The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • David Colacci says,

    After a decade of planning, almost $200,000,000 invested, 70 properties purchased and an entire city buying in, it is downright irresponsible to pull the plug on this project before the RFPs are even presented.

  • Blair Waterous says,

    We want LRT!

  • Robert Empringhqm says,

    The future of Hamilton is not the LRT. It is forward thinking change makers that have the office to do so.

  • Brent Sobol says,

    As a public school teacher I know the benefits of affordable transit on the most vulnerable and marginalized students and residents of Hamilton. A robust and diverse public transit system has been needed for the last 10+ years. LRT is a substitute for a proper subway system, but measurably more impactful and efficient than the current or "proposed rapid bus system".

  • Marcus Putignano says,

    This city is growing and needs it to continue along that path.

  • Chantal Mancini says,

    Mr. Ford, your government needs to follow through on your election promise. Hamiltonians have waited too long for LRT. Do the right thing!

  • Michael Stauffer says,

    Too much time and money spent already! Hamilton wants this! Bring LRT to Hamilton!

  • Catherine Johnston says,

    My husband presented to Hamilton Council at a City Hall, why LRT was necessary for Hamilton to grow. He fought long and hard for everything he believed in to encourage and promote the growth of this incredible city. He passed away in May and is not here to see this disgrace of all of his and many many many others hard work gone to waste.
    LRT must be put back on the rails. There is no other solution. There is no other way. It’s been fought over, discussed, voted and plans have been all ready set.

  • Jennifer Lapointe says,

    I strongly believe that the LRT is crucial to the future of Hamilton. It will promote smart growth and lead to walkable communities. Not funding it is a shortsighted, politically-motivated move that undermines the climate initiatives that our province has been striving to achieve.

  • Joe McLaughlin says,

    The LRT will greatly benefit Hamilton. Ot will increase transit ridership which will reduce congestion and greenhouse gases. It will bring jobs. It will bring more development to the city.

  • Nick Fioravanti says,

    We need this and we need this now. Let’s be proactive instead of reactive.

  • Blair Doyle says,

    Ive lived in Hamilton for 30 years. A public transit user throughout. Clearly the light rail system offers a lot to existing travelers while attracting new users who otherwise feel bus systems are too inefficient and slow.

    I have seen my neighborhood flourish with hope and anticipation, new business starting to pop up..

    Then the buying up of property, boarded Windows with graffiti everywhere.. but that's worth the end game here. We who live here know this.

    Then the announcement came that it would be cancelled and of course we suspected it was fitting given the provincial government being what it is today.. inflating numbers, misdirection and a promise stolen from the public.

    Now my neighbor's talk of vacant buildings, drug dens returning after a decade or more of endless pursuit for neighbourhood improvement.

  • Cathy Huffman says,

    Keep your promises and be a man!

  • Erin Harvey says,

    Losing the LRT will cost the city millions of dollars in future businesses, housing/condo developments and tax payer dollars. The city voted for LRT, the province shouldn’t decide to cut it.

  • Franco Pedreschi says,

    Absolutely insane that were being held back by the very people who are supposed to be helping us grow.

  • Ryan Vandenhaak says,

    Keep your promise and build the LRT! Or at least don’t fabricate your reasons for cancelling the project.

  • Peter Moore says,

    It's a lot of money, yes. And the Province's finances are likely not in great shape, that's true. But to cancel a project like this after more than a decade of input from experts and citizens who want nothing more than progress for their city, is gutting.
    Give the city a chance to scale back the project, if need be, or request help from the Federal government before pulling the rug out from under us.
    It's not to late to reconsider. It would show the human side of politics and win points for the Progressive Conservatives.

  • Ryan Poole says,

    Cancellation of the Hamilton LRT project without any justification or transparency is unacceptable. In order to continue to develop as a city, including commercial development and growth of the tax base, it is critical that the LRT project continues. It's hard to view the actions of the current provincial government as anything other than shortsighted and petty.

  • Stephen Smith says,

    Hamilton is a city of forced amalgamation, parts are relentlessly suburban with low densities while the core city is truly an urban location that desperately needs quick, reliable, quiet public transit.

    While new highways will help a few, an LRT will help hundreds of thousands and revitalize an entire city. If the PC party ever wants to make in-roads into Hamilton, they have to show that the city matters to them and isn’t just a place that the party leader can insult.

    Build up a city, not tear it apart.

  • Richard VanEgmond says,

    We are longtime Hamilton residents who have seen the momentum created by the LRT project and the private investment it has attracted to our city. We urge you to revisit the recent decision to cancel the LRT and create a federal/provincial partnership with Hamilton municipal leadership to move this project forward. As Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga and other cities have shown, well executed LRT development have repaid government investment many times over in urban renewal, environmental and economic benefits. With close to $200 M already invested and more costs to follow in cancellation fees, completing the project is a better use of taxpayers dollars.

    Richard and Deborah Van Egmond
    Hamilton, ON

  • Bradley Hoogendoorn says,

    I use public transit at least once a week, the inclusion of this LRT system would help Hamiltons transit system in every way.

  • Seth Rutledge says,

    I think this LRT would be a great improvement to our city

  • Ben Muirhead says,

    Cities with Hamilton's size and growth need appropriate public transit options. Other medium sized cities in Ontario are all planning or have built an LRT system (London, Ottawa, Waterloo, etc). Real estate will only get more expensive to acquire in the future, so building this now is the only thing that makes sense. I realize Hamilton votes NDP, but I hope the Ford government does the mature thing and invests in much needed infrastructure regardless.

  • Robert Vanderveen says,

    The people of Hamilton were promised provincial support for infrastructure, including an LRT, and taking away what was promised only delays what we will eventually build and wastes the millions that have already been spent on the project.

  • Aaron Bennett says,

    Hi Doug,

    We’ve met before. Back in 2014 I ran into you and your late brother in front of BMO field before a TFC game. The two of you were very friendly, Rob even gave me his card. I believed that you were in politics for the people. That is until I saw the news that the LRT in Hamilton was cancelled. You’ve taken away a great opportunity for my city. This transit line would bring jobs and economic growth to a city that sorely needs it. Please reconsider this decision and help support our city.


    Aaron Bennett

  • Emily Wilson says,

    I spend most of my time in Kingston as a student but the announcement of the LRT made me so excited to potentially choose my hometown as a place to plant my own roots. As a young person, the LRT is not only a promise of economic enrichment in the city, not to mention for those who need in most in the form of affordable housing along the route, but it is also a promise of a greener, cleaner future for Steeltown. Hamilton deserves better.

  • isabella daley says,

    Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney and Ford MPP Donna Skelly made a disparaging error announcing that the province wants to cancel the promised and badly needed LRT in Hamilton. In my opinion, this s tantamount to betrayal — especially considering Ms. Skelly and Mr. Ford gave their fervent word repeatedly to Hamilton and I expect it to be kept.

  • Lia Molony says,

    Build the LRT. Hamilton's economy is not commuting to the 416

  • Clayton Roenspiess says,

    Re-nagging, lying and hiding public info is not governance. "Open for business" my ass

  • Aleksandar Vidakovic says,

    I implore you Mr. Ford, you know what to do that is righteous. Is Ontario not suppoed to be modern? We have been left in the dust when it comes to public transport by Asia. Cars are no longer affordable for everyone, and some wish to be environmentally conscious. Let's modernize Ontario and its major cities with proper public transport and also help out car commuters, by gretting rid of all the highway congestion!