The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Roberta Hunter says,

    The right decision was not made to cancel LRT.
    So make the decision right.

  • Harry Gow says,

    I am a retired public transport consultant, an active member of various Boards and a municipal councilor. I have long made it a practice of gathering information on urban and rural transit and visiting LRT systems. I am impressed by the capacity, comfort and quietness of light rail transit in urban settings, and consider it would best meet the needs of Hamilton transit users and of visitors in getting about in the city, at a lower operating cost and less environmental impact than say, a bus system.

  • Chris Schotsman says,

    I strongly believe we need to move forward on LRT now. I travel all over the world and North America. I've seen and used LRT systems in Europe, SanDiego, Seattle, Minneapolis, Jerusalem to name a few. It's a great solution for today's urban realities, and a great solution for city of Hamilton's size.
    I'd also like to eventually see an LRT connection between the mountain and downtown (not a new concept) - the city is growing south RAPIDLY.

  • Ellen Morris says,

    I’ve been a supporter of the LRT since day one. LRT is a part of the plan to move Canada into the 21st Century, away from the car culture towards modern mass transit. Please help Hamilton modernize! Do the right thing.

  • Robert Koszegi says,

    The LRT is very important part of the initiative of improving Hamilton. Cancelling a project of such scale and promise this far in its development would be irresponsible and wasteful. And it speaks volumes about our current provincial government's priorities, which is clearly not the interest of the people of Ontario.

  • David Wootton says,

    As an Ontario taxpayer, I feel that the very best solution for my hard-earned money is to complete the L R T in Hamilton as planned!!! I feel that the Government of Ontario has, as usual, been totally unfair to Hamilton over the last 60 years of my observation in many ways. You are spending over $ 9B for Ottawa's L R T and untold billions for Toronto's. Meanwhile, Hamilton has been criticized for not providing the homes and economic possibilities for the millions of new immigrants who choose to live in Ontario. I cannot think of a better way to beat Hamilton's 50 years of misfortunes at the hands of senior governments - free trade is and example that devastated our city. Meanwhile,, King St is beginning to look worse than Barton St with all of the boarded-up structures and billions of dollars of potential high-rise homes are still on the drawing boards or completely abandoned. i have been following this closely for 10 years and I have seen a disastrous downturn in construction downtown recently. Even $ 500 M of already started construction projects have been stalled since December.
    I would also well recommend building the L R T from the airport to downtown as soon as possible. As a frequent traveller, I am absolutely tired of Pearson Airport and its horrible congestion and delays. 2 000 000 need Hamilton's airport on this side of Toronto

  • Dan Gismondi says,

    I am in support of the LRT in Hamilton! This transportation mode is just a start to keep moving our city forward. No more excuses just build this!!!!!

  • Thomas Shepherd says,

    The city of Hamilton has spent over 10 years investigating how our HSR system will need to look to accomodate Hamilton's steadily increasing population. The result of this was the development of the BLAST network as the whole city solution to implement high order transit.
    And the first piece of that network is the Bline LRT.
    Please make the right choice, the one supported by professionals by the research, by a huge number of area employers and by the majority of Hamilton's population across multiple election cycles.

  • Marie Zilik says,

    Hamilton was promised LRT. Hamilton needs LRT to be completed. Most of the preliminary work has been done and a lot of money has been spent on getting this project underway.
    Please reverse your decision on cancelling LRT.
    Hamilton will thank you.

  • Evan Aagaard says,

    The LRT option is the most viable and economically beneficial choice for the task force to make. Anything less would demonstrate a clear attempt to ignore the facts. With the Feds offering to step in to support major transport projects the province has no other reason to cancel this project or to look for less effective alternatives.

    LRT has the highest positive impact for Hamilton in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Multiple studies show the massive benefit this project will bring and Metrolinx's own comparisons show Hamilton LRT has higher net benefits compared to other projects in Toronto.

    Hamilton LRT is the only project of its size that is ready to be implemented. With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, the LRT project is well underway.

    The federal government has offered to cover the funding gap for Hamilton LRT, which was the only reason Mulroney cited for cancelling the project in the first place.

  • Bob Empringham says,

    LRT will give Hamilton a new look, a new future, a new service. We need commitment, stop the mired in the mud fuddle duddle.

  • Alexandra Mazza says,

    I believe that it is an absolute disgrace that this project was halted at this point. While driving (as a passenger) along the route yesterday it was so obvious how much property has been bought and boarded by Metrolinx in preparation for building the LRT. How can Metrolinx expect to recoup the cost as its value must now be considerably less than they paid? It will take many, many years for redevelopment and in the meantime Hamilton lost much needed low rental housing.
    Ontario taxpayers have paid for the ugly streetscape. Wasted tax money. But Hamiltonians have to live with this.

  • Tordis Coakley says,

    Dear LRT Committee members: Please recommend that the LRT for Hamilton is put back in the transportation plan for Hamilton. It makes sense in every way, the economic gain and other evidence supports it, and the Federal Government will put money into it. So go for it and build the LRT. I am a senior who lives near the proposed LRT line. Can hardly wait to use a fully accessible, modern, stream lined public transportation mode suitable for all of us. Seamless transportation for all abilities right here in the city. I have used LRTs all over the world, including in Amsterdam and Casablanca. It is great. Many thanks.

  • Kevin MacKay says,

    No transportation plan is perfect, but LRT does the most to move Hamilton toward a sustainable transit system.

    LRT should happen, and it should be run by the HSR and staffed with ATU members.

  • Robert Bowers says,

    Please do the right thing and support the LRT.

  • Viv Saunders says,

    Just back from a trip to Colombia.

    What Medellin has accomplished and are still improving on with their cable system (LRT) and cable cars (gondolas) in just 14 years is something everyone should experience.

    More importantly , gaining an appreciation of WHY investments were made and the subsequent positive impacts to ALL citizens (incl future generations) is needed by Decision-Makers.

    Listening, witnessing and appreciating the impact a system like this has had on the Quality of Life of citizens, has convinced me we need to get back on track in Hamilton.

  • Rahim Malekzai says,

    Make LRT happen.

  • Frank Decurtis says,


    Hamilton needs it .....Please do the right thing for our city.....

  • Rachel West says,

    An LRT is extremely important for a city of Hamilton's size. Buses simply aren't enough. Investing in it will secure future growth.


    After the continued investigation, it has become increasingly clear that the LRT is the best option for Hamilton's future. I am writing this message to show support for the project in hopes that the task force will make the right decision. Hamilton is a great city, we need this infrastructure and transportation investment in order to continue to move in the right direction. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth Avetissian says,

    The LRT is vital to the continued growth of Hamilton.
    The provincial government knows this but continues to trash Hamilton.
    Cancelling the basic income project, identifying Hamilton for the US company for profit welfare pilot.
    Perception clearly indicates Hamilton is being victimized for being the NDP leaders home base.
    One day Hamilton which for years had been eat marked for LRT dollars is funded. Dec 16 money is cancelled. Dec 17 Mississauga which is a PC town receives unplanned dollars for a subway extension.
    Not fair optics!
    Do the right thing and keep your commitment to the economic development of Hamilton!

  • Guy Bradford says,


    I am a former resident of Hamilton, with family and friends that still live and work in the city. Most likely, I will end up in Hamilton again someday.

    As such, I kindly ask that you please choose the LRT for Hamilton. So much money, time, and effort has gone into creating this project. It would revitalize a significant portion of Hamilton, and help the city grow by leaps and bounds.

    I ask that you give our city a shot. I ask that you keep your promises. I ask that you do the right thing.

    Build the LRT.

  • Theresa McCuaig says,

    Dear Premier Ford and Minister Mulroney:

    Now that the accounting glitch regarding Hamilton's LRT has been resolved, please reinstate this important transit project. Homes and businesses have already been expropriated and shuttered along the authorized route. If left untenanted, these vacant buildings will become a mecca for drug dealers and slide into decay. We saw this happen from the 1980's through 2010 in our downtown core and along Barton St. E., so we know what to expect if transit development is left unattended again. Our property values will plummet. Neighbourhoods along the route will become unsafe eye-sores again. Residents who looked forward to taking public transit will turn back to polluting cars. Business owners will think twice about moving to Hamilton. You have the power to reverse this decline and potentially gain a lot of votes in a traditionally NDP area just by doing the right thing. We know you will make the best business decision and move forward with the long-awaited plan to modernize Hamilton's transit.

    Thank you very much for reconsidering your position. Wise politicians can pivot when necessary. LRT is very necessary for the common good, in the style of Bill Davis.

    Theresa McCuaig & Family

  • Jeffrey Taylor says,

    Get it done, make us a world class city!

  • Warren KOROL says,

    Choose LRT. Stop the merry go round and put a shovel in the ground.

  • Hugh MacLeod says,

    Hamilton resident for >25 years. Business owner at King and Dundurn for >20 years. Much of our clientele is young and uses transit. The young folks were devastated by the abrupt cancelation of this transit project.

    As a business we planned our growth around the expected nearby LRT station. This included investment in property and development.

    The project was publicly supported by hundreds of businesses in lower Hamilton. The project was democratically supported with dozens of votes and two mayoral races. The project was fully funded for 30 years by the treasury. The project was underway with 100s of millions of dollars already spent.

    If one cannot plan a business around a mega project with this kind of support what can one plan for? What is the point in investing in a city that where radical activists can kill off something supported and under construction?

    I travel in circles where business discussions around property, investment, and innovation abound. From Vancouver to Kitchener these folks are laughing at Hamilton. More importantly...

    "If a democratically supported, fully funded, under construction billion dollar project can be skewered by radical anti-transit activists nothing is safe. Why would anyone invest in Hamilton?"

    As a business person I am weighing my options for growth and success. This transit debacle has shattered any sense of trust for planning in this city.

    I have lived through the successes of fixed transit lines in Vancouver and Kitchener. I heartily recommend that the misstep of killing off Hamilton's LRT be corrected. You won't grow if you can't plan.

  • Sean St Cyr says,

    Please follow through with the original plan to build the LRT it would provide so many benefits to Hamilton.

  • Robin Parsons says,

    Last year, Premier Ford said, "I support building the Hamilton LRT because the people of this great city deserve a working transit system. This is an investment that will create jobs, countless new jobs and stimulate economic development." After the last municipal election, Premier Ford said, "When people democratically elect someone, if [Mayor Eisenberger] wants an LRT, he's gonna get an LRT...that's democracy."

    More recently, the federal government has offered to cover the funding gap for Hamilton LRT, which was the only reason provincial Minister Mulroney cited for cancelling the project in the first place.

    Hamilton Transportation Task Force: make LRT your top recommendation and offer solutions to make the project feasible for the provincial government.

  • Michael Root says,

    To mitigate the impression that the cancellation of provincial funding for the Hamilton LRT was a matter of political revenge for overwhelming support in Hamilton for NDP candidates in the last provincial election, the current provincial government ought to act in accord with the evidence in support of LRT development in Hamilton ultimately to provide a transportation link between Stoney Creek and Dundas.

  • Darren Widenmaier says,

    Please move forward with LRT for the plethora of well-known and well-documented reasons. It is shocking that further discussion is still deemed necessary after this many years, and with such a strong case.