The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Lisa Johnson says,

    I am writing to express my support for the LRT initiative.
    I live in the country but I can see the long term benefits for initiating a LRT system and the benefits would impact
    everyone in the city of Hamilton in the long run. We have to weigh the costs and realize the implications of denying such h a project to materialize. If we are to attract business and encourage long term growth in this city we must remain competitive or we see that growth stagnate as businesses and residents gravitate towards more modern environments. Pay now or pay later.

  • Kathleen Livingston says,

    If council is going to rely on a survey to determine the outcome of this pivotal project, let's hold their feet to the fire to conduct a VALID survey that represents a full representation of Hamiltonians.

    I stand unequivocally in support of the LRT, as do ALL my friends and neighbours, and yet our voice is NOT represented in the survey results.

    How is that?

  • Tibor Bocz says,

    The LRT project is critical to addressing many of Hamilton's environmental, social and development goals.

    It represents the most environmentally friendly solution by far, and offers us the ability to at least work towards our greenhouse gas reductions commitments as a city.

    It is an opportunity to develop our city center and free us from the current situation wherein we are continually faced with paying increasing levels of municipal taxes to support city infrastructure. Not only does the project give us a huge infusion of upfront investment – much of which will be used to upgrade infrastructure on the LRT corridor – but it will generate much needed development downtown that will more than offset the operating costs.

    Our inner core is a wasteland of vacant lots and surface parking that take up half the surface area, in large part because it is dominated by cars. The development of those areas that comes out of this program represents several tens of millions of dollars of lost tax revenue. For example, when 40 Bay St S and 150 Main St W were developed, they went from paying $56,000 to $900,000 a year in property taxes. Those are tax dollars that could absorb Hamilton’s next tax hike, instead of continuous increases to the remaining community.

    It also represents an opportunity to integrate the growing number of people who want to make Hamilton their home within a dense, vibrant, livable core that represents more than just a place to "drive through" on the way to getting somewhere else.

    Finally, the LRT and broader BLAST network represent an investment in a lifestyle we already see supported by a new generation of Hamiltonians who do not wish to be restricted to a car-centered economy and existence.

    It is disheartening to see that resistance to this project has turned into such a divisive issue - with the old and the suburbs pitted against the young, the progressive and the urban - when it presents such benefit and opportunity for all.

    It's time Hamilton took "Yes" for an answer.

  • Bryan Vogler says,

    Mr. Stone B.C. Minister of Transportation announced commuter rail between Langford and Victoria on Vancouver Island. This is the E&N railway getting ready to celebrate Canada's 150th. This is provincial money on a provincial railway that joined B.C. to Canada with the Terms of Union.
    Sure be nice if your Ontario Government did the same for Hamilton.
    Translink is putting down new rail on Skytrain. All projects need steel rail and we could by in bulk and save millions.

  • Angela Ceccato says,

    Hamilton needs to be part of the future and not stuck in the past. We could be like Pittsgurgh, but we have to invest in the future. Build the LRT, if not for our generation, then for the next generation. Please, please, please, do not turn your back on the LRT for Hamilton.

  • marion thomson says,

    I strongly support an LRT for Hamilton!!!!! It is needed and important and necessary. Marion Thomson

  • Charlene Rennick says,

    Downtown Hamilton has some incredible architecture, aand a diverse selection of food, music, and art. Please continue to invest in it. Put in the Light Rail. We should be supporting clean transportation, not arguing against it.

  • Edmund Elia says,

    I fully support this project. Hope others will d same.

  • Rosemarie Gillis says,


  • Stephen Smith says,

    Build the LRT and move the city forward.

  • Christine Fandrich says,

    This is going to help make Hamilton more connected and build the economy throughout the city. I hope that one day Hamilton can have it's wealth measured by the number of "rich people on transit and not by the number of" poor" people in cars. This is an opportunity like no other to move Hamilton and allow for public transit. Some of the wards do not see how this will benefit them because the LRT is not in their neighbourhood, but the extra buses not required on the B Line need to be distributed and this is an opportunity to improve Transit throughout. I hope the nay-sayers can look beyond the end of their noses and see the brilliant future we could have ahead.

  • Christopher Schotsman says,

    We need to make investments like this. We need this vision - this is the future. I have friends who have businesses that will be disrupted profoundly by LRT construction but they are 100% behind this - as am I.

  • Matthew Nash says,

    I support provincially funded LRT project. Rapid transit will deliver enhanced prosperity, environmental sustainability and improved quality of life in our city which is on the verge of bursting with potential.

    First, this project will have the largest impact on employment, income and GDP during construction and over the long term. LRT will create jobs: 5793 person years of employment in the short term and 187 person years in the long term. The BRT option - which will likely never get built anyways – would generate less than a third of this. Second, it will boost our GDP in the long term by $15M, more than 4X the BRT option. Overall, the LRT has a benefit cost ratio of 1:1. This is a conservative figure, meaning this estimate is likely downplaying the benefits. So, at the very least, what we invest in, we will get at least an equal benefit. Is this not a clear win-win scenario? We don’t have to pay for the initial 800M cost, yet we stand to gain the resultant economic benefits.

    The environmental benefits are critical to cleaning the locally polluted air. Of all the options, LRT is the most effective in attracting people out of their cars and reducing car usage. This project will take out a staggering 8532 tonnes of GHGs annually which equates to a further nearly $3M economic benefit. If we are serious about making Hamilton a safe, healthy, and pedestrian-friendly place, LRT is the clearest choice.

    Finally, our quality of life will be improved because not only will the air be cleaner, but more people will be able to move more efficiently. The LRT – which has almost double the capacity of BRT - will result in a 26 minute travel time end to end. This is equal to that of a car and nearly 10 minutes quicker than the BRT option. One of the biggest frustrations with busses is they aren’t reliable, they aren’t fast and they aren’t easily accessible. The LRT overcomes this by providing the fastest, most comfortable, and easily accessible mode of transport.

    Overall, if you have read the consultant’s report, you’d know that LRT is a win for the prosperity, environmental sustainability and improved quality of life of our city. As property values rise due to enhanced economic conditions brought about by the LRT, all of Hamilton rises with it. Based on the evidence, not on emotion, please say yes to this once in a generation opportunity to build our city right.

  • kailee dellio says,

    Please consider moving forward on the LRT project in Hamilton!! As a student I truly believe it would be beneficial to the many students who live in both Hamilton and other cities. I also think that it is a crucial step toward a greener Hamilton.

  • Anita Thomas says,

    I believe that LRT is an important next step to grow our city and it is also important for our current growth. I am a resident of Ward 7 and strongly feel that this will be of benefit to the whole city. I am not one who will be a regular user of it, however, I do recognise that in spite of that, I will benefit from the domino effect and growth it will bring to the city as a whole.

  • Mohammed Patt says,

    we should build it. i'm a Mohawk business student and in my opinion this is cost effective in the long run and the city is growing so having the LRT in place will help keep traffic down.

  • Joanne Zaras says,

    I support the LRT for Hamilton.

  • Kevin McCafferty says,

    Councillors: Please take your damp fingers out of the air. Joe Six Pack's fear and anger over losing one of our cross town freeways can be placated with some lucid exposition of facts. Please show some leadership because in the end that will be self preserving, both for the future of the city and in your professional situations.

  • Margaret Mileski says,

    More in life is lost to indecision than even to wrong decision. Not moving forward with LRT will cost my city its heart.

  • Michael MIleski says,

    Please don't squander this once-in-a-city's-lifetime opportunity.

  • Al Horzelenberg says,

    I support the installation of LRT in Hamilton and all the maintenance that will follow. It is not for me or my children's generation. Rather for the next generation: my grand children and beyond who will undoubtably have a very difficult time of negotiating their way through the exponentially exploding volume of motorized and vehicular traffic on 20th century roads. We need a far broader perspective and more distant vision to fathom the anticipated numerical growth of society.

  • Krys Arciszewski says,

    I am have lived in Hamilton most of my life. I am a mountain resident and core about the future of our city. I strongly believe the future requires a vibrant transit system included an LRT across town. It will open up the city and continue to wave of revitalization. Vote YES for LRT!

  • Andy Binkle says,

    I think many Councillors are grandstanding Including Terry Whitehead, who will be losing my vote in the future.
    Infrastructure makes cities great. Hamilton should be great.
    Lucky we have a great Mayor!!!

  • Edward Baldry says,

    Just get on with the construction


    Why are we spending money on old technology? We tore our the old street railway tracks and overhead wires - not you want to put them back!! one word - snow. I've seen TTC and snow its not pretty.
    Invest in new technology if you are going to spend money we don't have - and the provincial govt does not have our money to give back to us!!
    LRT goes nowhere that I would use it.

  • Margaret Ferizis says,

    Why do councillors that do not live in Hamilton even have a say?

    In years to come these districts will be screaming for an extension of the LRT they didn't want.

    Hindsight is 20/20. Show some foresight!

    This LRT project isn't just for the here and now. It is also for the future and increased populations. Just imagine if there is no LRT and everybody has a car. Take a good look at Toronto, that is your traffic future. Is that what you want for the city you are supposed to be working for?

    People in a hurry to get out of town don't stop and shop, so please don't listen to that argument and if you haven't traveled along either King East or Main St. East in awhile, most of the shops are boarded up.

    All the Scarborough councillors that voted against the Scarborough LRT will not be re-elected and you should keep that in mind. The silent majority want the LRT in Hamilton.

    The whiners and whingers like to drive alone in there cars and couldn't care less about anyone but themselves.

  • karin anderson says,

    This is the future for Hamilton. Please say yes to the LRT

  • John Doe says,

    Please don't allow the shortsighted to mess up a great opportunity for Hamilton, this place can be improved but it starts with you.

  • Evan Haas says,

    I'm tired of the misinformation and sabotaging of a very important project for our city. Let's vote yes on the things that move this along, lest we drop the ball and our city will suffer.

  • Bonnie Patterson says,

    I give my 100% support for the LRT system that will provide the residents of the City of Hamilton a fast and easy way to get to their destination. It's long over-due. Saying YES to the LRT is an easy decision to make.

    Thank you.