The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Phil Barbier says,

    Absolutely disgusting and unconscionable that they dangled this carrot to the people of Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe area only to just yank the rug right out from our feet.

    Shameful behaviour preventing our cities from developing further. We need to move away from the personal behaviour in urban centres especially - we need better transit so people have good alternative options to choose from.

    Not to mention this would help bring the city up to more modern standards with the rest of the world

  • Grant Ranalli says,

    Premier Ford,
    I don’t always agree with your policies but I was pleasantly surprised when you originally chose to honour the previous government’s commitment to fund Hamilton’s LRT project. I have been active in this file for the past eleven years and fully support it as not only s transit system, but also a project that has boosted downtown development which translates into more economic growth and more tax revenue for the city, as well as the province.
    Killing this project at such an advanced stage would be a huge waste of money, energy and time already invested, and could result in stalling growth for this city.
    We already know that it will lead to significant cancellation costs.
    If you want to garner support in Hamilton, please do the right thing snd reverse the hasty cancellation if this project.
    Thank you,
    Grant Ranalli

  • Brock McNichols says,

    Not only do we need this LRT now, it will be the building block of this city for years to come. I am a proud steelworker, father, and Hamilton resident. Please allow the people of Hamilton to have the LRT we supported, voted for, and you promised to not stand in the way of. I know you will do the right thing.

  • Dawn Vanson says,

    Hamilton has been moving in a positive direction and developers have recognised that and with the promise of LRT have begun investing in Hamilton. Treat us as fairly as Mississauga and support our growth.

  • Paul MC Cormack says,

    Get it done Doug, show Hamilton that you care as much about our economy as you do about Toronto.

  • Elly Bowen says,

    We need to stop being short sighted on the future of Hamilton. It is a great city with lots of potential, but to realize it, we need a better transportation system. Leave it up to the city to decide what mode is best for it.
    Doug Ford never gets it right the first time, we know this. So please change this crazy decision and get it right the second time. Have Mulroney come back in the New Year and correct the error of your ways.

  • Steve Smashnuk says,

    The LRT is critical to Hamilton's future. This was proven out over years of deliberation and erased with on hidden and likely flawed study.

  • John Vraets says,

    LRT has the potential to completely change the city of Hamilton and you have the chance to be the government that made it happen. Don't walk away from this project.

  • Scott Eason says,

    The LRT project had already spurred great residential growth and renewal important to a city with too much sprawl dependent on cars. The way it was cancelled is an absolute disgrace. Please share all the data used to justify the hasty cancellation or, better yet, get this project back on track.

  • Mo Yang says,

    It’s a shame the government cancelled this project. Hamilton is a great city and it needs transport.

  • John Clinton says,

    Dear Premier Ford

    Please support the people of Hamilton whose Mayor and majority of council support LRT. It's not too late to allow the LRT process in Hamilton to move forward. We've been planning for this for years. You allowed the property acquisition to go forward. You allowed the tendering process to begin. Let's see those results before deciding how to proceed. We, the people of Hamilton, are depending on you to be a premier for all of us. Thank you.

  • Kari Glynes Elliott says,

    Good public transit is essential for a community and Hamilton needs LRT.

  • Andrew Marshall says,

    I am disappointed and frustrated by this decision that looks political and not based on an objective of economic development or sound policy. The LRT would have created a competitive city and attracted more economic growth then a rapid bus system. The benefits of LRT would be positive outside of the core as the tax base would have improved. Capital investment decisions should be respected as they rely on timelines that are longer than any political party’s time in office. Foolish politicians are the reason Canada’s infrastructure is so lacking and we are way behind having the infrastructure to move our population. Please reverse this decision that doesn’t respect the city’s authority in determining appropriate transportation infrastructure.

  • Mary Lou Tanner says,

    I strongly support LRT. I strongly support open and transparent government. The recent decision is neither open nor transparent with the province’s secret report. Release the report and let’s have it peer reviewed by trusted experts not someone whose name and credentials are also secret.

    As for the cost to the Hamilton taxpayer, LRT is an important tool to spur investment, create jobs, and build new revenue in a modernized City. What this decision has done is taken away the economic uplift and increased tax revenue. The decision is what will hurt Hamilton taxpayers. LRT helps Hamilton taxpayers.

    Hamilton’s 2018 election was about LRT. The people across this entire City overwhelmingly voted yes to LRT. Secret documents, economic disinvestment, anti-democratic. That is what the cancelling of LRT is. It’s not too late - say yes to open government, say yes to economic investment, say yes to democracy and the will of the people. Yes LRT.

  • Gemma Corless says,

    To have a project in the works from 2007 only to cancel 12 years later is a cruel and cowardly decision. Hamiltonians want a better city and deserve improved infrastructure. We are owed the opportunity for better commutes, the increased resources and seeing King Street in the East end flourish after so long in the gutter.

  • Shannon Graszat says,

    Very bad decision on the part of the provincial government

  • Annette Caprice says,

    Premier Ford, by shuttering the plan to implement light rail transit in our rapidly growing city, you are basically saying that Hamilton is closed for business. We as a city deserve better. We deserve to be open for business just like the rest of Ontario. Please do the right thing and reverse the devastating decision to cancel Hamilton’s LRT.

  • Brendan Simons says,

    After 12 years of study and debate, spanning several election cycles, LRT should be an easy win. If the Conservatives want to be remembered for moving Ontario forward, they'll be hard pressed to find a more effective, ready to start project.

  • Brendan Duke says,

    Please revive the plan to build LRT in Hamilton.

    The LRT will connect McMaster with the downtown core, which will help rebuild Hamilton's economy by connecting our University knowledge source with businesses and organizations downtown.

    The people of Hamilton voted for LRT in the previous municipal election by voting against Sgro. It is our democratic choice to have LRT.

  • Le Duong says,

    As a long time resident of Hamilton, I am disheartened by the actions displayed by the provincial government in the cancellation of the LRT.This is simply not just about cancelling some fancy vehicles and roadways to save a buck or two. This is about cancelling Hamilton as a city of growth. Cancelling our voices as a community who have long debated and voted to move forward to build a community that would be sustainable and transformational for us and for others in the generations to come. The economical and environmental benefits of such project is too vast to ignore. Let us decide our faith as a community. Give us the power back to finish what we have started. Respect and fairness is all that is asked. We can not turn back. We must not turn back. We deserve better.

  • Ryan Shearing says,

    The approved LRT, and the upgrades to infrastructure that go along with it, are central to a worthwhile, sustainable, and environmentally conscious transit update in the city. Please consider the importance of honouring your commitment to help implement this project. Do not dismiss this based on projections which cannot be verified. A decision with an impact this immense demands an open discussion, with transparent cost details. After years of debate, over $160M already spent, and countless jobs on the line - this is the very least that our citizens deserve.

  • Debbie Avetissian says,

    Dear Premier Ford,

    I am writing to show my support of the long-approved Hamilton LRT transit project. I believe that this has been and will continue to be a transformative investment in both Hamilton and for the Province.

    This project was within a few short months of having the RFP’s submitted and has already had so much work completed on it, ie studies, planning, purchasing of properties along the route , that to throw this all away does not make sense.

    This province needs you to follow-through and let the RFP’s come in and for this investment to go through to completion.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Deb Avetissian

  • Brandon Canning says,

    The LRT is an essential part of the future of Hamilton. Green transit, renewed infrastructure, and economic development along the major corridor is essential for our city to thrive. When the Ford government cancelled LRT they showed us that they don't care about this city. They don't care about the environment. They don't care even to be honest. Ms. Mulroney dropping this bombshell, leaving in a police escort without answering questions, and giving misleading, inflated costing of this project to the media was a shameful and cowardly act. This government must make good on their word and supply the money that they promised and that this city deserves.

  • Joe McMahon says,

    HAMILTON needs this! Please help!

  • Susan Yarwood says,

    For the sake of the health of our children and grandchildren this HAS to get done

  • Catharine Munn says,

    Think about what it would be like if you couldn't afford a car and needed to get to work or school, and the LRT was going to make your life so much easier. Oh, right, that has never happened to you Doug Ford. We can tell.

  • Eleanor Hayward says,

    Transit is a worthwhile investment on so many levels for this growing & gentrifying city—all socioeconomic demographics benefit. Support evidence-based practices for environmentally sustainable infrastructure. Hamilton has come so far and put much into project development. Implement LRT on the B-line!

  • Susan Harding-Cruz says,

    We WANT LRT!!

  • Philippa Curtin says,

    This needs to happen!! we need to get people out of thier cars by all means possible...we are in a Climate Emergency and need to act like it for the sake of our children and the nest generations!

  • Sean Murray says,

    Adapting transit to a growing city is key to bringing in investment and youth. We are on the cusp of becoming a booming young city and removing LRT will set us back at least another decade.