The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • erika shaker says,

    Please take this opportunity to recognize Hamilton's potential as a sustainable, innovative, world class city that prioritizes responsible, effective and efficient transportation. Support LRT!

  • Maurice LaBorde says,

    This opportunity will change not only the perceptions of the residents of Hamilton, but Ontario's perception of Hamilton. Its time to make a broad statement to the growth of Hamilton.

  • PETER HILL says,

    Politicians need to be visionary and decisive in their actions. Too often they follow loud-mouthed and uninformed fools to the detriment of their constituents and communities. They need to be brave and do what's right, not what's expedient.

    The LRT in Hamilton is visionary. A decisive action in needed. Poorly informed people are out there making noise and should not be listened to. Community improvement will occur and personal success for politicians will follow if they do the right thing.

  • Carly Mary McLeod says,

    Hello there.

    My name is Carly Mary McLeod. I am McMaster University undergrad student, born and raised in Hamilton. Contrary to popular belief, especially around McMaster, I love Hamilton and have loved this city my entire life. I have history here, and so does my family. I see the potential in the city and wish that others would just do the same.

    Light Rail or Rapid Transit would change this city forever. It would be environmentally sustainable for the generations and it would be an investment that would unite this city.

    From someone who cares about this city and who wants to continue to be a part of it in the future, LR would make my life and the lives of community members across this city so much better!

    Please consider strengthening our community and ensuring we continue to be a sustainable city.

    Carly Mary McLeod

  • Michael Wright says,

    Hamilton needs light rail transit. In a city that is so spread out we must be able to rely on more than buses for public transportation.

    This is an important step for Hamilton and Canada, as infrastructure like this must be implemented in ALL major cities for both the environment and economic development.

    Hold the Liberals to their promises.

    If you care about the future of your city - Demand light rail transit.

  • Christopher Wilson says,

    i grew up in Hamilton and moved away for nearly 6 years for school and work. I've recently moved back to Hamilton and i am in awe of some of the wonderful changed in development and restoration that have taken place. the lightrail system would be exactly what the city needs for encouraged enthusiasm to development within the cities core. its a step in the right direction to a bright future for hamiltonians and Im excited Im back living in Hamilton to be a part of it!!!

  • Jim Quinn says,

    Establishing light rail is critical to the restoration of the downtown core and the light rail corridor and to growth of alternative transportation. As transportation needs shift as a function of increasing fuel costs, Hamilton will be ahead of the game if we move on this initiative.

  • bruce mowat says,

    Get a commitment in writing with a start date for construction..... before the election. Otherwise all your tax money goes to Toronto's transit system.

  • Derek Sahota says,

    Hamilton is a city of half a million people with the ideal pre-existing corridors for light rail transit. On top of that our bus ridership on the route is already extremely high (as evidenced by the many packed buses which pass me by in the morning). Its time that we as a city band together and get the transit system we need and deserve.

    As a property owner who moved to Hamilton from the Metro Vancouver area, I've witnessed how a well planned transit system can transform a region. 15 years ago Vancouver also wallowed in the shadows of supposedly better cities, always unsure of itself. Hamilton also clearly has a self image problem, but there's really no justification for it. Its time we stop being a city of "can't be done" and start being a city of "Yes we can!"

    Let's not pass up an opportunity to build our city for another generation. Instead let's work together and build a Hamilton that attracts people from across Canada. Together, we can.

  • Harrison Cruikshank says,

    Light rail transit not only increases the efficiency of our public transportation, it encourages its use. By giving people the choice to use a transit system that provides a fast an efficient method of travel you are truly providing an incentive to leave the car at home. Currently, the choice to commute to the Hamilton mountain from my Dundas home by either a 1-2 hour transit commute or a 20 minute car commute is no choice at all. Light rail can help decrease this travel-time discrepancy and make public transit a true alternative to privately owned vehicle use.

  • Dave Hauch says,

    I urge you to support Light Rail in Hamilton - it's a service that is essential to growing our city as a stand-alone community, not simply another sleeper-enclave for Toronto.

    All day GO Service, while also good for Hamilton, is not a replacement for a modern, light-rail transit system for our city.

  • Aminu Bello says,

    Hamilton needs an "image" and LRT will definitely contribute towards building a new image and economic catalyst for our downtown Hamilton and the region as a whole. The phrase surrounding Hamilton

  • Sara Mayo says,

    I have 2 kids and no car, and even though I would benefit personally from LRT, I was a skeptic. But then I read the Metrolinx studies and became a fan for numerous reasons, including the economic benefits.
    Waterloo is pressing ahead with LRT and we can't let Hamilton fall behind, especialky since we have a low growth rate and fewer residents mive hear than to neighbouring cities like Waterloo.
    LRT will make public transit enjoyable, a key feature of public transit competitive with car use. LRT is by far the most effective way to transform our city and show benefits for all segments of our society, even people who continue to use their cars.
    Please do your part to make to LRT happen in Hamilton.

  • Amin Ahmadi says,

    This one initiative could above and beyond any other single act push Hamilton forward and make it place to talk about, let's make this a flagship of Hamilton for many years to come, the icon. Likes of Dundurn castle and Jackson square are becoming hard sells to the new generation, this is Hamilton's chance to be the poster-child of advanced transportation in the region.

  • Doris Thomsen says,

    Mayor Bob & those opposing LRT. Wake up to 2011. We are not in the dark ages anymore. In order to move ahead to the future we need to update our transportation system. This is the way to go

  • Aaron McCluskey says,

    Hamilton has always been a leader in innovation and technology -- let's not stop now.

  • Anton Lodder says,

    We need to make LRT our number-one priority.

  • Lauren Stephen says,

    The fact that Hamilton has been poorly serviced by GO trains for years can't become an excuse for not investing in local transit. Even a marginal increase in population density along the LRT lines would make a huge difference to the prosperity of our neighbourhoods. Right now downtown businesses are struggling, and there are many empty buildings. Increasing population density (not just increasing population and spreading out) is how cities become prosperous, and great public transportation is the most effective way to do that.

  • Kevin Thom says,

    I've traveled all over the world, and seen how a healthy, clean and efficient transit system has revived cities everywhere. Hamilton badly needs a boost, and LRT is a great way to do it. I vote in elections based on a the candidates' positions on LRT. I will vote for candidates who support it.

  • Derek Hrynyshyn says,

    Improve Public Transit Now! Citizens deserve efficient, comfortable, convenient and sustainable ways to get where they need to go!

  • Barbara Carson says,

    As a senior citizen who is shortly going to be giving up the expense of driving and aggravation and cost of parking in the city centre, LRT would be very welcome - if not necessary.

    I have no doubt the majority of Hamilton residents would appreciate their tax $'s supporting LRT over 'all day Go service.' Most of us do not travel to Toronto every day, but do travel around our city and would appreciate anything that makes it easier and more efficient.

  • Steve Tanner says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT to promote growth and outside investment in Hamilton

  • Joanne Tanner says,

    As a Realtor I believe the promise of light rail will allow me to attract out-of-town buyers to the Hamilton market. They will come with Toronto dollars, and buy large numbers of properties in our city. This will make our city vibrant, cash rich and alive again, and all citizens will benefit from that.

  • Peter Hutton says,

    It is extrremely disappointing that local officials at all levels have not been able to cut through the political and bureaucratic obstacles at the provincial level to getting LRT done Any project dragged out this long will run into problems and plays into the hands of the nay-sayers.

    Clearly we need to invest in all forms of transit as an essential part of our infrastructure to support new and renewed econoimic developme

    Council has it right - we need both expanded Go and we need to begin to build sensible LRT to meet the needs of existing riders as well as those who would make the choice, but can't because the existing HSR us overwhelmed.with existing passengers

    Mayor Bratina, you are wrong Expanded GO alone will not help the economic development of Hamilton as it will take people to the jobs that exist in Toronto, and it will take decades to really reverse that trend. But staged LRT and GO as the money comes available can make that change faster. It doesn't take a million people and honestly I hope that Hamilton never reaches that point

  • Janis Topp says,

    Sad to see we are being pulled back to square one on the LRT project. It is the key component to the necessary public transit within Hamilton. I agree we must move forward on it.

  • Roger Mann says,

    Mayor Bratina represents only one vote on Council, and in his role as the official spokesman for Hamilton he should be representing Council's decisions, not his own opinions. It is council's duty to make this fact clear to him, and to ensure that any commitments he makes on Hamilton's behalf are transparent and reflect the wishes of council.

  • Rudy Neufeld says,

    It seems we the people have to lead the fight for the LRT with force and vision: two commodities in short supply from our present mayor.

  • Lisa Hind says,

    the LRT is past due and is desperately needed for a growing city. It has been held back because of dawdling and delays. Hamilton City Council .. please listen to the tax payers of this city that the LRT is needed. We are in the 21st Century and Hamilton needs to move forward. As well, I dont need to tell you Hamilton City Council that it will bring jobs to a struggling economy of Hamilton. thank you sincerely,

    Lisa Hind

  • Nicholas Shaw says,

    It's time to plan for a sustainable future. It's time for rapid transit in Hamilton.

  • Paul Barrett says,

    Hourly GO Transit Trains sound great but there is already efficient GO Transit Bus Service Toronto hourly. Hamilton has come to far down the road towards Rapid Transit to back out now. If Hamilton and Ontario want to grow sustainable and economically prosperous cities then efficient transit and high density development are required. Keep your promise pay for Hamilton LRT. Its time to fund the transit needed to bring Hamilton from car culture to culture.