMILTON <3 !

  • Jennifer Roberts says,

    If we as a community, city and region want to make a name for ourselves globally, a step towards the future of transit is imperative. We are already so behind many other regions worldwide. LRT for Hamilton is a way for us to change our image, change how we attract business to our economy, and promote us as a tourist destination. Time for us to step up and set the standard. You want to revitalize the downtown core? Dusting off old buildings isn't the only way to do it.

  • Anna Davey says,

    Hamilton is a big, vibrant city with a big, vibrant future. We need to plan for that future, not maintain the status quo of today.

    The province has committed to two light rail lines in Hamilton. Two rails that will attract investment, new riders, reduce pollution and thereby improve Hamilton's infamous air quality and grow with Hamilton as we continue to develop as a world-class city.

    LRT is a priority. It is a priority for our future.

  • Bryce Anderson says,

    I believe that the LRT is the right way to go, As mayor and our prime minister, neither of them sit on a bus for 2 hrs a day, fully loaded most of the time. The lrt would make commuting from one side of the city to the next probably much quicker, hopefully with more space than a less than 50 seater bus. I AGREE TO BULD IT. PLEASE

  • Wayne Elshaw says,

    LRT is a great idea! It will improve the public transit option, cut down on use of cars, improve the environment, link the city, promote development and create employment. Don't let thid opportunity pass us by.

  • Harriet Sloan says,

    Hamilton is ripe and ready. Let's continue to move forward toward building and implementing an LRT system that will benefit our community and the entire Greater Golden Horseshoe. Metrolinx has stated publicly that it is "bullish" on the Hamilton LRT project. Our elected and non-elected community leaders (at all levels!) must get behind this project to make it a reality. We're in a good position. Let's not squander this opportunity!

  • Larry sicinski says,

    I'm 65 years old. I may never get to use this marvelous facility that brings Hamilton into the 21st century, but I'm excited about the fact my children, grandchildren and those that follow will have that option.
    I'm also tired of Mayor Bob Bratina's antics with the Liberals. Seems like he's just the mayor for a good time, not a long time, and his longterm interest is in getting the nomination to run for the Liberals in the province or country.

  • Stan Vichniakov says,

    I'll support the idea of LRT if I know that it will not affect my taxes. Right now, most of supporters of LRT drive their own cars. For them, it's a game, either political or financial. As for the rest... Example: Torontonians are sooo proud of their public transport, especially when The City raises their taxes every single year to support it.

  • Robert Veldhuis says,

    The LRT will bring a renewal to the Hamilton core. I cannot belive our leaders have so little vision to the benefits this system will bring to our commmunity.

  • Dina D'Ermo says,

    I have been involved in community workshops and City of Hamilton planning presentations and have offered individual comments about the advantages of Light Rail Transit for Hamilton. Hamilton councillors, the mayor and senior bureaucrats must make this a priority for those of all of us and our children. This might be the way for our youth to remain in Hamilton, with an opportunity for the City to become more vibrant, attracting developers to continue to grow this City into what it can become in the future.

  • Ron Blenkhorn says,

    This city needs to show progress in order to become a more attractive place to live for people who are running out of affordable housing in nearby cities.

    We somehow stopped progressing many years ago. Copps Coliseum was the last true example of Hamilton's ambition. An ambition that we used to display to show hope for our future. Sometimes, like Copps your plans don't work out quite as well as you had hoped, but that's not reason to stop looking ahead. You don't stop trying to make a better place for your kids, and their kids.

    Ron Blenkhorn

  • Larry Berberick says,

    I am a property owner in Hamilton and have fully supported Light RAIL Transit from day one and attended several public meetings. PLEASE get on with building the B-Line. I look forward to the future transition it will bring to our great city of Hamilton!

  • Ross Englefield says,

    Light rail would be a boon to our city with the potential to create immediate jobs in construction, maintenance, operation and other capacities. It is also very likely to boost business opportunities along the serviced route through direct contact with transit riders as well as increasing the attractiveness of Hamilton as a business destination.

  • Stephanie Ross says,

    Hamilton must make the kind of investments now that will make for a sustainable city in the future. We must find ways to have effective transit that reduces dependence on individual cars. We must have ways to connect parts of Hamilton to each other, and not just Hamilton to the Greater Toronto Area: we are more than a bedroom community. I strongly believe that politicians must have the courage to make these forward-thinking investments now.

  • Stephen Martin says,

    As a former Torontonian who loves living in Hamilton, I believe that an LRT would revitalize the downtown. It would give people an excuse to get out of their cars, and to go downtown more often for shopping and entertainment.

  • bryan bnice says,

    If you want to see our downtown core die go ahead with light rail, if you wanna see huge traffic jams in the core go ahead with lrt, the only way to run it thru our core will be to stop traffic at Wellington, I have talked with alot of businesses that dont support it, good luck getting people out of their cars,and how will taxis service this area,the only way possible is to go underground at Wellington.