The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

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  • Tanya Ritchie says,

    Public transit, specifically LRT is imperative in any large city and Hamilton is no exception. It is ridiculous that we have gone so long without it, and that feet are still being dragged is a disgrace. It's way past time. Hamilton needs infrastructure if it is going to develop and improve its rather depressed reputation.

  • Terris Taylor says,

    Please make this a reality, I really do not want to read back in 20 years at the missed opportunity that we had before us. This is one of those ideas that is so good, and needs to happen so badly, that it's a mystery that it hasn't happened yet. Seriously, let's do this already.

  • Calla Shea-Pelletier says,

    The environment is the economy. The LRT will be a great stimulus for Hamilton on many levels.

  • Graeme Luke says,

    Light rail should be Hamilton's top priority. The 50,000 people who came to supercrawl show the support for the urban environment. Light rail will take Hamilton to the next level.

    Do the right thing.

  • Susan Edwards says,

    Clean and green - enhances the environment - no emissions at street level
    Safe - many times safer than car travel
    Speedy - short journey times
    Avoids traffic congestion - through segregation and priority
    Smooth - no violent movements vertically, laterally, or backwards/forwards
    Compatible with pedestrians in pedestrianised areas
    Civilising - a city transported by light rail is a more human, more livable place
    Acceptable and accepted - only rail borne modes can in practice get people out of cars
    Re-assuring - tram lines give confidence that service operates
    High capacity - only heavy metros have higher carrying capacity
    Affordable - the cheapest and best value form of quality mass transit
    Reliable - can keep going when snow or ice defeats road vehicles
    Versatile - can run at high speeds on segregated way and can penetrate narrow historic centres
    Adaptable - can cope with steep gradients and tight curves
    Inspiring - modern light rail can be aesthetically breath-taking
    Space age technology based on sound foundations and experience of 100 years. Why is this even being questioned? Source:

  • Seema Narula says,

    I have already voiced my opinion with both the mayor and my city counsellor. I believe that light rail transit will do wonders to revitalize the downtown core, and to bring business back to the community. It will increase pedestrian traffic, and attract people who want to live in urban centres without having to have a car. People who live in Hamilton, will be able to move across the city with greater ease, and it will give those people that do drive a car another option to leave their cars at home, reducing car congestion on streets and reducing carbon pollution. There is already the population and ridership to support LRT. By having LRT in Hamilton this will put Hamilton on a competitive playing field with regards to other developing and growing cities and communities like Kitchener Waterloo, who are getting LRT, and who will be attracting competing business investment and potential new residents, who are moving from Toronto in search of cities that are more affordable but that still enable the convenience and lifestyle of urban living.

  • Brodie Chree says,

    This happened to Hamilton already in the late 70s with another Rapid Transit bonus from the federal government that we stalled on. Vancouver actually had it's act together and built Sky Train with that bonus. Hamilton's council squandered the opportunity.

    I'm also highly disappointed in Mayor Bob Brattina and Hamilton City Manager Chris Murray for their anti-democratic Father-Knows-Best approach to this issue that is close to MANY citizens. That's not how we run a government in 21st century. It wasn't acceptable last century.

  • Clyde Cope says,

    Light Rail is the vision for the future available NOW. The rejuvenation of our central core is dependent on it.

  • Darlene MacNeil says,

    I would like (for once) to see the City of Hamilton actually follow through with something!!! Wouldn't it be nice to see some real progress instead of wasting our time and money on stupid debating that shows NO RESULT???

  • Nik Bennett says,

    If it works in Manchester it will work again here in Hamilton

  • michael Hampson says,

    Always enjoyed light and rails

  • Julie Gordon says,

    Improved public transit is long overdue in Hamilton. We have been given an opportunity to bring LRT to our city, let's not waste it.

  • Paul Vicari says,

    All day go is important but SHOULD NOT be considered more important than the LRT initiative. We must go ahead with this!!

  • Matt Jelly says,

    We need clarity and assurance from both our Municipal and Provincial governments that this project is still a priority for Hamilton. I'm no fan of megaprojects that claim to transform the City over night- but this project will have true economic and transportational benefits to the City as a whole, and is exactly the kind of infrastructural investment Hamiltonians deserve. Build LRT NOW!

  • Jonathan Deveau says,

    In 2010 I decided to move from a GTA suburb to a condo in downtown Hamilton. While there were several factors that influenced this decision, one main one was that I was encouraged by the direction that the city and province were taking in regards to sustainable transit planning and urban development in the core. At that time it seemed certain that Hamilton would have a functioning LRT system in time for the Pan Am games.

    After the events of this summer, it's hard to be certain if I'll even still be living in this city by the time (if ever) we do get a sustainable, long term transit option. Certainly if I was considering buying property downtown now as opposed to in 2010, I would have a harder time convincing myself it's a good idea. There are many existing benefits to living in this city, and I won't regret my decision even if we never get an LRT line. But as an outsider looking in, it's difficult to want to invest somewhere where you can't trust the leadership. LRT was so heavily promoted by the mayor, council, and province previously, and now it seems like they may be trying to sabotage the project. How do you invest in a city with "potential" when the leadership is unable to complete the projects that give the city its potential in the first place?

  • Brian Coleman says,

    I rode the light rail tram in Paris and was extremely impressed. It would be a great thing to have.

  • Marc Skulnick says,

    I urge all levels of government to commit to funding and pursuing LRT for Hamilton. I support LRT for Hamilton 100% and urge city council to recognize the positive financial impact of LRT on the city. We cannot afford NOT to do this. Please bring LRT to Hamilton and help make the city the centre of innovation, development and vibrancy it deserves to be. We're on the cusp of something special. Let's make it a reality. Thank you!

  • Hamish Shea-Pelletier says,

    Are we deadbeats or working for a better future ?I say, clean the air in this town and make it a livable city .LRT removes cars and buses (danger ,noise and pollution)from a pathway that can now be safe for young and old to cycle ,walk or skate on.In time, this can work as a signal to bring even more good people to call Hamilton home.

  • Sean Morrison says,

    Light Rail Transit in hamilton is vital to rebuilding the downtown area. Mass transit is important to provide a fast, effeffective means to bring people into the downtown area, there by stimulating stores to want to be downtown. As we have seen with so many other citys, a healthy downtown assists in revitilation. Hamilton needs light rail Ttransit!

  • Kevin Hollingworth says,

    Even though I live on the east mountain, the chances of me taking the LRT system is low. However, being a former downtown resident, I still fully support the initiative and would definately support any tax increase directly associated with proposed rail line. I am a Civil Engineer working here in the City and fully understand the net benefit the system would have for the entire City of Hamilton, not just those properties along the proposed LRT alignment.

  • Hugh MacLeod says,

    Dear leaders,

    Hamilton was public promised a fully funded rapid transit system by a Premier and MPP during the throws of the last provincial election. Apparently we had to vote Liberal to keep this plan afloat, preventing the Conservatives from killing this billion dollar project.

    Now 4 years later it feels like Hamilton's Light Rail Transit has been shelved in manner that has the most horrible optics.

    The illusion of a priority switch was created by our mayor's office. The unilateral decision to pursue all day GO (which we need), and dismiss Light Rail Transit (which we need even more) was made outside of the regular decision channels. At no time did my elected councilor get to vote on the shelving of LRT. At no time was this highly advertised change in course discussed by our elected council. Tragically this usurpation of process was endorsed by our Premier while an entire city, and elected council, ogled in shock.

    Toronto is enjoying more than $9 billion dollars in transit development from a shared pot while Hamilton has received NOTHING. All day GO is wonderful and fully supported but it represents a capital expense for Hamilton. The Metrolinx Light Rail Transit is more important and represents a billion dollar investment in Hamilton. All day GO is something attached to Light Rail Transit, there is no reason to pit one against the other.

    So it appears that the Mayor's unilateral action, and the Premier's support of this action, is an engineered way for the province to escape from a fabulous promise. A fabulous promise that could transform our city. If our council rejects light rail that is fine. If there is no money for light rail that is fine, but less fine. But when light rail is shelved by the apparent collusion of our Mayor and Premiere that is not fine. The fact that our Mayor is publicly standing with Liberal Candidates does not help this perception. The optics are very dark, if not completely opaque.

    So to correct this I ask that our Premier, local MPPs, Mayor and councilors stand up for the promise made to an ailing city. If we our council rejects the committed investment, so be it. The way it is being handled now darkens everyone's view on the entire decision making process.

    Hugh MacLeod, BPE, MD, CCFP
    owner The Staircase Cafe Theatre
    Hamilton ON.

  • Ian Brisbin says,

    I strongly believe that light rail is a truly transformative opportunity for the city of Hamilton, and for the entire Golden Horseshoe area. Given the transportation pressures that exist throughout southern Ontario, a viable, sustainable transportation alternative with mass appeal can only help to continue the momentum that is building in downtown Hamilton.

    I fail to understand why all-day GO service, to move people in and out of Hamilton, should be given precedence over LRT which would serve to move people within the City, rather than each being considered to be complementary prongs of economic development planning.

    I hope and trust that the key decision-makers at each level of governement will give appropriate consideration to the benefits that are sure to flow to our City with the introduction of LRT, hopefully in time for the 2015 PanAm Games.

  • Kathryn Wrong says,

    Help Hamilton prepare for the future!

  • Catherine Cox says,

    Having grown up in Grenoble, France, I witnessed how LRT can transform a city in just a few years, making it far easier to get around quickly and enhancing the city's atmosphere. I truly hope that Hamilton will be able to benefit from this modern form of transportation in the near future - please support LRT for our city!

  • Laura Cattari says,

    Please make sure we proceed with LRT in Hamilton. The economic spin offs of this development will ensure intensification, sustainability and prosperity in Hamilton. Developers are waiting on it and the Hamilton Real Estate Board supports it fully. This project will generate much needed jobs in Hamilton as our unemployment rate drop is directly proportional to Ontario Works caseloads rising. Please do not let this project fall by the wayside, this is critical.

  • Jay Parlar says,

    I believe LRT is the best chance our city has to create positive momentum. For too long, those in charge have been content with a slow decline of the city's core. LRT is a gamble, but if it pays off, it will rejuvenate the core, connecting the west-end and McMaster with downtown. McMaster is the centre for innovation in Hamilton, and a dedicated transportation link to the school can only benefit the core.

  • Nicholas Kevlahan says,

    LRT has the potential to transform and revitalize Hamilton by attracting development, protecting the environment and improving the city's image nationally and internationally.

    Metrolinx and City staff have done numerous feasibility studies that have demonstrated the advantages of LRT over the alternatives. They have also engaged in unprecedented public consultation, and have documented overwhelming public support for the initiative.

    In 2007 the provincial government promised to build two LRT lines in Hamilton. This promise must be kept.

    The 30% engineering design and Environmental assessment will be finished by the end of the year. In January 2012 Hamilton's LRT project will be shovel ready.

    Now is the time for the City and Province to work together to make LRT a reality in Hamlton!

  • Adam King says,

    An LRT network would be an immense improvement to the urban fabric and impression of social and economic vibrancy of Hamilton

  • Meredith Broughton says,

    For Hamilton to continue moving forward, we need the efficiency and intensification this type of transit brings. This is a prerequisite for many types of growth here.

  • Patrick Brennan says,

    I recently invested $$$$$$ in commercial property on King Street West in Hamilton. I believe that light rail development will aid the redevelopment of neighborhoods along the full route. In particular, the food/beverage and entertainment industries grow when transit is comfortable and available. I have visited many cities in Europe during their transition to light rail. In these cities I saw the quick redevelopment of neighborhoods around the transit lines. So in the UK, Europe, and major cities in the US LRT projects started in the 1990's. It is time to get going in Hamilton!!!