The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Steve Konkle says,

    Hamilton residents want the LRT rail. Please dont waste all our time and money we have already spent on this project. Make the hamilton LRT happen!

  • Andrew McPhail says,

    Hamilton needs LRT and I support it!

  • Matthew Dugdale says,

    The LRT project has demonstrated its self over and over again that it is the best bang for the buck project for this city.

    The population of this city has been growing at a consistent rate and new development will benefit from a light rail system connecting the busiest parts of hamilton.

    I’m a grown man now with a baby on the way, but since I was a kid the legacy of this city and this province has been talk talk talk and never build anything.

    I remember the discussions of this project while i was a child and now my kid still won’t be able to ride it.

    We have become a city of dreamers with no action, meanwhile we buy up properties along king st, displace people from
    Their homes and then cancel a project making all of this worthless.

    I truly this city is at a turning point, if we continue our path of broken promises, cancelled projects and inability to build infrastructure, then I believe people will see hamilton as a bad investment.

    Please do the right thing and fight for this project

    The people of hamilton want it

    The city needs it

    No more waiting; no more talking, assessments are done, business studies are done

    It’s time to get shovels in the ground.

  • Shane Percy says,

    Please get Hamilton back on track and approve the LRT. The cancellation is based on incorrect math. We deserve better than mistreatment by this failure prone Ford government

  • Kimberley Eng says,

    The LRT is the best solution, and always has been, to promote clean transportation and traffic efficiency while supporting business development. We are fast growing city that requires a LRT.

  • Joanne Edmiston says,

    We have already spent a lot of money on this project for it not to move forward. Land has already been expropriated and the economic viability has already been determined as significant.
    Let’s get on with it and start construction!

  • Andrew Pettit says,

    Dear Task-Force,

    Your affirmation of the democratically made decisions of our community - by putting forward LRT as the task-force recommendation - is crucial on so many levels.

    LRT is the best choice for transit, economic development and environmental impact. It's been voted on by council, won in a defacto referendum last municipal election and is our best foot forward to be the city we'll need to be for the future. Not to mention the critical under-road infrastructure upgrades that are included in the project.

    Please: Do the right and best thing for our great city - keep our LRT project moving forward.



  • Michael Ayotte says,

    We have fought over this long enough. It is the only project that will get people moving and is ready to go. On top of that, the city needs the infrastructure repairs that go along with the LRT. Let’s do this already.

  • Jana Kumar says,

    We need the LRT Hamilton to be resumed. People’s taxes have already been spent on this initiative which we like to keep moving on.

    Please Listen to the people of Hamilton prior decisions.

  • Barry Diacon says,

    My wife and I were recently in Budapest and Prague. Both of these cities have extensive LRT lines (There they call them trams).
    Prague has a population of 1.319 million with 25 tram lines and 882 vehicles. The system had 373.434 million passengers in 2018. There are few cars on the streets because it is faster to get around by tram or subway (There are also 3 subway lines).
    Budapest has a population of 1.764 million with 36 tram lines and 612 vehicles. The system had 393.4 million passengers in 2011. There are also 4 subway lines.
    Hamilton has a population of 536,917. As the population grows the traffic congestion can only be combated by implementing mass transit. Buses get caught in the grid lock. The dedicated tracks of LRT ensure the LRT cars to keep moving their passengers on to their destinations. The tracks are more durable than pavement. The number of drivers needed are less than with buses.
    Many cities in Europe and in the US have proven the advantage of LRT/Trams a long time ago. Our neighbouring municipality of KW is just now reaping the benefits. Hamilton should NOT be left behind.

    Barry Diacon

  • Glen Hodges says,

    Let's not waste the money already sunk into this project. It's the best option for the people of Hamilton, hands down.

  • Anthonios Partheniou says,

    When I think of Hamilton I think about green space but the majority of people see Hamilton in a different way. Hamilton has a reputation of having bad air quality. See this article from the spectator from over a decade ago:

    Our city’s reputation needs to change otherwise no one will want to live here. Not only will people leave the city, but we will also lose the opportunity to be seen as a place for tech companies to grow. There are literally no software tech companies in Hamilton. I’m forced to commute an hour to Mississauga every day. I would love to be working in Hamilton but it is just not feasible due to limited growth. I strongly believe the LRT will promote growth for the city.

    We have already plenty of bike lanes and we are moving in the right direction in terms of changing the public’s perception of Hamilton but we also need LRT for growth reasons. We need this new method of green transportation in Hamilton to change our reputation. There are way too many cars on the road adding to Hamilton’s bad air quality, making our green space less attractive.

  • Chris Osborne says,

    As a senior who no longer drives, public transit is very important. The LRT would provide me with reliable rapid transit that is environmentally friendly. The groundwork has been done. Let's get the future of public transit built now. It is long overdue.

  • Dave Minard says,

    LRT has the highest positive impact for Hamilton in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Multiple studies show the massive benefit this project will bring and Metrolinx's own comparisons show Hamilton LRT has higher net benefits compared to other projects in Toronto.

    Hamilton LRT is the only project of its size that is ready to be implemented. With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, the LRT project is well underway.

    The federal government has offered to cover the funding gap for Hamilton LRT, which was the only reason Mulroney cited for cancelling the project in the first place.

    Given these facts, the best solution is that the task force recommends LRT and any extra funding needed comes from the provincial government or the federal government.

  • Kristin Norris says,

    I live in the suburbs of Hamilton, and still support the LRT 100%. No councillor, mayor, or MPP will get my support and vote without giving support to the LRT. It’s time to move Hamilton into the present with real progress for public transit.

  • Chris Oliver says,

    Build it. Don’t be like Toronto 20yrs behind where they should be transit wise. The infrastructure under the route needs doing anyway. Mac to Centennial Station should be done. Then the busses can get me off the mountain faster.

  • Emily Kulpaka says,

    As a business who was slated for expropriation, paid for a number of assessments, and 4 years of lawyer fees and STILL supports the LRT, allowing it to be canceled at this phase is short sited and shows how little small business and community is valued in this town.

    Finish the expropriations. Don’t have us waste 4 years of our business planning because we had to keep long term plans on hold. Don’t stop the infrastructure growth that the LRT was slated to bring. Don’t stop the increase of accessible transit for a growing special needs and senior population.

    Our roads need, our community need it, our businesses need it.

  • Franz Perez says,

    The Hamilton LRT would go a long way towards encouraging sustainable commuting in the city of Hamilton. Our population centre grows every day, and new industries have been coming in with it, so it is more important than ever to get what could be our transit backbone installed and ready to serve those who live, work, and shop in town. It will also help connect the city to the GO Rail lines and the rest of southern Ontario. Plenty of infrastructure work needs to be done along the line anyways, so merging that work with the LRT construction seems like a no-brainer.

  • Ian Downer says,

    I feel that the LRT option for Hamilton is a key first step to revitalizing Hamilton’s transportation system. TheLRT would give us a sound focal point to build off of for the future.
    My wife and I have the good fortune to travel to many cities with great transportation systems and it becomes an easy way to explore cities from right downtown to the far reaching suburbs.

  • David Coren says,

    It is imperative for the long term health of our City that the LRT moves forward.

    Commerce, public transportation, the environment, all reasons why this project requires support.

    The Federal government realizes this, its time for the province to understand the impact and get on board.

    Thank you

  • RAJ PATEL says,

    We encourage to look at the interest and convince of our future generation after putting long term infrastructure in our city for more easy on transport and environmental friendly atmosfere.

  • Timothy Allan says,

    Hamilton needs this to reviatilize the downtown core and, to alleviate traffic on the 403 and QEW, and give small buisness a chance to thrive.

  • Steve Sut says,

    I live near the b line and it would be nice for senior citizen with mobility issues to have a smooth ride.

  • Azher Siddiqui says,

    Please get LRT back on track. No other option is going to make sense all things considered. Thank you for doing the right thing for this city and ultimately for our planet.

  • Serguei Tchertok says,

    I do not live in an area of the city that would be serviced by the LRT, but I recognize the importance of this project to Hamilton's development. I strongly support the LRT and I encourage the task force to recommend getting it back on track as soon as possible.

  • Kairi West says,

    The LRT would benefit our city tremendously. Keep the momentum going and watch this city thrive. Be smart.

  • Ryan Poole says,

    We have an opportunity to prepare Hamilton for the future, and revitalize our economy.

  • Paul Carvalho says,

    Our community is in desperate need of better transportation services.

  • John McBrien says,

    Please consider LRT as an option for the city. Think 'future' think 'sustainable' think 'progress'.

  • Karan Van Patter says,

    Hamilton needs the light rail. It was promised, we fought for it and we want it.