The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Rob Mesacar says,

    Can council for once please just move quickly on getting LRT done?!?!? How is it that the prov and feds are more decisive than council?!?! Please get it done.

  • Jen Baker says,

    I believe the LRT is the best way forward for Hamilton. The benefits are tremendous. We need the LRT to move around the lower city. It's time to stop delaying and move forward with this important project for the future of our city.

  • Lee Edward McIlmoyle says,

    Hamilton needs to stop waiting for the 1950s future to show up on the menu, and actually eat what's in front of us. Higher Mass Transit is what future Hamiltonians are going to need. We run too many cars. The multiple environmental disasters we keep trying to outrun have us cornered, and they are bigger than us. No more running. Fix it, or get out. That's what plagues and volcanos and state-wide forest fires and flooding and all thevrest are: the planet has an itch, and we're gonna get scratched if we don't like the new rules. It's your move.

  • Thomas Belshaw says,

    Let's get on with it.........the sooner the better...........T

  • Nancy Hurst says,

    LRT is absolutely the best way to better density within Hamilton's existing urban boundary. Indeed the success of the LRT depends on ridership and building *affordable* housing (using inclusionary zoning) along the LRT corridor will help ensure this. Please move forward with LRT for Hamilton.

  • Willow Supryka says,

    We will never be a world class city with a transit system from the 1990s. The city is ready. The workers are ready. Refusing to go ahead with this project at this stage is simply unacceptable. Yes, there will be growing pains. There will be a mess in our streets. But nothing important comes without effort. Let's get this done! For us and for the future.

  • Jon Beroud says,

    We need more transit here in Hamilton as roads are more congested than ever

  • Rachel More says,

    Please stop debating and voting on this and just start building the LRT

  • Norman Newbery says,

    The need to move on the MOU for the B Line LRT is now. This is a better deal than the previous MOU the was withdrawn by the Province. There is enough money available to make sure that LRT is a success. There has been design, consultations. property acquisitions and measures already taken that show public support and also will move forward the project.

    I have met many naysayers in the past five years who have come around in recognition of the valuable upgrades to infrastructure that will be included.

    However the most important aspect is demonstrated by the boom in building that is presently occurring in the core. The LRT construction will have the benefit of more people working from home and staying at home, which will reduce disruption of construction.

    However we need look beyond any minor difficulties to the benefit to the whole city of having a more vibrant downtown that really works. The LRT will draw more people out of their cars and will promote a more compact, urban form. Tax rolls will increase city revenues and Infrastructure deficits will shrink.

    Please do the right thing and support this project.

  • Jacob Tyler-Smith says,

    This would be an excellent decision for our city future development!!!!

  • Olivia Wiper says,

    Dear Premier Ford,

    During my first year of university at McMaster, I was given the opportunity to research the LRT program in Hamilton. In my research, I found that the program was very well thought out. I also believe that in general, this addition to the Hamilton transit system would benefit many who live in and around downtown Hamilton, including people like myself and the other students at McMaster University.

    Please do not back track on this wonderful transit program. The city of Hamilton will thank you!

    Respectufully submitted,

    Olivia Wiper

  • Shawn ODonnell says,

    It is time. Look around. Let’s get it done!

  • Scott Wiper says,

    My daughter is attending MacMaster and would greatly benefit from this project.

  • Sandro Giulietti says,

    For Jason Farr let's get LRT DONE

  • Phil Van Impe says,

    Please please please do the right thing vote a GO for the LRT.

  • Dan Fabello says,

    No more hold up's let's get this project on the move !!!!

  • Michael Clase says,

    I believe the LRT project will bring many benefits to Hamilton, and will help Hamilton residents do our part to reduce our use of fossil fuels.

    Yours sincerely,
    Michael Clase

  • David Ellis says,

    Hamilton City Council please stay the course and see through the fully funded LRT project. Signing the MOU with Metrolinx is a HUGE step for Hamilton!

  • John Clinton says,

    We've waited patiently for LRT. Now let's get it done!

  • Bryan Webber says,

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our city to take a giant step forward in modernizing our transit, that by every measure will pay for itself.

    Please seize this opportunity to make your mark on our city’s future, with your support of a motion to proceed with LRT.


  • Susan Brooks says,

    We are in favor of the LRT. I think it wil help make Hamilton a better city.

  • Nick Curto says,

    Please stay the course for the LRT. The city, especially the lower city needs an improvement that only the LRT will bring.

  • Brian Jantzi says,

    Re LRT MOU. Hamilton needs the LRT urgently! The federal and provincial funds are available now. Please grab this by voting for agreeing to the MOU and get the work started ASAP. Thank you!

  • Bob Berberick says,

    I am super excited that there is only one final vote on the LRT,that being the Memorndum of Understanding. It's been a long and winding road to get to this point. Let us dither no more and move ahead with this exciting transportation project. The urban population will be growing by leaps and bounds with all of the residential building in the core. Rapid and reliable public transit will be very much needed.

  • Rob Italiano says,

    The next major LRT vote is here. On September 8, you will vote on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Metrolinx to implement the fully-funded LRT. This is the last vote needed before the project can move ahead.

    We want to make sure there are no setbacks, so please approve the MOU, hold the course and stay committed to this transformative plan.

  • Ellen Southall says,

    I am looking forward to seeing the LRT plan get finalized.

    You have my support.
    Thank you for your support of the LRT

  • Deborrah Sherman says,

    Hello to local, provincial and federal elected representatives.

    The LRT project for Hamilton has been approved more than once - it is a relief to think that the final step of deciding upon a MOU could take place Sept 8th.

    It has been a long and quite unnecessarily frustrating process getting to this point, and is my sincere hope that the project will proceed at last without further political obstructionism or delay.

    I'll be watching, and the way I vote in the next election - at every level - will be largely based on how my elected representatives behave and vote during this discussion.

    Let's get this done.

    Deb Sherman

  • John Thompson says,

    I strongly encourage Council to vote in Sept. 8 in favour of the LRT agreement with Metrolinx (Memorandum of Understanding. This could well be the most important action that Council will take during its tenure, and will dictate how this Council will be regarded by history. It is an opportunity to take Hamilton forward into a new pollution reduced future to help reduce the disaster of global warming that will face our children and grandchildren. Fufrthermore, LRT will provide a smooth, quiet, clean trip across Hamilton for riders, and stimulate millions of dollars of much needed development in the central area; just look at what has happened in Kitchener and other LRT cities.

  • ALLAN AVERY says,

    Please accept the M.O.U. agreement, council members, for the future good of Hamilton. This project is the new spine of the city's transportation network and it will propel us into the future !! The positive spin offs, both environmentally and economically, will be welcomed for years to come.

  • Gary Dennis says,

    Don't waste any more valuable time.
    Do it NOW !!!