The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Julia Veenstra says,

    We sold a house that we lovingly restored to Metro links for the lrt. We were sad but knew that the lrt would bring so much to the city. You removed our lovely tenants who also were on board for the lrt. Friends have bought homes and are restoring them in close proximity to the LRT and thus building Hamilton and creating rental spaces

    So your part and be faithful to your promises. We have been.

  • Kevin Delaney says,


    Please reconsider your recent decision to withdraw Provincial funding for an LRT system here in Hamilton.

    Public transit is a vital piece of the puzzle in addressing the climate crisis and the decision to axe the project shows a short sightedness that is unacceptably dangerous.

    Please do the right thing; reinstate LRT funding and help us build a more resilient city.

  • Jason Haggerty says,

    I’m a sometime liberal/sometime conservative voter. I vote on merit. If you do not reconsider being a true partner in Hamilton’s LRT endeavour, you will have forever lost my support. Good, sensible policy should be supported.

  • Eric Burnet says,

    Infrastructure investments, especially public transportation initiatives, help to reduce poverty, period.

  • Nic Webber says,

    The LRT is a transformative force for Hamilton. Please make the right decision and reaffirm the provinces commitment.

  • Derek Podsiadly says,

    LRT is an important part of keeping the momentum of growth and revitalization of Hamilton's downtown going. There's such great potential in the downtown core, a strong sense of community and more and more people are noticing it. Not going forward with LRT would be a step backwards and certainly discourage young professionals like myself from committing to setting up roots in this city and investing my own money back into the community. LRT is a must if we'd like to develop this city's full potential as a strong economic centre in Ontario. The future of every city will depend more than ever on a healthy downtown core. Without it Hamilton will struggle to attract new people and new investments. LRT in Hamilton will be a key part of attracting young professionals, developers, small business and new Canadians to our city and continuing economic growth.

  • Sherie Eastbury says,

    LRT is essential for Hamilton. It’s unlikely I will use it much, being a rural resident, however an investment in progressive public transit is an investment in my stake as a citizen of Binbrook/Hamilton.

  • Mark Anderson says,

    I am not a big transit user but this project is so much more than transit. It will also update major infrastructure that is desperately needed in the oldest parts of Hamilton.
    The City has already done all the hard work, plus over 70 votes of our City Council at a major expense.
    If Ontario is truly open for business then let the bid process finish before deciding to cancel.

  • Joseph Nichols says,

    LRT is the future of Hamilton. My children’s future. Do what is right for the people of Hamilton Doug. We voted yes for LRT in the last municipal election. The people have spoken. Get it done Doug.

  • Joe Curto says,

    I really don’t understand the decision making process of canceling this project and not sharing the rationale behind it . Bring back LRT and get this done. Mr Ford a have some integrity!

  • Rudy DeGraaf says,

    As a voter who supported Donna Skelly and Doug Ford in the last provincial election, I expect Doug Ford to honour his word and that of the previous Liberal government and revive the LRT. I do not appreciate the fact that smaller cities outside of the GTA are seemingly less important to the Ford government when it comes to transportation planning and management. I do not expect Ford’s government to last past one term if this is how he plans to govern, I for one will not be supporting PC candidates if this is how we are treated.

  • Joanna Terry says,

    The LRT project was a beacon of a prosperous future for the city of Hamilton. Enticing development and students graduating from Mac to stay.
    As we are currently in a climate emergency it was also a hope to lessen the emissions from the cars and in our own small way try to save this planet.
    So many people fought and advocated for this project. To see it be taken away after the millions spent and before actual costs are procured is disheartening and discouraging.
    We need a government that believes in the future of this city. We need you to restore your belief in us.

  • Jeff Tessier says,

    I'm writing to express my profound disappointment in the decision by the Doug Ford government to abandon its commitment to higher-order transit in Hamilton. Ontario benefits from Hamilton's success and the cancellation of the LRT project impinges substantially on the city's chance to successfully bring in commercial and residential development, financial investment, and economic growth. Barring a reversal of this decision, the Ford government is unfortunately continuing to build its legacy as a team of short-sighted and amateurish self-dealers who lack the vision to direct any project remotely related to the public good.

  • Jim Galvin says,

    I support Hamilton's LRT and reject the manner in which the Provincial Conservative government has taken it away from us.

  • Will Wiebenga says,

    This project is more than just laying tracks through Hamilton. It meant replacing old tired infrastructure through the core of our city. This is not just about transit but a major improvement to what is located under the street. Please get this project back on the books.

  • Anthony Anthony says,

    What the Ford government did to this city set our progress back a decade if not more. I will never forgive the Ontario PCs for this and my voting in the future will reflect that.

  • Geoff Vincent says,

    Mr. Ford, since the election you have made a number of statements that essentially said that the people should get what they vote for, in this case the Hamilton LRT. Please re-consider your decision and prove to everyone that you are indeed a man of your word.

  • Sarah Scott says,

    As a student in the Hamilton community, killing this project has severely limited my opportunities to thrive here. I was excited to vote in several elections that involved the LRT as a platform point, and I am wholeheartedly disappointed to learn that the Ford government has, once again, screwed over students & the broader community.

  • Laura Dawson says,

    Cancelling a project so late is a lose/lose scenario. You're guaranteeing that the government loses any money/time already spent on it and it also guarantees that the people don't get what they want. It doesn't come off as a prudent move for anyone.

  • Christina Carr says,

    It is absolutely devastating to hear the province has backed out of this project. Who on earth would think it’s a good idea to cancel something that has so many benefits to moving our community, not to mention to employment opportunities that were so welcomed and needed! This government are is backwards. I will be sure to campaign against the ontario conservatives in the next election.

  • Peter Holmes says,

    LRT would make Hamilton great.

  • Jane Slote says,

    We need the proposed LRT to go ahead. There are many economic developments that will only take place if the LRT does. It is too costly and a complete waste of funds spent to abort it now.

  • Stavros Greer says,

    Canadian cities need more public transit. Hamilton is too big to have only busses.

  • Rebekah Driegen says,

    Hamilton needs LRT. It will provide so many jobs, a much needed boost to the economy and show the people that live here that our city is worth investing in.

  • Stephen Radovan says,

    This is vital to the future of Hamilton. It would be a horrible mistake to cancel this project.

  • Margaret Ferizis says,

    Australia is on fire. Climate change is a reality. It's time you pulled your head out Big Oil's arse and look around. LRTs are the way of the future. Subways are too costly and take too long to get done.

  • Sheelagh Wood says,

    The cancellation of the LRT is the worst kind of betrayal of the taxpayers of Hamilton who, in the mayoral election, gave a clear mandate for LRT. This betrayal is compounded by the cowardice of Caroline Mulroney who did not even possess sufficient courage to stand behind this purely political decision. Hamilton was promised a LRT and your magical, manufactured numbers will not change the fact that your government lied to the people you claim to be for. Time to reverse this decision as you’ve had to do with so many other ill-conceived and poorly thought out policies

  • Tom MacIntosh says,

    I strongly believe that the LRT is crucial to the future of Hamilton. It will promote smart growth and lead to walkable communities. Not funding it is a shortsighted, politically-motivated move that undermines the climate initiatives that our province has been striving to achieve.

  • Brent Shuter says,

    I currently go to Mohawk College for my education, and the moment I started living on campus was the moment I both fell in love with Hamilton and started to feel excited about the LRT. Hamilton ain't a great place to live, shop, or work. That much is true. That's why I wanted an LRT. It could incentivize businesses and developers to consider Hamilton as a place to build. So I was extremely disappointed to hear that Hamilton would not be getting an LRT, and that we would have to deal with a GO Train that only mostly goes up to Aldershot and a so-so at best Bus system. The cost doesn't matter to me, or for citizens of Hamilton. The opportunities for our city to grow are what matters to us. And taking away a system that could help a city grow is one that will negatively impact a cities future. We need to achieve a better tommorow. We need to bring back the LRT proposals as soon as possible, if at all. I'm counting on you to think wisely about this situation.

  • Rolfe Baltzer says,

    Please Doug Ford reconsider your position on Hamiltons LRT! Thank you, Rolfe Baltzer