The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Paul Constable says,

    This was another one of the Ford governments bone headed moves. Promise one thing...pull it away last second.

  • Carly Weir says,

    We have to think about the future of Hamilton. With population rising and traffic becoming an on-going issue, an LRT is a fantastic environmentally friendly solution to future problems.

  • Daniel Fitzgreen says,

    Please give us the LRT that we've been repeatedly promised. Please be more decisive than our half-wit councillors and make a decision to give hamilton an LRT so we can continue to move people in our quickly growing city.

  • Michael Samborski says,

    I live on the mountain and will potentially never take the LRT but know that it will intensity the downtown core, increasing the tax base there and lessening the tax base needed elsewhere. A high tide raises all ships.

  • Janis Topp says,

    Many years of extensive study and a municipal election showed the Hamilton LRT is the public transit project as the best and preferred solution for Hamilton. I strongly support it.
    More highways are counterproductive.
    Please recommend the continuation of the LRT project.

  • Bryan Webber says,

    With 3 million people expected to settle in the Golden Horseshoe in the next 30 years, we need to invest in public transit and infrastructure, like governments did in the last big wave of immigration in the 1950s and 60s.

    And Hamilton chose LRT in its last municipal election. Decisively.

  • Graeme McArthur says,

    The LRT elimates cars off thr road. Prodes more foot traffic for buisness in the down town area and connects large portioms of Hamilton. Build this thing!!!!

  • Patrick McConnell says,

    Let move Hamilton into the future and not be stuck in the past! The downtown core is coming back, it needs things to help it, not to be stuck where it has been before.

  • Trevor Burgess says,

    Hamilton needs LRT. Honor your promise.

  • Yasmin Patel says,

    Please return the LRT project to Hamilton. It was wrong of the province to cancel it after so much as been done to get it started.

  • Shirley Rodrigues says,

    I firmly believe that LRT will benefit Hamilton from an economic, social, and environmental perspective. I disagree with the provincial government decision to withdraw their funding offer as it appears to be based on grossly inaccurate information about the projected costs of the LRT project. So much has already been invested in this project, it would be a great shame to abandon it at this point. Hamiltonians will ultimately suffer the economic and environmental loss if this project does not go through.

  • Oliver Foote says,

    I think that going forward with the LRT will allow Hamilton to be a much safer and more forward thinking city reducing crime rates and increasing use of transportation within the downtown core. I personally have a difficult time with transportation inside of Hamilton and this would easily alleviate the problem and it would be an investment in the future of Hamilton

  • Ben DeGroot says,

    Investment in sustainable and eco-friendly public infrastructure will improve this city, and more importantly, the lives of its citizens.

  • Holly Di Nicolantonio says,

    LRT is needed for the growth this city is planning and currently seeing happen. With multiple high rise condos being put in the downtown core building a simple and reliable transit network via LRT.

  • John Rogers says,

    During my career I had the privilege of visiting dozens of cities across North America and Europe. A common element of the prosperous, growing cities or cities undergoing renewal is that they all have electric powered rail-based transit to build their communities around. Stagnant and declining communities rarely had rail-based transit. Bus based transit systems usually contributed to communities developing a caste transportation system and society where the disadvantaged take buses and more prosperous residents use private transportation, usually individual automobiles. Over the years I developed a similar personal policy when visiting any city. If the city had electric rail-based transit, I would plan my visit around using transit. If the city did not have electric rail-based transit, I would rent a car.
    Hamilton deserves a transportation system that will bind the community and foster equality and growth. Only electric powered rail-based transit can accomplish this.
    Also, the province has purchased dozens of properties for the purpose of constructing the LRT and those properties have been mostly boarded up for some period of time. If the LRT does not move forward, the community will suffer for generations because of these derelict properties created by the province. As citizens we will have the right to pursue compensation for the damage to our community and property values.

  • Matt Stevens says,

    Let is an important part of the path that leads Hamilton into the future.

  • Marina Mastracci says,

    The decision to cancel the LRT project is short-sighted in light of future demands to provide efficient, modernized cost-effective, cleaner transportation.

  • John Day says,

    Please this is a major opportunity for GTHA and Niagara region to move forward... don't give up on it.

  • Helen Sadowski says,

    Modern cities that work well have excellent public transit. Hamilton is growing and needs modes of transportation that move people quickly, are carbon neutral and offer users safe and clean transport.
    The decision by the province to stop the LRT project was never supported neither by facts nor data. The province said the project was no longer affordable but refused to provide financial documentation to support their argument.
    The federal Infrastructure Minister has offered to bring federal funds to the table and is only waiting for the province to agree to proceed.
    The preliminary work to build an LRT system in Hamilton has been done. Why are we second guessing this project now?

    Helen Sadowski

  • Sarah Sullivan says,

    Hamilton desperately needs LRT and I implore this committee to follow through and ensure it is built. Our city requires modern, rapid transit in order to become a more livable space. I live in an area with little transit but would absolutely use the LRT to get from McMaster to downtown and to the East end. I would strongly prefer this over driving and parking, and I am not alone in this. Our bus system is not great and could be improved with additional transit options. Help me spend my money in our city!

  • Tom Flemming says,

    I support the LRT. Hamilton needs more and better publlic transportation than we have currently.

  • Eric Johnson says,

    I firmly support the Task Force choosing LRT as the best option for Hamilton. I want the development that LRT will bring to downtown and uplift that that will bring to our city. A strong downtown means a strong Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton Mountain, Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Eastend, and Westdale.

  • Jay Garden says,

    We need the LRT in this city. Urban growth requires students & young professionals accessing the downtown core. This demographic does NOT have the same need, desire or attachment to personal cars that we do.

    Remember, a huge part of the cost of installing LRT was for the infrastructure replacement along the line, we need to reminder the council that those infrastructure improvements will still need to be done, either on the province's dime, or the city's, so let Ford pay.

    I personally think that Hamilton needs to attract a younger white collar demographic to grow and the LRT is critical to that.

    Jay Garden

  • Robert Meneguzzi says,

    Please recommend the LRT. Enough time, money and effort have been spent to abandon a project that will allow Hamilton to grow and flourish into a thriving metropolis.

  • Tim McClemont says,

    Support LRT. It's the best investment for Hamilton for decades to come.

  • Anna Vermaat says,

    Bringing the city of Hamilton into a sustainable future transportation system with the LRT should be the only consideration. It's what we voted for as Hamilton residents in the last municipal election.

  • Mark Galli says,

    Please reconsider your decision to cancel the LRT. It’s an important investment in city that will provide great opportunities for new development.

  • Matt Snider says,

    In the past 5 years of living in Hamilton I have grown to love this city more than any other place I have lived before. This city has a special feeling of community and resilience that isn't matched anywhere else. We are a city that deserves the LRT project and the uplift that it bring to the city as a whole. Ford government, KEEP YOUR PROMISE!

  • Paul W says,

    LRT is the right choice for Hamilton. More busses is not an option. Start the infrastructure projects now!

  • Robert Ozimek says,

    Bring LRT to Hamilton.