The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Tianna Leclair says,

    I feel LRT is something that is needed for our growing city. We are way behind the rest of the world in transit and taking almost an hour to get somewhere in our busy lives is rather inconvenient.

  • Michael Sak says,

    I guarantee, if LRT ever comes to fruition, I will most certainly invest in living somewhere in the core along the B-line.

    As an east mountain resident, hoping to move to my own place within the next year, LRT is one of the main reasons why I would ever stay in Hamilton.

    This has been one of Hamilton's great planning projects within recent memory. To suddenly give up on LRT due to political inaction, is a step in the worse possible direction. It could be worse than the planning mishaps of the 70s and 80s (urban renewal anyone?/Jackson Square)

    And then Hamilton will truly be the laughing stock of Southern Ontario (as Toronto slowly eats us up into the GTA)

  • Jason Martorana says,

    I think it is high time Hamilton discovered a way to distribute the wealth across this city and I believe LRT is a great tool to help us accomplish this.
    Look at Stoney Creek before and after the Red Hill. I believe they are a really good example that good infrastructure can pave the way for greater growth. If we want to build up our downtown, give people an easy way to travel across it. Just look how difficult it is to park. I think the lack of access to many downtown locations is a real deterrent for business.

  • Haider Alkayat says,

    The current bus system cannot handle our transit requirements. It shouldn't take me one hour to get to McMaster University from within Hamilton.

  • Damian Orzel says,

    I fully support LRT and really hope Hamilton makes this a priority. It will undeniably help in the revitalization of the downtown core!

  • Christopher Krnezich says,

    We can't afford NOT to do this.

  • Denise Hager says,

    To me, all day Go service is not as high a priority as LRT. I don't commute to Toronto, however I do commute within Hamilton.

    It appears that all day Go serivce is a priority because of the PanAm games. I am angry that the support for LRT was just dropped, seemingly from out of the blue, and too much money is being targeted toward the PanAm games.

    I don't recall disagreeing more adamantly with any Mayor at any time than I do right now with Mayor Bratina.

  • Ed Clayton says,

    Great things are happening in Hamilton. We are finally stepping up and showing ourselves to be a truly world class city. We cannot shrink from this LRT initiative. The benefits of LRT are well known and have been clearly shown in a number of similar cities that have implemented LRT. This project is exactly what Hamilton needs as we continue to revitalize our downtown core, and encourage the ongoing development that will showcase Hamilton as the future friendly, forward thinking city it is poised to become. We have the need. We have the opportunity. Hamilton, it's time we stepped up.

  • Steve Mac Intyre says,

    LRT will secure Hamilton's business endeavours in the following years. To pass up on this opportunity is something that future Hamiltonians will live to regret with.

  • Fatema Hoque says,

    As a McMaster student, I know how important it is to have reliable transportation around the city, especially in the winter.

  • Anthony Panecasio says,

    The HSR buses are getting busier and busier every passing year. Sometimes they never show up, other times they're late, and sometimes they drive right past because they're completely full.

    Light Rail sounds like a much more reliable and environmentally-friendly alternative to the bus.

  • Giulio Amodeo says,

    Hamilton has already lost out in having the stadium be a catalyst for city building and we are on the verge of blowing it with the LRT. Leaders need to make decisions that will benefit the City over the long term. I have lived in Toronto and have moved back to Hamilton because of the potenetial that this city has.

    As a leader, if you cannot make the right, riskier decisions, then move aside and let someone else!!!

  • Michael Johnston says,

    Please follow through with your commitment to the people of Hamilton to implement LRT.

    The studies have been conducted, the results state clear benefits and design work has already begun. This has cost the Province $3 Million and the Municipality countless worker hours, why squander it now?

    All that remains is that you, our elected officals honour your promises for support and continued funding.

  • Al Horzelenberg says,

    All day GO is only as good as the systems that feed it. Unless ample parking at affordable prices is made available, the only real viable option would be to feed the GO system with a readily accessible Light Rapid Rail/Bus service. What is needed is an all-encompassing system (HUB) that utilizes Bus, Rail, Cycling' and Taxi with shuttles to parking or major transportation centers. Think of the WHOLE picture!

  • Justin Wood says,

    A big step forward for the city! Let's do this Hamilton.

  • Justin Nusca says,

    I fully support the LRT transit system in Hamilton. We need this for the future of our city.

    We need thoughtful and progressive urban planning. Speaking as a McMaster student, LRT would reduce car traffic in student-heavy areas such as Westdale, and allow us to commute more easily from longer distances, thereby encouraging students to foster relationships and connections with larger swaths of the city.

  • alexis fletcher says,

    Let's move forward and make Hamilton great. We are sick and tired of our governments inefficiencies. It's time to actually DO something.

  • teresa st.jean says,

    We need LRT for Hamilton.

  • sevhra reda says,

    I fully support the LRT transit system in Hamilton. We need this for the future of our city.

  • robin St.jean says,

    I fully support LRT in Hamilton.

  • Michael St.Jean says,

    I fully support LRT for Hamilton.

  • Michael Nabert says,

    LRT is a wise choice for Hamilton and will provide us with a necessary element to our future success. With the age of peak oil upon us, effective transit systems become not only a useful tool for poorer members of an urban environment, but crucial for citizens in all walks of life. Please give this vital proposal its due attention, and move forward with a Hamilton LRT as rapidly as possible.

  • Gordon Leverton says,

    I absolutely support light rail in Hamilton - it's time to grow up and become a real city!

  • Carolyn Kinsley says,

    I live in Westdale. LRT would be a boon to reduce car traffic to McMaster and through Westdale. It would make it easier for students to live in other parts of the city and commute, relieving pressure on single family homes near the university. LRT would make public transit more appealing to me than driving my car to go downtown or to the east end--a smooth, effortless ride. LRT is also quieter than buses, and Hamilton would benefit from less noise pollution.

  • Mike Belmore says,

    As someone who has to commute to Toronto most days, I'm looking forward to extended GO service. Keeps my car off the QEW which is good for the environment, reduces gridlock and helps maintain my sanity.

    As someone who grew up in East end and now lives in the Western reaches of Hamilton, it's just as important, for the same reasons, that LRT ties our city together.

    Even more than that though, we must realize this choice is not just about sustainable mass transit. It's fundamentally about what we, as Hamiltonians, want our city to be. Do we want to be just another bedroom community of Toronto, the new cheap real estate rump of the GTA? All day GO, without LRT, is a major step in that direction.

    We need thoughtful and far-sighted urban planning, much of which hinges on good public transit, to help attract good jobs and provide home grown opportunities our city. This is essential if we want to continue build Hamilton as a place to live and work in it's own right, a place with its own unique identity and purpose.

    Reject the false choice between all day GO and LRT. We can and should do both. But make no mistake, if we still want to proudly be "The Hammer" twenty years from now, what we do to build our own city is more important than what we do to connect it to Toronto.

  • John Llewellyn says,

    I hope our city fathers don't fumble the ball on this one!

    Someone please show some real leadership!

  • Sarah Merritt says,

    Safe for the envorment, people friendly. I think we should get ur done.

  • Chris Smale says,

    Light Rail Transit would do so much for the city of Hamilton. The downtown core of Hamilton has so much potential and LRT would drive such great benefit towards the redefinition of Hamilton's character that is so needed. The case has been made time and again for what LRT does to a city's economy, tourism industry and environment.

    Having moved here from Toronto, this is one of the things I miss most. I love the streetcars of Toronto and I think this is true of the residents of most cities with rail transit.

  • Allan Hamilton says,

    I have lived below the escarpment for the past 21 years. My wife and I moved to the mountain only five months ago but much of my life; work and play, will continue to be significantly connected to Hamilton neighbourhoods below the escarpment; the areas where I'm sure the LRT stands to have the greatest positive impact.

    Everyday, I am inspired by this amazing (and underappreciated) city (please don't forget that much of the early growth of Canada is a direct result of this city and its forbearers being here) yet reminded of just how much opportunity and growth; for the masses, is still desperately needed. Hamilton has long been left in a state of needing every vital opportunity to modernize and advance with the rest of the country that seems; unless I'm terribly mistaken, to have forgotten the history and true value that remains here. The people of this city still need and want to contribute to this nation's growth, just as much as they need and want to boost their own. All the reports already exist to show that the LRT is an absolute necessity for this city and the GTA. For our elected officials to suddenly say that the LRT is no longer a priority without breaking down every honest reason why, in plain language, is actually quite heartbreaking to all of us citizens (a majority to my understanding) who can hardly wait to see this project get off the ground for a better future (for themselves and the succeeding generations).

    We know that it will be costly. No one understands the burden of high price better than the average Hamiltonian, especially since the global recession took hold in 2008. We are still committed to the LRT project, nevertheless. How can that not count for something?

  • Karijn de Jong says,

    We Need LRT!!!
    As a lifetime resident of Hamilton and user of public transportation, and knowing about the success stories to be found in other cities across the world, I believe that it is imperative for the city of Hamilton to construct and promote the use of LRT. Period. It would be ludicrous to miss this opportunity to put us on the map as a progressive, functional, conscientious place to live, play and work.
    We Need LRT!!!