The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Lisa Wang says,

    I am strongly, strongly, STRONGLY in support of the LRT. The LRT is going to be one of the most major developments in Hamilton, ushering in a new age of growth and modernization to the city that will benefit all of Hamilton residents. We must build the LRT in order for Hamilton to thrive, there is no doubt about it. With the completion of the Eglinton LRT as an example, we can expect similar successes in our city with this LRT that we so desperately need to update our transportation infrastruction.

    Please get it built. This is so important to our future.

  • Eileen Patchett says,

    My husband and I have been attending meetings about LRT since 2008, hoping for it to come quickly. Having used LRT in 5 countries and in many cities in North America, we appreciate the many benefits. Please, please, vote YES and get going on this very worthwhile project, for our sake, and for the sake of our grandchildren and the planet.

  • Alexis Fu says,

    Absolutely support this. Hamilton needs an updated transit system. The LRT is planned in the perfect area and it will make transit a lot easier not just for hamiltonians but people coming from outside of Hamilton. I never used to use HRT when I lived downtown there were too many connections to get from one place to another. LRT will help cut down the routes, improve traffic and be able to carry more passengers to whichever side of Hamilton they need to go. Please build it because as a young homeowner I like this city to expand and finally catch up with modern technology and progression. I’m tired of living 15 years behind Toronto.

  • Robert Paul Haslett says,

    This is a once in a citiy's life opportunity. When has anything been fully funded???

  • Robert Paul Haslett says,

    Economic activity is never wrong

  • Leslie Falzone says,

    LRT will help everyone in the city. With the increase in investment comes an increase in the tax base. Lower city infrastructure will also be renewed as the streets are excavated for the LRT tracks. This will come out of the LRT investment. It is a win for the entire city.

  • Dana Boyter says,

    The LRT is a city builder!

  • Mike Addison says,

    The LRT is part of the future of Hamilton. Do the right thing and vote yes for the Hamilton LRT.

  • Leslie Addison says,

    I'm very excited that the federal government and the province are finally ready to provide some of the funding for the much needed LRT in Hamilton. Not only will this be great for Hamilton growth, it is envirnmentally responsible. This has been in the works far too long and I urge you to vote for the LRT. Hamiltonians want this! We need the updated infrastructure in the downtown core and it is a gift to our city to receive this level of funding. This opportunity will not come again!!

  • Chris Cotoi says,

    Please vote the LRT project! Let's make Hamilton a great city to live in!

  • Susan Muma says,

    I am a senior living in Dundas. I may never be able to use the LRT,but I support it wholeheartedly. It is the future for my cildren and their two young boys.
    The LRT will bring econmomic sueamlessccess to Hamilton, but,even more impotantly, it will contribute to a decrease in emissions and help people get out of their cars. As time passes many other services will link to the LRT to provide seamless service to all Hamilton.
    Councillors! Please look to the futu
    re! Do not cower in the past. Sign the MOU with Metrolynx, and secure the transit future for our city of Hamilton.

  • Roli Pogoson says,

    The Light rail will be an economic boost to Hamilton. We need it for our growth and development.

  • Grant Townsend says,

    Although many view this to be an unnecessary thing, it will help move this city forward in terms of development. Hopefully creating a more vibrant downtown core, and attracting businesses and jobs to our city.

  • Jane Cudmore says,

    The approved LRT, and the upgrades to infrastructure that go along with it, are central to a worthwhile, sustainable, and environmentally conscious transit update in the city. Please consider the importance of honouring your commitment to help implement this project. Do not dismiss this based on projections which cannot be verified. A decision with an impact this immense demands an open discussion, with transparent cost details. After years of debate, over $160M already spent, and countless jobs on the line - this is the very least that our citizens deserve.

  • Matt Wager says,

    Please go ahead with this. Our city needs this economic boost using provincial and federal $$$. Let’s build this now and figure out the mountain phase later.

  • Kevin McCafferty says,

    Get this done!!!

  • Douglas Gray says,

    We need to do whatever we can to electrify transportation! We need to stop burning fossil fuels and to continue this transformation by insisting on electric school buses for our kids and electric buses for the rest of the city!

  • Janet Fraser says,

    I fully support the LRT which I believe will make Hamilton a first class city ! We will grow and prosper ! The lower city needs rejuvenation, and development . Those on the mountain can easily access the lower city and use the LRT to travel East to West . The time has come to invest heavily in public transit. Please do not let this opportunity pass us by, .

  • Richard Kranstz says,

    As manager of a long standing business at the Delta, I know I will close because of lane restrictions preventing future access from King Street (which is critical) and losing a third of my parking lot to the widening of the street. This is very unfortunate but doesn’t matter in the greater picture, as something will quickly spring up to replace it. The LRT with proposed funding is critical to the future of our city and I strongly encourage moving things forward as quickly as possible. This has dragged out long enough.

  • Christopher Hunt says,

    With increasing public concern about the environment, and with changing public attitudes towards reliance on automobiles, efficient public transport will become more and more necessary. In Hamilton, the LRT will be its backbone.

  • Margaret Ferizis says,

    The best thing ever to happen to Hamilton. From bust to boom!

  • Tom Worsley says,

    Let's move Hamilton!!

  • Patricia and Dennis Baker says,

    Please vote in favour of this. We need all possible measures to help with Climate Change and a good transit system is essential. This will be a great start and will be helped by additional bus connections. I was impressed with Calgary's 5 free LRT stops downtown - leave your car outside the centre and hop on/hop off.
    We have lived in many countries and the memories of cities with good transit are still with us and even more important today. Reduce the use of cars!

  • Jill Tonini says,

    Please vote to move forward with the LRT. Without adequate and immediate public transit, there are too many citizens left at a disadvantage. The vibrancy and success of our city, and of course the health of our ecosystem, depends on this.

  • Kate Melville says,

    Hamilton needs better transit options, for the sake of our city and the environment please vote YES to LRT!

  • Natalie Ethier says,

    Dear Mayor Eisenberger, Premier Ford, Hamilton MPs, et al.

    As a Hamilton resident, a pedestrian, a cyclist, and a public transit advocate, I am writing to encourage you to vote in favour of the LRT.

    I live near the intersection of Ottawa and Cannon and there would be a station within a 10-minute walk from my house, which was amongst the main deciding factors for moving to Hamilton and purchasing a home in the Crown Point neighbourhood.

    Having lived in cities with robust, well-connected transit networks for 20 years prior to moving here, I truly believe this would provide a tremendous boost to the city, both in terms of economic development and urban sustainability - as well as safety. When you design streetscapes and transportation networks that are navigable by the youngest and oldest travellers in a city or neighbourhood, you increase safety and accessibility for all.

    Please do the right thing and vote 'yes' for LRT!


  • Phyllis Alfano says,

    Please vote for the LRT. Stop providing people with the opportunity to say how backwards thinking the Hamilton City council is. Many citizens are ashamed of living in Hamilton. There is no defense for you! You have made so many stupid decisions...please break that cycle!

  • Elizabeth Avetissian says,

    Critical to continue support of the LRT

  • Richard Brooks says,

    I lived in Vancouver when SkyTrain was being built. People argued that it cost too much money and wasn't going to help transit. THe opposite was true. It was the single most effective and transformative project in that city's history. Whole new communities and new development bloomed all along the transit corridor. It is still the lifeline not only of Vancouver, but Burnaby, New Westminister and Surrey. It's time to build this here.

  • MARGERY Munn says,

    Hamilton needs LRT to move into this century Nd regain its poition as a major cty in this province