The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Nick Policelli says,

    Please let’s act quickly on this. It’s almost shovel ready. A big boost for Hamilton. Creates jobs. Economic activity.

  • Bob and Teresa Hanley says,

    How often do you see Labour unions and the Chamber of Commerce emphatically supporting the same issue.
    The LRT is simply the right thing to do. It could be argued that we don't need the LRT but I haven't heard an argument that would sway me from thinking it is the best option for Hamilton's economy and environment. Hamilton is moving in the right direction and this is the shortest path to the finish line.

  • Tim Simmons says,

    AS a lower city resident and downtown business owner I support LRT to modernize our city.

  • Crystle Numan says,

    I would love to see LRT and transit be power of the future of Hamilton transportation: along with cycling ama walking. Cars cannot stay as the first mode.

  • Steve Sut says,

    Get this project started we have investment millions of dollars...let’s no waste those dollars.

  • Kevin McCafferty says,

    Needed. Studied to no end. Voted for. Build it.

  • Diane Eisenberger says,

    Keep Hamilton growing after pandemic.

  • Ryan Janssen says,

    As a resident along the lines of the proposed LRT, I am strongly in favour of directing funds towards LRT.

    It has been appalling to see this file be dangled in front of Hamiltonians for so long, given how many times we have indicated our willingness and support at so many levels. I, for one, am tired of this still being something we're talking about. We have a transportation project researched and ready, with millions already dedicated towards it, and with so many rounds of support from the majority of Hamiltonians and the entirety of City Hall. Let's go already.

    Ryan Janssen

  • Annette Davis says,

    Hamilton’s LRT is needed more than ever

  • Guntars Silders says,

    Please reconsider the Hamilton LRT. It was and remains a good idea.

  • Bill Moore says,

    Hamilton needs this service as a great cheap way to get around the main downtown service area. Our sons live in Calgary that has the C train which opens up the downtown areas and brings people in from the outskirts. This could blossom in Hamilton to connect the entire area. There wouldn’t be a need for over priced P lots and people could afford to come downtown and move around freely by using this service. If it is provided!!

  • Nick Turco says,

    I have been living in downtown Hamilton for 8 years. Waiting every year since I have moved for this project to move forward. It is time to set things right and put this project in place. Provide the infrastructure this city earned and deserves. We have sewage and water lines that are about a century old. This could be a project to inject new technology into our lines and improve our public transit. Push this project ahead and move on.

  • Shawn ODonnell says,

    Hamilton is obviously in the middle of a wonderful Renaissance. So much has been done over the past years to prepare for LRT. Development has already began along the proposed line. It is the very definition of “shovel ready”. Please help to ensure our great city can continue to improve and be future ready. Support Hamilton LRT. Thank you

  • Ellen Southall says,

    I am strongly in support of Hamilton’s LRT plan. This project is very important for our city’s economic progress. It will provide 1000’s of jobs in our City.
    Please support the city to proceed with this already approved project.
    Thank you

  • Laura Nicol says,

    The growing community of Hamilton (with many commuters to Toronto), the LRT was a welcomed necessity.
    Please reconcider the Hamilton LRT and lets get Hamilton moving forward on the right track!

  • Rahim Malekzai says,

    Get LRT going already!

  • Kari Dalnoki-Veress says,

    During these remarkable times we are learning so much about our environment and the role of cities. Never has it been more clear that we need effective public transportation, streets that accommodate cyclists and pedestrians more effectively, and protection for our environment. In these unprecedented times it is also clear that we need jobs to boost the economy. LRT addresses all of these. In fact LRT is such a win, for so many reasons, that the time to act is now: this week, today, this hour. Now.

  • Douglas Gerow says,

    Please bring back our much anticipated LRT.. Hamilton is ready.

  • Paul Carvalho says,

    Our people need this for now and for the future.

  • Holly Di Nicolantonio says,

    Hamilton is a growing city - with that growth there needs to be a reliable way for people to get around. LRT is that solution to get people from one end of the city to the other without needing to congest city streets with more cars! We're now in a time of looking to see how we can grow the Canadian economy internally - this project has already gotten red-tape out of the way and planning on starting before it was unnecessarily shut down. Please look into reinstating this project for the growth of the city, it's economy and looking to the future of what Hamilton means to it's surrounding area.

  • Stuart Karrow says,

    Please get this project back on track. The light rail will bring the community of Hamilton together and help spread the wealth throughout the city. Communities will prosper and business will move in. I support the LRT!

  • Dan Gismondi says,

    I have written the Premier numerous things. I am in full support of this vital program for the City of Hamilton’s future growth. Please build Hamilton’s LRT.

  • Catherine Ahern says,

    Dear Mr. Ford,

    My children are the right age so that when they are teenagers, LRT will provide safe, affordable transportation to and from their high school. This will keep us from needing a second car which will mean we can save better for their educations.

    Thank you for supporting LRT in Hamilton.


  • Brian Coleman says,

    In early January I returned from a trip to Australia and New Zealand where LRT (and heritage streetcars) make public transit easy to use and faster than busses to get to the destination especially in Melbourne.

    New LRT lines had just opened and were carrying more passengers than projected in their business case projections. LRT is definitely the BEST way!

  • Michael Pray says,

    It is time to get Hamilton LRT back on track, it is a perfect time to leverage the investments that have already been made in building this.

  • erich bertussi says,

    build the LRT for god's sake get on with it!

  • Azher Siddiqui says,

    Please build the LRT already!!!

  • Barry Walsh says,

    Why Hamilton needs the LRT
    1.It will reduce Hamilton’s carbon foot print.
    2.Will spur new development along the line.
    3.Increase the lower city’s Tax base, therefore helping the entire city.
    4.So the $185 Million already invested isn’t wasted.

  • George Smith says,

    Hamilton, the people, the environment need the promised LRT- this has been the most reckless and fiscally irresponsible action by the Ontario PC's so far- this has been a total partisan decision that needs to be reversed- Caroline Mulroney- represent the people rather then obeying an unfit premier- do your job

  • Donna Weldon says,

    We need NAY DESERVE to have LRT in Hamilton. Whenever and wherever it is put in place, the community benefits and people use it.

    Make the right decision and out this back on the transition plans for our city.