The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • David Numan says,

    LRT is the best way forward for moving people around in our growing city. This impacts our city infrastructure costs, our economy, and the environment. Please support LRT for all the long term benefits.

  • Jocelyn Weatherbe says,

    Dear Mr. Ford,
    It was with some astonishment that I heard you were cancelling the LRT in Hamilton. An initiative that would not only upgrade our transit system into the 21st Century but also improve a considerable mount of infrastructure and encourage high density housing in the downtown corridor which would discourage urban sprawl over valuable farmland.
    This is a very negative action on your part with no provable cause. Please bring back the support you promised during your campaign and while you are at it bring back Basic Income which you also said you would continue to support. Promises Made, Promises Broken will not be a great campaign slogan next time.
    Jocelyn Weatherbe

  • Margaret Bennett says,

    We moved to Hamilton 4 years ago, in part because of the promise of LRT. Originally from Toronto, we lived in Burlington prior to our move because of work logistics. Unfortunately Burlington was transit-unfriendly and we ended up having to get a second car. Fortunately we could afford it, but it is not our ethical choice. So when work shifted we considered a move back to Toronto or to Hamilton and chose Hamilton because it seemed to be moving forward and was appearing to be transit friendly. We wanted to be part of the revitalization of this city and make it work for all residents. We looked along the LRT line and moved on a great bus line as it is. Transit and accessibility is one of the things we were most excited about and one of the things we love about Hamilton. Transit is a huge part of affordability and accessibility of a city. That’s why the promise of an LRT was so exciting. Women and children disproportionately use transit and it’s important for them to access the city and its services. We believe that the LRT is an equity issue for that reason.
    When you look at the Hamilton GRIDS II Plan, you can see how much development is on the LRT line. This isn’t even just residential development; it’s commercial and employment opportunities. That’s what transit does; brings development to the people who will often benefit most from it. It’s not just people like us that chose Hamilton for the potential of LRT, it’s businesses and builders who can make this city better on a larger scale than anything we can do individually. LRT will make Access to the city and it’s services and employment opportunities better. It’s an equity issue.
    The LRT has been proposed for years. It’s had something like 70 separate votes for it. If you’re truly for the people, the people and its elected representatives have spoken for 12 years that this is the way forward for our city, so let’s get on and build it FOR THE PEOPLE! It will keep us moving forward equitably.

  • Matthew Naysmith says,

    Hamilton has been treated unfairly in the recent cancellation of the LRT line with obviously fictitious financial numbers that do not align with the 3 other LRT projects in the province. Reverse this embarrassing decision now and show how all people in the province can be treated equally and fairly.

  • Rick Veenstra says,

    Mr. Ford: I live in a town swallowed up by the City of Hamilton under the Harris government. We're proud folks and the sting of that has never really left. Our voices were dismissed then but I want to be heard now.
    Even though I will likely not ever use the LRT in Hamilton, I strongly support the initiative for the opportunities that it will bring to what is now "our" city. It seems that your government's stated "for the people" platform seems only to be resulting in penny-pinching, miserly, ill-considered cuts to programs and initiatives province-wide.
    Please do the right thing for Hamilton and indeed the whole province and reverse your government's position on this vital initiative.

  • Kyle Slote says,

    Please reverse the decision to cancel Hamilton's LRT RFP process.

    Just the anticipation and promise of LRT is already having transformative effects on the city with long vacant buildings being renovated and new developments underway. This is growing our tax base and allowing us to grow in a way that follows provincial growth policies.

    With recent LRT investments in nearby communities, Hamilton will be at a significant competitive disadvantage at a time when the city is truly transforming and emerging as a successful mid-sized city with a diverse economy.

    Please let Hamilton reach its potential.

    Please see the LRT RFP process out. If costs come in above budget, let's find a creative way to bridge that gap instead of cancelling this transformative and vital project outright.

    Kyle Slote

  • Benjamin Arseneau says,

    Let's keep progress in our great city moving in the right direction.

  • Sue Lott says,

    We can't go backwards on critical public infrastructure that is environmentally responsible. We just can't afford not to make these investments. Shame on the Ford government for showing no leadership on this.

  • Mike Field says,

    LRT was a promise made in good faith. It is transformational for the City and a pathway towards a better future. Breaking this promise is not progressive, but rather regressive.

    How can any citizen have confidence and trust in their government when decisions like this are chosen?

    Supportive of LRT or not, the roll back of this promise is insulting. The delivery of the ‘announcement’ was even worse. Don’t make this sort of thing common place in Ontario.

    Fulfill your promise to Hamilton, reverse the decision. This time, take the time to actually make a meaningful announcement, one made in good faith and understanding to the community.

    Nothing less will be unacceptable.

  • Zach Gable says,

    My support for Hamilton LRT is for numerous reasons. There are associated economic benefits such as job creation, new investment, and new property tax revenue for the City. Thinking long term I believe LRT will be a tool to drive higher densities and simply get more cars off the road. We have a declared climate emergency in the City, if we have an opportunity to preserve agricultural lands by having more people live in a core area and can reduce carbon emissions LRT represents a real, focused step towards sustainability

  • Michael Hutchings says,

    For the past thirteen years, the City of Hamilton has been working on bringing higher level transit in the form of LRT connecting Stoney Creek to McMaster University.

    In one callous move, Minister Mulroney cancelled the province's financial support for this city building project.

    In 2018 Premier Ford commented that he supported building the LRT as an "investment that will create jobs...and stimulate economic development."

    For thirteen years, the citizens and government of Hamilton have worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive plan for regional transit. Years of hard work and investment was cast aside. Why is Mississauga's transit continuing and Hamilton's no longer necessary?

    While you provide figures to do this, you won't provide the source of these figures or how they were generated. We are three months away from the final bids - why couldn't the province wait until the final bids were in before scrapping the project altogether?

    The thing that shocked me the most was that Hamilton wasn't even given an opportunity to see the numbers, provide the province with alternatives or at least even investigate other options.

    Please do the right thing and let Hamilton get back on track.

  • Kevin Dougan says,

    Cancelling plans to build LRT is backwards thinking and short-sighted.

    Bring back the LRT!

  • Peter Vander Klippe says,

    The LRT is an investment in Hamilton's future. Lets get those costs in line with the Waterloo LRT and get the construction started. Cost are only going to get higher if we wait longer!

  • Naomi Kane says,

    Dear Politicians

    Please stop putting transit on the back burner. These projects should be what governments do to support communities and create the jobs and environments necessary for people and businesses to thrive.
    Get ahead of the curve and build the infrastructure.

    Naomi Kane

  • Alistair Ingram says,

    Fully support construction of LRT, even with the (clearly inflated) estimates that the Gov't will not release it would be worth it.

  • JOHN DUNN says,

    Premier Ford,
    You were correct in your previous statement.. we voted for LRT when we elected Fred. Please rethink this egegoous mistake you have foisted on our city and get LTR BACK ON "TRACĶ".

    John Dunn
    Hamilton mountain

  • Robert Ozimek says,

    Hamilton wants the LRT!

  • Susan Muma says,

    I support the LRT and have always done so. I believe it is in the best interests of all of Hamilton. Its cancellation angered and devastated me. I am happy to do what I can to ensure it goes ahead.

  • Mary Battaglia says,

    I do not live in Hamilton and do not often use transit. I do know that when I travel to cities with light rail it has been extremely easy to use and the economic benefits are staggering. Pulling the funding without releasing the details of the costing model, while at the same time finding LRT in other municipalities is extremely suspect. Come clean Mr. Ford on the funding calculations and reinstate your support for this project.

    The despair you have created for the entire city without a reasonable explanation is palpable. Imagine what it is like for the people who lives were upended in one misguided announcement.

    There is still time to fix this!

  • Jessica Marcellus says,

    Minister Mulroney made a mistake cancelling Hamilton's LRT but the Premier can fix it. It's not too late to do the right thing for Hamilton.

    Hamilton has done the hard work to show our support for LRT. All we're asking for is fair treatment compared to other cities.

    Let the bid process finish. If the final bids come in over budget, we can scale back the project (like Mississauga just did) or ask the Federal Government to help.

    Let's explore every option to get this transformative investment in economic development back on track so Hamilton can really be "open for business" and help drive Ontario's economy forward.

  • Kristin Norris says,

    I refuse to support and vote for any government that doesn’t respect public transit. The will and desire for an LRT in Hamilton was made clear during the municipal election. Hamilton will be better off with an LRT and I say this as a person who lives on the stoney Creek Mountain and will personally benefit very little from the project but believe Hamilton will be much better off for it.

  • Doreen Wilson says,

    For decades, Hamilton carried an industrial burden we are still emerging from. Now the province won't let us thrive. Kicked to the curb, again. Please reverse this decision and get Hamilton city renewal back on track. Thank you Premier Ford.Doreen

  • Joel Swagerman says,

    As a resident of Hamilton, I am deeply concerned and disappointed with the government's decision to abruptly cancel the RFP process for the Hamilton LRT, without notice or consultation with any of the affected parties.

    I implore you to reverse this decision immediately. I cannot understand why a project like the LRT, which has been studied and proposed for more than a decade, would be sabotaged in such a way. This cancellation will have (indeed, already has had) a chilling effect on business and economic development in Hamilton and in the province. The City is relying on the LRT to drive economic development in the Lower City and beyond, as it has done in places like Kitchener-Waterloo. Without it, all of the City's plans are moot and we'll basically be starting from scratch. This is about much more than transit!

    It's not too late to change course-- people understand that this is a project this government inherited from the previous government. If we work together, and all levels of government work together, we can accomplish great things for the City of Hamilton. Re-open the RFP process and let the planners and accountants see the numbers from the private sector. Then, at least, an informed decision on the LRT can be made, based in fact, not in opaque numbers pulled from some unknown consultant's calculations.

  • Cameron Milligan says,

    Many businesses and investors were counting on the LRT being build. This government can not afford to flip flop on decisions or the private sector will continue to lose faith in the government being a reliable partner. The Hamilton LRT Must Be Build!

  • William Elliot says,

    Why is Hamilton's LRT cancelled, when Mississauga, Toronto and Ottawa are still being built?
    This is not about transportation - it is about community building.
    Our LRT project needs to be reinstated

  • Karen Bird says,

    Dear Premier Ford,

    I grew up in what is now Donna Skelly's riding (Ofield Rd. N., RR#2 Dundas) and my parents still live there. As they age, they know they will eventually need to sell the 2-acre property where they built their home and have lived for 57 years. Like many of their friends who are of a similar age, they plan to move to Dundas or Hamilton, where they can easily access excellent health and hospital care, and live closer to us (we are on the Hamilton mountain). Knowing that they will have to give up driving in their later years, they have also planned on living close to an LRT stop, which they feel will offer them continued independence - the ability to do their shopping, go to the theatre, dinner, and generally get around in their community.

    My parents have some experience riding an LRT, as they visited us in Sydney, Australia during my sabbatical there. We did not have a car, and traveled everywhere across that city on the extensive LRT and bus system. During my parents' time with us, they marveled at how simple it was to take the LRT, how many nice people they met on the bus, and how easy it was to get where we needed to go. They loved how they could go downtown with their teenage grandkids, without having to worry about finding their way and parking, not to mention driving on the right hand side of the street!

    Another thing about my parents. They are "old timers" who have never lived without a car. My mom learned to drive a crankshaft truck when she was 10 yrs old, on her parents' farm on the 6th Concession in Millgrove. My dad is a an antique sports car collector (last count, he owned 3 cars plus an old Ford pickup), who is happiest tinkering in his garage and polishing up his '74 Fiat. They live in the country, where there is no municipal water or sewer service, where everyone travels by car. They and their friends have voted Conservative many times, though recently not so much.

    I tell you all of this, as you may have heard that Hamilton's population is "divided" about the LRT. What I want you to understand is that it is only divided as a result of the wedge politics played by too many of our city councillors (past and present). People do tend to be wary about what they don't know. But once people like my parents actually experience what an LRT system provides, they come quickly to appreciate its many benefits to them personally and to the wider community.

    Premier Ford, it is not too late to do the right thing for the people of Hamilton. Including for the many folks like my parents - who will come to depend on the LRT as they age and need to re-organize their lives to maintain independence and a good quality of life. Please make this right, and invest in the LRT for the future of our community.

  • chris labenski says,

    How can hurontaro be 1.2 billion and ours is 5.5. When ours has fewer stops and fewer klms love to hear your false answer!

  • Brian Muthaliff says,

    Multiple modes of transportation within any city is beneficial to is economy and livability. Having this LRT built is essential and is the catalyst Hamilton needs to stimulate its growth.

  • Graham Craword says,

    Premier Ford,

    I write as a Hamiltonian who has long supported LRT. I'm very concerned not only with the decision to cancel the provincial government's commitment to build LRT, but also with the way in which the decision was made and the way the decision was communicated to Hamiltonians.

    We are so close to having real numbers that it makes no sense to use mystery accounting as the basis for the cancellation. I believe the provincial government owes all Hamiltonians the opportunity to review the actual bids from the 3 consortia.

    I encourage you to allow this to happen. Then, and only then, should we decide our path forward.

    Graham Crawford

  • Neil Therriault says,

    Please restore funding for the Hamilton LRT. Other municipalities in Ontario have received funding, why not Hamilton?

    The LRT would dramatically improve our downtown. Cutting funding will set us back decades.

    Do the right thing and restore funding.