The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Paul W says,

    LRT is the right choice for Hamilton. More busses is not an option. Start the infrastructure projects now!

  • Robert Ozimek says,

    Bring LRT to Hamilton.

  • Tyler Jewiss says,

    Please support lrt, we need the investment in public transit

  • Elly9 Bowen says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT to allow it to live up to its potential. Wr need more public transportstion and fewet cars.

  • Cheryl Reid says,

    LRT is the key to saving our downtown!

  • Eric Mills says,

    As a frequent visitor to Hamilton, it is readily apparent to me that the city would benefit greatly from an LRT that is visible, reliable and convenient for many people and businesses. As the population ages and the climate crisis grows, building the LRT is an excellent investment for Hamilton and would vitalize the central city.

  • Kyle Whaley says,

    The LRT is the future if the city. Infrastructure and investment in the future needs to be considered over shirt term cost increases. There exists no world in which this gets cheaper in the future, and this needs to happen for the city.

  • Amar Negandhi says,

    No single project will have a better impact on Hamilton economically and socially than the LRT. Don’t meet this up

  • J. C. Szamosi says,

    In the decade that I have lived in this city, Hamilton has treated Main and King streets as primarily through-streets, much to the detriment of the businesses and residents along that corridor. In order to have an economically vibrant and equitable downtown, Hamilton needs functional public transit that prioritizes local movement and environmental sustainability. The planned LRT would be an important step in that direction and I urge municipal, provincial, and federal governments to prioritize making it happen.

  • Nat Jackette says,

    Please choose lrt

  • Allan Avery says,

    The recent cancellation of the pre-approved LRT was a major blow to Hamilton's economic future and a huge setback to the future of our public transportation system. We have not heard of the cancellation of Mississauaga's LRT project, nor Toronto's subway extension plans. Mr. Ford, why do you despise the city of Hamilton???

  • Frances Neufeld says,

    As an Ontarian, and voting Hamiltonian I ask you to reinstate the LRT funding in Hamilton in order to establish one of the great Ontario cities as an example of forward thinking, and how cities and our Province can work together. Hamilton can be renewed to the ambitious City it once was.

  • Michael Lock says,

    LRT isn't being built for today but for the future.
    This is essential to Hamiltons growth and environmental goals. It was also something my family considered in choosing to move our family from Barrie to a city that had real plans to address quality public transit.

  • Erin Mallon says,

    I am 100% in support of a Hamilton LRT. This mode of public transportation has proven to be successful around the world. The cost of not building this infrastructure now will cost the city, taxpayers, visitors and the province billions more in the future. There is no other comparable option. Electric busses will not draw people to the area, and more roads are a huge step backwards. Choosing LRT is showing that the city of Hamilton is serious about taking action to mitigate climate change and supporting local businesses on a pedestrian friendly route. An LRT will see density infill in the lower city. It’s success will lead to LRT on the mountain and other congested areas of the city. Choose LRT or nothing. Every other option is a waste of time and money.

  • Aaron Lamers says,

    The lower city needs this vital transit connection! I live less than a block from a proposed LRT stop and 3 of 4 members of my household would immediately benefit from the addition of an LRT on this corridor. We travel along this East/West route everyday for work, school, recreation and shopping.
    I also believe that along with critically needed infrastructure improvement along the route, there would be vital and beneficial residential and commercial development, that will transform the lower city. I have seen this first hand, with several visits in the last five years to K-W. Stop playing politics with this city and build what has been promised!

  • Beverly Leslie says,

    Hamilton not only needs, but deserves the LRT in order to be in line with the rest of the GTA. We have already spent many years and many millions of dollars preparing for it. Please make sure you follow through with the LRT plan.

    Beverly Leslie

  • barbara quinn says,

    As a former Torontonian who also lived for 4 years in Berlin, Germany I am here to attest to the importance for HAMILTON LIGHT RAIL to be secured once and for all.
    I am your rider and I have first hand experience as such to ask you to listen to what has already been proven in other brave cities. LRT IS THE WAY FORWARD FOR HAMILTON ONTARIO, CANADA.

    In my opinion I find Toronto's streetcars pale in comparison to Berlin's light rail.

    The pulse of the light rail riders is different as I experienced in Berlin.
    There was no stigma surrounding riding public transit with the Berlin light rail. Rush hour had lady's in Prada, business men in Gucci sitting next to teens with skateboards who spoke traditionally too loud accompanied by a lot of "F" bombs.

    LRT is a modern inclusive way for urban residents to move thru their daily lives. I have no doubt that for the entirety of Hamiltonians this opportunity of inclusivity would benefit some of our concerns of exclusion as we all take the journey with gentrification.

    Change is Good. It Sharpens our Curiosity.


  • Dorte Deans says,

    The LRT will save the environment and push Hamilton into this century in transportation. Studies show that development follows LRT and Hamilton needs new growth to take over from the steel mills and heavy industry. So much money and displacement has already taken place and it should never have been cancelled. Let's just build it!

  • Andrew Thomson says,

    I'm sure that the LRT is a valuable endeavor for the City of Hamilton and I would support it provided that it be extended and terminate at the Aldershot GO Station. This only makes sense as it would improve intercity transit for all commuters. It would also make sense to have the LRT extended at the other end to connect with the new GO Station at Centennial Parkway. Let's look at a bigger picture than just servicing the Hamilton downtown core. Access to the LRT at these two terminals will assist with commuters travel to potential new employment opportunities in the core as well as tourists visiting Hamilton for entertainment, restaurants and other attractions etc.

  • Matthew Grosfeld says,

    Abandoning a project when so much work and money has already been put into the planning and implementation process is both short sighted and irresponsible. Infrastructure improvements alone are enough reason to move forward. It’s time Hamilton was treated more fairly by the Provincial government. There’s no reason that Brampton’s public transportation projects should move forward, but Hamilton’s should be cancelled.

  • Rudy Neufeld says,

    Let's hope this message will register somehow with our insensitive and inept Premier Ford.

  • Kevin Archibald says,

    Hey there! Now, as always I would love Hamilton to build the LRT. Hamilton is blessed with an awesome centralized core, and a light rail would unify that stronger- think Sir John A and the ribbon of steel he bound Canada with!

  • Marion Brooks says,

    LRT will be great for our city creating a larger property tax base, businesses and lessening traffic and pollution.

  • Jill Shea says,

    LRT is a forward thinking option and helps with climate and local economic growth. Cancellation appears vindictive and is a backward step for the environment.

  • David Pyke says,

    This will provide needed access to the downtown core for the city and bring people downtown in ways a 4 lane road can't address. King Street shouldn't be a bypass of the city, it should be a core and only having a enriched transit system, including an LRT can do that.

  • Jennifer Jones says,

    The LRT project was already begun with millions spent to purchase properties among the proposed LRT line. They now sit boarded up and vacant.

    LRT is bringing many new developments to Hamilton included much-needed housing/apartments, updates of old infrastructure, business ventures connected to LRT line, and modernization of our transport system to a more environmentally-friendly option. I would use LRT. As would many others I know.

    Hamilton wants and needs LRT to move into the future.

  • Andrew Ursel says,

    The LRT is a legitimate opportunity for growth in Hamilton. It is a chance for people to see that when one part of the city succeeds, it affects all other parts.

    Without an LRT, without an ambitious opportunity for growth, this city will continue to be a hollow shell, with people in Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Ancaster, Dundas, Winona and the Mountain forced to live in Hamilton.

    I want a city of Hamiltonians proud of their downtown because of the economic weight and social good it carries for the whole city.

    I'm from Halton, where frankly folks have looked down on Hamilton for decades and cutting the LRT just feels like another way to make this City a punching bag for GTA elites. It's a move that comes at the expense of the hard working folks that stuck it out through all the hard times and began to see light at the end of the tunnel with Hamilton's revitalization and capped off with the LRT.

    Please don't let this forward momentum for a better city contributing to a growing province die. It's a strong, safe investment in our future and for future generations in Hamilton and Ontario.

  • Raymond Braun says,

    We must build the Hamilton LRT East - West and then onto the Mountain, too. - 32 yrs. ago we were offered a Monorail up the Mountain thr. a tunnel in 7 min's.; buses would meet there. Unfortunately was rejected. I see 6-8 buses all the time lined up at stoplights neat St. Joseph's Hospital and going down, too. With cars, a bottleneck and time consuming. - We would eliminate nearly all buses to / from the Mountain this way. Hamilton missed it 32 yrs. ago; so do it now, the sooner the better. START THIS YEAR !

    Raymond Braun, Dundas ON. (905) 6281289

  • Cheryl Steeves says,

    Bring the LRT back!

  • Robert O'Brien says,

    I am concerned that the cancellation of the LRT will set Hamilton public transit back for years to come. I doubt that the money earmarked for LRT will be put into public transit.
    LRT cancellation also makes it more difficult for Hamilton to address climate change since it removes a source of relatively clean public transit.