The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Justine Ritchie says,

    I am so excited to see LRT back in Hamilton! I saw the new trains at arsupercrawl this year and they look amazing! Lrt would make my commute so much faster and more relaxing. I am in support 100%!!

  • mik and gina panavas says,

    what is wrong with you guys we need to move forward on this . it sounds like another ivor wynn debate. Have you been to see kitcheners lrt or edmaonton or calgary?

  • Dorte Deans says,

    One factor that seems to be getting lost in the arguments is that LRT is much greener than diesel buses. Just stand beside a bus starting up and you get smothered with awful fumes and smoke. LRT doesn't do that - no fumes, no smoke, better for our health and that of the planet. Who can argue with that?

  • Chris Ewing-Weisz says,

    I'm so happy that Council has recognized its responsibility to continue with the LRT project in a timely manner, although disappointed that some councillors are still not willing to pull together on this commitment that holds such promise for our city. I hope that will change, and that we will, as a city, fully engage this project and all the possibilities it opens up.

  • Audrey Patocs says,

    Dear Councillors,

    After attending the LRT GIC meeting on October 25, I wanted to take a moment to voice my support for LRT in Hamilton. I learned a great deal from the presentations and delegations, and in follow up research. I applaud the efforts of everyone who continue to bring their energy and talents to this project. However, it was frustrating to watch certain councillors speak and act in a way that appeared short-sighted and impervious to new, compelling information.
    I was born in Hamilton, educated at McMaster and have personally invested in the core as a property owner and small business owner. I am so proud of the small business owners and community members who have contributed to Hamilton's renaissaance: rebuilding the core, resisting urban sprawl, helping create the cultural scene that is drawing and retaining young, urban professionals and their families. Conversely, there are voices -- young and old, urban and sub-urban -- who are decidely "old Hamilton" in their outlook: car-dependent, pessimistic about Hamilton's future, myopic about what "their taxes" are spent on. Sadly, some of these voices belong to Hamilton city councillors. Perhaps the most pertinent facet of this mindset is the belief that public transit is for the poor, the young, the disabled. I don't think I have to tell you that in great cities, public transit is used by all kinds of people because it is a desirable choice. LRT will be fast, reliable, comfortable, and accessible. The $1B investment from the province is an incredible opportunity at what is already a turning point in Hamilton's history. Please, do not squander it.

    Audrey Patocs, MSc., Bsc.

  • Tim Carr says,

    Hopefully it is more efficient fuel-wise and labour-wise. We need to move away from burning so much to get around and LRT is part of that equation.

  • Tom Burrows says,

    It's time to build the LRT. I resent the obfuscation and misinformation that has been all too prevalent.

  • Raymond Braun says,

    YES !! You have photos of Halle in E.-Germany,
    and all the other small European cities. Halle,
    SW of Berlin, same size, pop., as Hamilton. But, most of
    these smaller cities use a 1 m track, which takes less
    space and gives same capacity. Consider that.
    We lost out 30 yrs. ago on the Monorail, offered free to
    the mountain (thr. a tunnel) - had we accepted this,
    the E-W LRT would already exisat.........
    Hamilton go for it !! Raymond Braun, Dundas

  • Aaron Weafer says,

    To whom it may concern.

    Please continue your efforts to invest in our city and in particular through increasing public transit. My concern that this issue remains a debate is only exceeded by my frustration in the short sighted selfishness of certain members of Council. I want to encourage our elected officials to continue to invest into Hamilton. The restoration of this city is an attainable goal, but just in the way that lower city residents pay to carry the increased costs of services (per capita) for those up the mountain; we need to remember that we share this city. Investment into one neighbourhood benefits the whole city. Can Council (and residents) please keep in mind the long term future of Hamilton. Let us be the generation that took this city from the pain of the past to the hope of the future. Good luck. We are with you!

  • Michelle Sylvain says,

    It's unbelievable to me that this isn't be built as soon as possible. With a city like Hamilton that is growing with each passing month, there is no reason to not move forward with this.

    Having an LRT will connect this city and give those without vehicles more opportunities to get where they need to be. I live in the east end and during Ti-Cats games, it's ridiculous how many vehicles line the streets. Imagine if there was an LRT that would allow people to come and go with ease. That applies for just about any other event in this city.

    My husband and I moved here from Toronto in June and cannot, for the life of us, understand why the building of an LRT is being contested.

    Please help your citizens and help your city become even greater. Build the LRT.

    Michelle & Mark

  • marg webster-hutton says,

    As the parents of a young urban planner, our family has purchased 3 homes in Hamilton in the past 2 years because we understood that the LRT was a sure thing. We feel strongly that Hamilton's future prosperity is heavily dependent upon the construction of the LRT and we have invested heavily in Hamilton because of this belief. We cannot imagine how anyone could think otherwise.

  • William Harvey says,

    Keep moving on the LRT for the future of Hamilton. Hold Wyne to her promise for funding the LRT for Hamilton.

  • Christopher Wilson says,

    Make this happen. This is important to our cities future. Those who attempt to confuse or disregard the overwhelming support in favour of moving forward need to be dealt with accordingly. It's frustrating as a progressive city.

  • Paula Randazzo says,

    Great News! And about time. Looking for to watching our city Progress!!!

  • Lisa Hind says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT to increase economic stability, to move all of Hamilton ( and the people ) into the 21st Century. The LRT will increase accessibility of people with mobility issues. The LRT will decrease petroleum pollution in the soil, water and air which are all very beneficial things. I completely support getting the LRT moving forward for ALL the people of Hamilton.

    Sincerely, Lisa Hind

  • Julie Lostracco says,

    The small but vocal 'anti' group has been misled that the money can be shared for other projects throughout the city. This will lead to a permanent dismissal of all the benefits for future vibrant connections for Hamilton. Please make this clear to all Hamiltonians.

  • Susan Inch says,

    I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. I am dismayed by the recent actions and comments of some of city Council who are trying to put a damper on the LRT project in Hamilton. I want all of Council to get on with it and let this project go forward as smoothly as possible. I will also be watching the vocal Councillors opposing this project very carefully to see if they try to cause an impasse in negotiations on any issue with the province in an effort to get out of the deal with a simple majority next term. In that case, I will make every effort to ensure they do not form part of the next Council.

  • Vanessa Robicheau says,

    The LRT will be a welcome addition to our growing City.

  • Usha Daniel says,

    I support LRT. I support our City's revitalization. I Support the new jobs it has and will continue to create. The Councillors opposing it should understand that this will only improve our city

  • Ali Reza Gholipour says,

    Just wanted to say that this is a great project for Hamilton and will change how we share public space, access to small business, stroll around and feel safe while walking. This city's reputation and quality of life for the residents will improve.
    Hope that this project takes off.
    A. Gholipour

  • Janet Booy says,

    Dear council,
    I travel abroad frequently and I am alway impressed by the wonderful LRT and pedestrian friendly streets with ample bike lanes in major European cities such as Bordeaux.
    I truly hope that you can all work together to make Hamilton an amazing city with accessible, affordable transit for all, starting with the LRT. Let's make the LRT vision a reality.

  • Tony Hill says,

    I hope to see a return to electric public transit.It'll be over 30 years since it was last here,since the trolley buses were withdrawn in 1992.We need mass transit to encourage transit use,and to end overcrowding.It can and should be done.Only consider our city's geography before proceeding. I've made some suggestions a;ready.Let's do it!

  • Lori Moulden says,

    Dear Council,
    I write today from my home in East Hamilton. I hope to share my unwavering support for the LRT project with a few brief words. I am born and raised in this beautiful city and so proud to call it home. I have made a thoughtful decision to stay and hopefully one day raise a family of my own here. Today I walk, bike, drive, and bus to get around and I hope to continue to rely less on my car as our city continues to evolve.

    I don't see a way our streets can support our expected population growth other than to make bike and transit an easier, faster, and more cost effective way to get around the city.

    Please do what is best for the future of Hamilton, vote YES for LRT!


    "the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit" - Nelson Henderson

  • Matthew Nash says,

    Dear Council,

    Say yes to LRT!

    Hamilton is being given a 1 billion dollar opportunity to develop our transport network, encourage density downtown, and improve our air quality.

    If you have ever travelled around the world - as well as in Canada - LRT is consistently a key part of an efficient multi-modal transportation network. It is fast, it is cost-effective, and uses less space than other mass-transit options. Recently, I used the LRT system in Portland and was thoroughly impressed by the speed, light-changing control and consistency of the LRT. There were no drive-bys. It ran every ten minutes to the second. It even went out of the city, seamlessly speeding up alongside a highway. This type of convenience, predictability and versatility make LRT the right choice for all ambitious cities.

    The numerous studies have proven LRT will raise property values and increase city coffers. I just have to suppose that city councillors have not read them or are not humble enough to trust the experts.

    Finally, LRT is all electric. We have the dirtiest air in this region. The dirtiest air in this region! We have a climate change problem. Let’s start by putting modern, clean modes of transportation in our network. Remember this is just the first of many LRT projects. These will connect to local and regional rail networks, eventually becoming a seamless transportation experience like the ones across Europe and North America.

    Please support LRT.

    Thank you,

    Matthew Nash

  • David Colacci says,

    The time has come to stop delays on LRT and start to concentrate on making the line the very best it can be positively affecting the entire city!

  • Penny Fedora says,

    No, no, no to the LRT. We have a great bus system with room to improve. One billion is the tip of the ice burg. There are better priorities then the LRT. We don't need it.

  • Eva Bruni says,

    I support the LRT it will decrease traffic congestion and provide more opportunities for convenient public transit. This is a progressive move and would complement's Hamilton's rejuvenation well.

  • Christopher Hunt says,

    I have just come back from a visit to Richmond, Virginia, which is completely stuck in the mid-20th-century motor-car mentality. You see only the occasional city bus, and there are hardly any passengers. Everyone drives everywhere, and the city has been allowed to sprawl suburbanly, the assumption being that everyone has access to a car. OK to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. The old philosophy of organizing cities around the car was a big mistake, and is now completely obsolete. Hamilton must come into the 21st century. We are fortunate that the "linear" nature of the Lower City is well suited to a light rail line.

  • Robert King says,

    The community I live in needs better public transportation service and the street I live on and the surrounding area will be served by the Kenilworth and Queenston/Main Traffic Circle stations on the LRT line which will greatly improve the area's access to downtown Hamilton, the two Go stations, and McMaster University as well as all the other areas along the length of the line.

    Many cities I've been to in Europe and the United States have built and benefitted from light rail lines and Hamilton needs to do the same in order to enhance mobility and livability and be competitive with other jurisdictions that are investing in their infrastructure in order to support business and residential growth or else risk see businesses and people choosing to locate in other municipalities nearby that are like Mississauga or Kitchener-Waterloo, which are building LRT lines.

  • Alison Currie says,

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am writing you to ask for your whole-hearted support for LRT in Hamilton. The opportunity to make a substantial change in how people move through the city of Hamilton is one that comes along very rarely. We’ve been offered funding from the provincial government to support this specific project, and to lose it would be to squander a once in a generation opportunity to initiate long-term positive change.
    As you know, Hamilton has encountered many challenges over the years: practical, economic and social. As more people move into the city and as neighbourhoods regenerate, we return to the crucial question of how to help people move around the city. Like many others, I believe that LRT is the best way forward. Buses are yesterday’s technology; they struggle with weather, the ride isn’t smooth, and they aren’t built for optimal use of space; neither are they built to support the numbers and needs of parents with strollers and citizens who use walkers and wheelchairs. Most of all, buses don’t improve traffic flow because they ARE traffic. We need something that moves more people quickly, efficiently and smoothly.
    In Hamilton we are part of a community of learning and innovation; that means we want and need transportation that is just as forward-looking as our universities and businesses. Building for the future is an investment. It will take time but we have to start soon - to continue to delay simply hinders the potential for development. We all recognize that construction will cause challenges, and I urge each and every one of you to be part of an inventive planning process that helps businesses find ways to function during construction. It won’t be easy, but Hamilton needs this to happen if we are to take our place among Ontario’s cities that are equipped for the future. We can’t afford to be left behind again.
    I urge you to put aside partisan politics and support LRT as something that will benefit our entire city for decades to come. Even if some people currently decry LRT, their children and grandchildren will benefit from it. Like you, I recognize that there are other parts of Hamilton that need transportation support and infrastructure. We have the funding for LRT, let’s build it and then let’s continue on to improve other areas that need it.
    This doesn’t have to be slated as a question of one part of the city versus another; this is about one significant step forward that will then enable us to take further steps in other directions. It will take time and patience and vision, and I believe that if we choose, we can start to make a difference NOW. If we choose not to, we can watch our city wallow in division and become a backwater, as other cities become destinations of choice. I do use public transportation and I can tell you that buses aren’t working. I have lived and worked in cities on three continents and I have seen the difference that a good transit system makes.
    With transportation as with government, there is no perfect system. I am asking you to support the plans for LRT, a good plan to dramatically improve the city’s transportation requirements. I urge you to think of the future so that Hamilton can use this opportunity to become a more successful, more viable and more modern city. I urge you to choose vision over division.
    And can I leave you with one last quotation?

    There is a tide in the affairs of men,
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures. William Shakespeare, from Julius Caesar


    Alison Currie