The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Tom Hurd says,

    In July I wrote the following letter to the City Council. I still support LRT 100%.
    Dear Councillors,

    In the light of recent serious backpedalling by some City Councillors, I find I have to reiterate the commitment I made 4 years ago to the concept of LRT in Hamilton's core. I don't need to go into the detailed pro/con arguments that have been studied over the years, that are nicely summarized in the article:

    I just want to remind the members of the City Council that I am 100% committed to LRT in Hamilton, if financed with a fair capital funding formula from Metrolinx.

    Go For The Best Deal Possible: Just Do It!!!

  • Andrea Lynn Sloan says,

    Having LRT lines in Hamilton would be a benefit to everyone.
    It would help us update an old, inefficient system that the city very dearly needs
    Please, Hamilton do not add the LRT to a much too long list of missed opportunities

  • Casey Park says,

    The Province of Ontario under the McGuinty government has already pledged and earmarked public money towards LRT planning and construction in Hamilton. Parallel to these statements, current members of Hamilton's City Council have already stated that they support LRT as the next phase in Hamilton's downtown and overall renewal.

    Regardless of shifting political optics and reality (especially considering the imminent provincial election) groundbreaking on LRT is the obvious best next step for Hamilton for pragmatic, civic and researched reasons.

    Many parties have let Hamilton down over this issue but it's not too late to pick up the pieces and move forward to a more sustainable and uplifting future for the East, West and the Mountain communities.

  • jane osier says,

    We need the LRT

  • Boris Brott says,

    The City of Hamilton has probably the greatest potential for growth in serving its citizens of any in the Golden Horseshoe. At the centre of this MUST be rapid and convenient transportation both local and in connection with Toronto. Missing yet another boat for Provincial support in the LRT construction is criminal. Let's all pull together on this one. The positive energy we show and experience will inspire us to work together more often. If we can move forward in musical harmony - nothing will stop the city of Hamilton from reaching its great potential!

    Boris Brott
    Artistic Director
    Brott Music Festivals, Hamilton

  • Mickey Bellavia says,

    The LRT in Hamilton is very much needed and a long awaited solution to public transportation in this area.

    Our city has much potential in utilizing this transportation benefit and making public transportation easier for many users.

  • Andrew Pettit says,

    Elected Representatives,

    I love our city. I am excited for our future, as our leadership has pointed us in a promising, human-centric, community-first direction. The LRT system is the start of a major shift away from our current multi-lane highway/dearth of life that we currently enjoy (?), moving towards something much more sustainable and engaging. It's part of a collection of small movements - Open Streets, bike lanes, library and farmers market reinvigoration, etc. - that are shaping this city into something greater. Please have the courage to stay the course. Hamilton is worth it!!


    Andrew Pettit
    181 Hess St. South

  • Bob Leach says,

    I believe that LRT is essential for the ongoing growth and development of our city. This is not the time to turn back or in any way reconsider commitments that have been made previously. Hamilton needs and will greatly benefit both now and in the future from LRT.

    Let's get it done!

  • Connor Clark says,

    I believe this system is perfect for Hamilton. We are looking forward to a bright future and becoming a more desirable place to live. This system will only help that.

  • Artur Rozumek says,

    Hamilton is a major city in Ontario that requires improved transit linking neighbourhoods and the city with the suburbs. Buses are not enough, and the present buses-only network is not up to international standards for a city of Hamilton's size. Without better transit, it will be hard to encourage people to use transit willingly and poses challenges for those who have no other option. It means congestion and a lower standard of living for people in the city. Hamilton has numerous neighbourhoods in need of revitalization, and LRT will be key to improving transportation and accessibility to those neighbourhoods. It will make them more attractive to investment. Please do not neglect Hamilton. Not building the LRT line will only be regretted.

  • Adam Peet says,

    Hello there,

    Considering the amount of tax revenue that could potentially be generated from new investment along the LRT routes, it makes me wonder if the right people are on the job here in Hamilton. A simple business adage would be " to make money you have to spend it". As a new resident and small investor to Hamilton I came here because of the now defunct pan am games projects and the LRT. I like many other small investors see Hamilton as a place for tremendous growth. However, the non-committal direction we're getting from both the province and council is unacceptable at a time when smart investments are needed to help propel growth. Investors such as myself are already planning escape routes if the city continues to show regressive steps. Hamilton needs the LRT to sprout new business, if we had a council with any gumption I'm sure they could add jobs to the LRT contract. Once again, I doubt that will happen, as it seems that our overly bureaucratic governing class needs to conduct a study. One that has already been completed. I love my new home, and the city it's in, but if the city doesn't reciprpcate that love, I may leave. Imagine a bustling, metropolitan city with new development all along the proposed routes. Not committing to the project seems ridiculous at this point. Or maybe our governing class is bi-polar???

  • Rob Taylor says,

    A definite catalyst to a bigger, better and more vibrant city. If we want to be a world class city, this is the type of investment we must have.

  • Erika Strong says,

    Hamilton needs light rail. The bus system is inadequate and never on time. It's also impractical in many ways.

    Hamilton is growing and developing. LRT will make help it grow into a great city, like it once was.

  • Erika Strong says,

    Hamilton needs light rail. The bus system is inadequate and never on time. It's also impractical in many ways.

    Hamilton is growing and developing. LRT will make help it grow into a great city, like it once was.

  • Chris Mayhew says,

    Light rail is what Hamilton needs to move the city forward. Everyone is focusing on how to get people to take mass transit, but we need effective transit before this happens.

    Hamilton's slow, packed city buses are inferior to driving. LRT is a step in the right direction, towards making mass transit more useable and fixing the traffic problems that plague the city.

  • Enrico Seminerio says,

    Our municipal and provincial governments have an opportunity to do something that shows a lot of foresight and vision. As cities grow and the cost of fuel keeps rising, Canadian cities will have to rely more and more on public transit, just as large urban centres in Europe and Asia do today. Unfortunately our municipal and provincial (and federal for that matter) politicians rarely have the courage to make the tough long term decisions because they are so focused on short term goals so that they can get re-elected in four years. I am calling on all three levels of government to support LRT for Hamilton now.

  • Gillian Varlow says,

    If we don't do this soon, we'll turn into Canada's version of Flint, Michigan. We must move forward or be left behind.

  • Thomas Bernacki says,

    It's time again for city council to make it's position clear on LRT, as it's done in the past. Recent statements by the mayor downplaying support for LRT are not indicative of the broad support among citizens and council. And the province needs to follow through on its promises to the city. Toronto is getting massive investment from the province for transit expansions; certainly Hamilton deserves it too.
    LRT will be amazingly transformative for the city. We are raising our young family in the core of the city, and other young professionals like ourselves continue to make the same choice. I have no doubt that the prospect of LRT across the lower city has played some part in that. With a solid commitment from council and the province, that momentum and positivity will only increase. Not only that, but it will set our city on the right track (no pun intended) for reducing pollution, increasing transit use, facilitating intensification, and ensuring mobility through a future of increasing fuel costs and scarcity.
    To all politicians involved in this decision: I call on you to reaffirm support for the east-west LRT line in Hamilton.

  • Fred Sandoval says,

    This would be a huge and excellent initiative for Hamilton, just do a little research in all the similar systems in the US in see how they've lived up to or exceeded expectations.

  • Patricia Baker says,

    I have, in the past few months, had the opportunity to see LRT in operation in Portland, Vancouver and Dublin. What a difference to these cities has been made by these trains! Ease of movement,new businesses, far more people visiting areas of the cities previously unknown to them, easing of traffic congestion etc. etc. The sooner we can get away from the 'thruway' mentality for traffic movement on our main roads and move to a modern mode of transport the better.

  • Aaron Newman says,

    We must be ahead of the urbanization that is bound to happen in the coming years. Our cities must reflect a livable model. Buses will never be cool, will never supplant the car nor spur economic redevelopment, but light has that potential for creating economic redevelopment and making people want to live downtown. We can't lose out on this model of redevelopment.

  • Tim Ritchie says,

    As a lifelong Hamiltonian I can say with certainty that myself, my family and my guests will all use and benefit fro LRT. Don't let this opportunity slide past.

  • Kevin Makins says,

    LRT is critical for our city continuing to grow and emerge as a place to work, play, and live.

    Let's finish what we have started and secure LRT for our city.

  • D'Marc Lewis says,

    Just get it going already. I may want to live there in the next five years!

  • Raymond Braun says,

    I have written several letters to Ed to var. newspapers;
    latest in all local papers on Sept. 15 with a photo of an LRT car in Erfurt, Germany. Erfurt is only half the size of Hamilton and has 3 LRT lines, very modern. efficient and quiet, reliable. I travelled last June in many small cities in Germany and Austria and they all have such systems.
    Hamilton should have one. In above letters for the Dundas, Ancaster, Mountain and Stoney Creek News I suggested an extension to Dundas. The lines already exist, when the old street-car/radial line went there, so land is not a question.
    And I also thought of a "loop" through West Hamilton including University Plaza and down the hill and back through the area of Spencer Creek where 2 trails exist.
    Please read the Sept. 15 edition. --- I did have 2 responses from City Hall about this, so they noticed it.
    Raymond Braun, Dundas

  • Eric Baldry says,

    Not having a dedicated LRT system is really the only reason I still drive a car anywhere anymore. Out west in Vancouver, I could do all of my daily tasks and commuting without having to stand around for 45 minutes for a bus that will probably not even be on time.

    Please help though of us who want to get rid of our cars and cut emissions!

  • Justin Eisinga says,

    It seems clear to me that the city is more focused on connecting Hamilton to Toronto then connecting their own city together. This needs to change!

  • Laura Spoelstra says,

    This would be awesome for Hamilton. It's a city with so much to offer and so much potential waiting to be developed. It's time we invested in a city that's worth investing in!

  • Laura McGilvery says,

    As a former resident of Toronto, I adore living in Hamilton and find it a very affordable and convenient alternative to the GTA suburbs.. MANY torontonians wanting to own homes would move here if there were better public transit options. Commuting to Toronto costs about $600 a month so many commuters cannot afford to live here and own a vehicle. Not much point in having all day GO service if no one lives here- but the torontonians will come if we ourselves apart from the burbs... With LRT

  • Roseatta Long says,

    As someone who would value and nmake use of LRT in Hamilton, I would like to say that it would be a welcome addition to hamilton transit. Environmentally we cannot afford to ignore this opportunity. I think people would be persuaded to leave their cars at home. For those who are unable to afford the luxury of their own car, what a difference it might make to their lives.We have to consider the needs of all the people.