The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Cynthia Lokker says,

    We need LRT, now more than ever, to stimulate economic recovery in Hamilton. This in addition to all the other benefits discussed ad nauseam.

  • Sheila Metzger says,

    Yes LRT! Let's get this done!

  • Kurt Howlett says,

    Hamilton needs light rail now more than ever. Not only is it a necessary step forward for the city's growth, but it will also help Hamilton recover economically. Light rail construction will create jobs. Let's get back on track and move forward with LRT.

  • Richard Moore says,

    LRT is critical to city rebuilding after Covid19 and to encourage reinvestment in the downtown and East city corridor

  • Graeme Luke says,

    LRT will bring great jobs, enable smart development and reduce congestion. We need LRT, and we need it now more than ever.

  • David Wilkinson says,

    My experience living in several European cities has convinced how effective an LRT will be in building the future of Hamilton

  • Craig den Ouden says,

    Yes LRT!

  • Mike Addison says,

    The Hamilton LRT project is a must. If not for bureaucratic red tape and political posturing it would have started years ago. Millions have already been put into the project and we now have assurance from the Feds for assistance. This will be a tremendous benefit for the city of Hamilton moving forward. Now more than ever jobs are needed in our city. Lets make this happen.

  • Sherry Westberry says,

    Lrt is essential.
    I will likely never use it.

    Choo Choo

  • Melissa Leaist says,

    LRT in Hamilton has been debated and studied and planned for a decade. It is the cornerstone on a broader strategy to enhance sustainable public transit system city-wide at a time when the city has acknowledged the need to emphasize green technology and healthier communities. It's route has been selected based on density of ridership. The project includes infrastructure enhancement and has already prompted needed investment in our downtown core. We must move forward quickly and put an end to the debate once and for all.

  • Alex A says,

    To Our Elected Officials,

    As an investor and taxpayer in Hamilton, I am very disappointed in the political assassination of the broadly supported Hamilton LRT. Your creative accounting was an insult to the intelligence of your constituents, and particularly laughable coming from a "straight-talking administration".

    It is not too late to re-evaluate, especially as we enter the post-Covid world. A capital project of this magnitude would support medium-term employment, revitalize a main street on life-support, and draw talent to Hamilton as jobs go increasingly remote.

  • rob taylor says,

    The need for this is more apparent now due to the way our lives will be changing. The need for positive economic and climate responsible transportation has never been so great. I believe both lines should be built immediately which will give not only long term positive economic benefits but also massive construction benefits for the next several years.

  • Ryan McGreal says,

    I can't think of a better long-term economic stimulus than the Hamilton LRT plan. It is shovel-ready, meaning ground can break just as we're emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. The construction phase means thousands of well-paying jobs for 3-5 years, while the service itself will continue to energize Hamilton's economy for decades while growing the city's tax base without expanding its sprawl infrastructure obligations. This is a game-changer and a perfect use of stimulus funding during this time of extremely low interest rates.

  • Robert & Elaine de Ruiter says,

    The amount of cars going or coming from downtown can’t continue as is. Please, people need to use LRT. It is up to us right now to secure this for future generations. People need to THINK instead of always just thinking about ME, ME, Me. Let’s think about the future now.

  • Adrian Clark says,

    Stop with the political agenda. Fund what you promised at your election.

  • Victoria Matteliano says,

    The current pandemic has given yet another reason to support Hamilton's LRT. The project will create thousands of jobs, stimulating the economy and improving Hamilton's future. The province has exaggerated the cost of Hamilton's LRT to repeal the project, but it is clear that the positive long term impact of the project would outweigh any negatives. In addition to providing jobs, the LRT would help the environment as an efficient and convenient source of public transit and also make Hamilton more accessible.

  • Cynthia Cote says,

    Good Morning Premier Ford,
    First, thank you for the great job you continue to do regarding the Covid 19 pandemic and all the issues surrounding it.
    You have my utmost respect on that matter.
    I know this has been all consuming for you and your government and you have remained true to the focus of safety and the greater good, not bowing to pressure from some.

    Second, I know you are busy and so I am merely asking that you look again at the Hamilton LRT issue and apply the same reasonable thinking we have seen from you these past many weeks.

    With thanks and appreciation,

  • doug farraway says,

    A majority of citizens want LRT.
    A majority of Hamilton Council voted for LRT.
    Much investment in acquiring property along the chosen route has taken place.
    Much investment by business has taken place in anticipation of LRT.
    Most important Dear Premier circumstances have changed. This country, province and city will be looking for projects much like we did in the 1930's to rally the economy. Your 1 billion dollar promise re transportation will help Hamilton get back on it's feet and I'm pretty sure if you asked, the Trudeau government would listen. Do the right thing and reinstate LRT in Hamilton.

  • Deb Avetissian says,

    On so many levels, The Hamilton LRT makes so much sense. As a stimulus project, broadening Hamilton’s tax base with all the development that has come with it. Now is the time!!

  • David Wootton says,

    As a taxpayer for many decades , I want to see my money go to worthwhile projects in our Hamilton area for once! I am losing total respect and confidence in your government as you continue to delay a very important catalyst for economic development for our long-neglected area while other places like Ottawa, Mississauga and Kitchener receive many more billions for the same thing. Governments still have not helped Hamilton ever since they decided to ship all of our manufacturing to China in the early seventies. It is about time to see some money spent in OUR area that has been neglected by all governments for most of my lifetime! I ask that you reverse the ridiculous December 16 decision to delay or not build the L R T in Hamilton!

  • Dan Jaworski says,

    Despite the government’s attempt to inflate the numbers, the provincial task force has objectively recommended LRT as an option. It is an opportunity to be seized to move Hamilton forward in, more ways than one, and modernize. There have been and will continue to be a direct positive impact for the city of Hamilton from this project and will shape it for the best, for the future.

  • Jennifer Jones says,

    Please help bring HAMILTON the needed light rail transit it needs to bring the city fully into the 21st Century. It will reduce road traffic and congestion and both noise and air pollution, and increase development along its corridor. It will help students get to McMaster more easily. We have voted for LRT in our last election and have been waiting long enough. This should have been done years ago. Please release the funding.

  • Guy Bradford says,

    Hey folks,

    Please fund the Hamilton LRT so Hamilton can have a decent future.

  • Christine Brown says,

    Nickolas’s presentation is the best public display of evidence that a thorough evaluation has been done considering relevant arguments.

    Economic necessity, pollution and carbon reduction, freedom from the oil and gas industry, and attractive mode of transportation for citizens and a city keen to develop its community. So many clear advantages, progressive, and a proven choice by many cities.

  • Jackie Cablingan-miguel says,

    I am in favour of the LRT HAMILTON .

  • bruce m says,

    Let me think of what street in Ontario could probably use the most in an economic lift..

    Hmmmm.. maybe King st in Hamilton the right thing.

  • Rob Italiano says,

    Hamilton Street Railway is just buses now! The name is pretty pointless now since the streetcars have been gone since 1951! The city is WELL over due to revive the LITERAL Street Railway now!

  • Thomas Shepherd says,

    Time to get shovels in the ground and build the Hamilton LRT

    Hamilton would benefit a great deal from the jobs created by a large multi-year infrastructure project like the LRT. Helping the city to recover from the pandemic and setting up an important transit link for Hamilton's future.

  • Thomas Worsley says,

    Hamilton needs and wants LRT desperately, and the development benefits that come with it. The great City of Hamilton is long overdue for Provincial investment of this nature.

  • Chris Osborne says,

    We need improved transportation in Hamilton NOW. We cannot wait for more consultation, feasibility studies, debate at the city and provincial level. The Hamilton LRT is a project that is ready to go, a project that will bring jobs to Hamilton and will give a boost to the downtown core.Please make it a reality.