The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Jim Macaulay says,

    We need to get more positive information out to the Hamilton general public regarding LRT. I am amazed at the number of people who know nothing about Hamilton LRT and how the city can benefit. When I ask my friends they do not know anything about it or they are against it for no good reason. I find the ones who are most vocal against LRT have not researched the project.

  • Ania K says,

    Please support the LRT in Hamilton. The way to create a thriving and vibrant city is to invest in infrastructure, businesses and transportation options. The city should not, and cannot rely on the car alone.

  • Gianni Charalambopoulos says,

    it's time for Hamilton to think and act like a progressive city. But I do really think it should be installed on Main Street and turn that road into a complete street with 2 way traffic and LRT running down the middle

  • Vladislav Vidakovic says,

    LRT is a huge investment.
    As such it can't be left on politicians to decide either yes or no.

    Only proper way is a referendum, where ALL Hamilton residents can vote on it.

  • Dean Fulton says,

    If we are not moving forward with mass rapid transit in Hamilton then we are moving backward as a community - especially considering the billion dollars available for the project. While this may be some short term pain for some of the businesses along the route, the long term gains will be felt for perpetuity. There is really no defensible argument against the LRT other than the attitude of the C.A.V.E. people. (Citizens Against Virtually Everything)

  • Spencer Thibodeau says,

    As Hamilton continues to grow, our options for transit should grow too. HSR is awesome, but having a second option to get to a destination within Hamilton would be great (without having to use Uber or a traditional Cab [$$$]). Not to mention $1b funneled into the GHA economy. I look forward to seeing the first scoop out of a major road when construction for LRT begins.

  • Ben Haffie says,

    I am in the process of offering on houses in the city, and one thing I notice is how poorly the public transit compares to other cities. The light rail system seems like a great option for stimulating the economy, improving quality of life, and doing it with minimal environmental impact.

  • Rita Chimienti says,

    I support the LRT with a big caveat: That on-street parking in the downtown business area remain on BOTH sides of King Street. This was successfully accomplished in Toronto on Roncesvalles Avenue and St. Clair Street. In fact a raised bike lane was also included in the Roncesvalles Avenue corridor.

  • Melissa Leaist says,

    LRT is the starting point on a very important process of modernizing our overall transportation infrastructure in Hamilton. Although the construction phase will create some inconveniences, the overall benefits to the city are immeasurable. I call on all Hamiltonians to support businesses in the core that will have some challenges during the construction. Solutions to those issues are possible! Let's get behind this once in a lifetime opportunity to move Hamilton forward for all!

  • Anthony Lapointe says,

    It's good opportunity for for this city and transit . Why because technology is advancing Rapidy in other city's . For Hamilton it's the same old story when it's good for the city and the people city of Hamilton backs out.its Time too stop keeping our city in the dark ages and start making it a city with real structure and a real name for our selfs .

  • Michael Newhouse says,

    I think 1. LRT on King st is innappropriate and will destroy the businesses. Not enough traffic! TheTTC former chief left his HSR job rather than carry out that project.
    2. The 1 billion will not be enough as the LRT goes over budget!

  • Sarah Riddiough says,

    I believe this will be extremely beneficial to our city and let Hamiltonians have more pride to live here

  • Annie Rosenberg says,

    The planned LRT will do much to drive the City of Hamilton's economic growth, promoting more investment and lessening our reliance on cars. I therefore urge Hamiltonians to join together in achieving our vision for the future of our city.

  • Justine Ritchie says,

    I am so excited to see LRT back in Hamilton! I saw the new trains at arsupercrawl this year and they look amazing! Lrt would make my commute so much faster and more relaxing. I am in support 100%!!

  • mik and gina panavas says,

    what is wrong with you guys we need to move forward on this . it sounds like another ivor wynn debate. Have you been to see kitcheners lrt or edmaonton or calgary?

  • Dorte Deans says,

    One factor that seems to be getting lost in the arguments is that LRT is much greener than diesel buses. Just stand beside a bus starting up and you get smothered with awful fumes and smoke. LRT doesn't do that - no fumes, no smoke, better for our health and that of the planet. Who can argue with that?

  • Chris Ewing-Weisz says,

    I'm so happy that Council has recognized its responsibility to continue with the LRT project in a timely manner, although disappointed that some councillors are still not willing to pull together on this commitment that holds such promise for our city. I hope that will change, and that we will, as a city, fully engage this project and all the possibilities it opens up.

  • Audrey Patocs says,

    Dear Councillors,

    After attending the LRT GIC meeting on October 25, I wanted to take a moment to voice my support for LRT in Hamilton. I learned a great deal from the presentations and delegations, and in follow up research. I applaud the efforts of everyone who continue to bring their energy and talents to this project. However, it was frustrating to watch certain councillors speak and act in a way that appeared short-sighted and impervious to new, compelling information.
    I was born in Hamilton, educated at McMaster and have personally invested in the core as a property owner and small business owner. I am so proud of the small business owners and community members who have contributed to Hamilton's renaissaance: rebuilding the core, resisting urban sprawl, helping create the cultural scene that is drawing and retaining young, urban professionals and their families. Conversely, there are voices -- young and old, urban and sub-urban -- who are decidely "old Hamilton" in their outlook: car-dependent, pessimistic about Hamilton's future, myopic about what "their taxes" are spent on. Sadly, some of these voices belong to Hamilton city councillors. Perhaps the most pertinent facet of this mindset is the belief that public transit is for the poor, the young, the disabled. I don't think I have to tell you that in great cities, public transit is used by all kinds of people because it is a desirable choice. LRT will be fast, reliable, comfortable, and accessible. The $1B investment from the province is an incredible opportunity at what is already a turning point in Hamilton's history. Please, do not squander it.

    Audrey Patocs, MSc., Bsc.

  • Tim Carr says,

    Hopefully it is more efficient fuel-wise and labour-wise. We need to move away from burning so much to get around and LRT is part of that equation.

  • Tom Burrows says,

    It's time to build the LRT. I resent the obfuscation and misinformation that has been all too prevalent.

  • Raymond Braun says,

    YES !! You have photos of Halle in E.-Germany,
    and all the other small European cities. Halle,
    SW of Berlin, same size, pop., as Hamilton. But, most of
    these smaller cities use a 1 m track, which takes less
    space and gives same capacity. Consider that.
    We lost out 30 yrs. ago on the Monorail, offered free to
    the mountain (thr. a tunnel) - had we accepted this,
    the E-W LRT would already exisat.........
    Hamilton go for it !! Raymond Braun, Dundas

  • Aaron Weafer says,

    To whom it may concern.

    Please continue your efforts to invest in our city and in particular through increasing public transit. My concern that this issue remains a debate is only exceeded by my frustration in the short sighted selfishness of certain members of Council. I want to encourage our elected officials to continue to invest into Hamilton. The restoration of this city is an attainable goal, but just in the way that lower city residents pay to carry the increased costs of services (per capita) for those up the mountain; we need to remember that we share this city. Investment into one neighbourhood benefits the whole city. Can Council (and residents) please keep in mind the long term future of Hamilton. Let us be the generation that took this city from the pain of the past to the hope of the future. Good luck. We are with you!

  • Michelle Sylvain says,

    It's unbelievable to me that this isn't be built as soon as possible. With a city like Hamilton that is growing with each passing month, there is no reason to not move forward with this.

    Having an LRT will connect this city and give those without vehicles more opportunities to get where they need to be. I live in the east end and during Ti-Cats games, it's ridiculous how many vehicles line the streets. Imagine if there was an LRT that would allow people to come and go with ease. That applies for just about any other event in this city.

    My husband and I moved here from Toronto in June and cannot, for the life of us, understand why the building of an LRT is being contested.

    Please help your citizens and help your city become even greater. Build the LRT.

    Michelle & Mark

  • marg webster-hutton says,

    As the parents of a young urban planner, our family has purchased 3 homes in Hamilton in the past 2 years because we understood that the LRT was a sure thing. We feel strongly that Hamilton's future prosperity is heavily dependent upon the construction of the LRT and we have invested heavily in Hamilton because of this belief. We cannot imagine how anyone could think otherwise.

  • William Harvey says,

    Keep moving on the LRT for the future of Hamilton. Hold Wyne to her promise for funding the LRT for Hamilton.

  • Christopher Wilson says,

    Make this happen. This is important to our cities future. Those who attempt to confuse or disregard the overwhelming support in favour of moving forward need to be dealt with accordingly. It's frustrating as a progressive city.

  • Paula Randazzo says,

    Great News! And about time. Looking for to watching our city Progress!!!

  • Lisa Hind says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT to increase economic stability, to move all of Hamilton ( and the people ) into the 21st Century. The LRT will increase accessibility of people with mobility issues. The LRT will decrease petroleum pollution in the soil, water and air which are all very beneficial things. I completely support getting the LRT moving forward for ALL the people of Hamilton.

    Sincerely, Lisa Hind

  • Julie Lostracco says,

    The small but vocal 'anti' group has been misled that the money can be shared for other projects throughout the city. This will lead to a permanent dismissal of all the benefits for future vibrant connections for Hamilton. Please make this clear to all Hamiltonians.

  • Susan Inch says,

    I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. I am dismayed by the recent actions and comments of some of city Council who are trying to put a damper on the LRT project in Hamilton. I want all of Council to get on with it and let this project go forward as smoothly as possible. I will also be watching the vocal Councillors opposing this project very carefully to see if they try to cause an impasse in negotiations on any issue with the province in an effort to get out of the deal with a simple majority next term. In that case, I will make every effort to ensure they do not form part of the next Council.