The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Michael Piekny says,

    Absolute necessity which will ecologically improve transportation while dramatically improving the financial opportunities for surrounding areas.

  • Timothy Simmons says,

    As an owner/operator of a downtown business I feel that LRT will be a long term benefit for everyone as it will increase transit ridership all over the city. LRT will be an anchor for better bus service and less traffic congestion. It will make our growing city more livable.

    Please support LRT.
    Tim Simmons

  • Alex Hoch says,

    I support LRT

  • Anita Tang says,

    Dear councillors,

    As a long time citizen of Hamilton (born and raised) I encourage you to consider pushing forward with the LRT. It would be an invaluable resource once it is in place. Connecting the city along a route will really vitalize the businesses and communities in those areas!

  • ALAN JUDSON says,

    Please vote for the LRT. I really want this city to have world-class transit. The whole area will benefit. Vote for LRT.
    Best - Alan Judson

  • Daniel Morris says,

    Once again Hamiltonians are forced to review a decision we have made over 46 times during this ridiculous debate. We are not short-sighted self-serving sheep who don’t understand the consequences of voting yes for this game changing LRT project.

    Let this be the final time we are forced to scratch this itch! Of course we support LRT. Only morons. Would vote no on this.

  • Dermot Nolan says,


  • Michael Rinaldi says,

    Let's finally make this thing happen!

  • Robert Zeidler says,

    If Hamilton is to be a competitive destination to companies looking to move, we need a LRT to move people through the city while reducing congestion. Let's look forward to a better city.

  • Franz Perez says,

    I am very excited that Hamilton is finally moving forward with LRT. The best time to implement mass transit that actually serves the population was yesterday, but the second best time is today, and the LRT is a great step in that direction. Reducing congestion and pollution will help make our downtown more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly.

  • Emily Wright says,

    I fully support moving ahead with LRT. It will move our city forward and draw more young professionals to Hamilton. A vote for LRT is a vote for progress and growth. Please choose progress and vote for LRT.

  • Ellen Morris says,

    There are so many good reasons for Hamilton to finally get shovels in the ground on this project, most importantly because modern public transit systems are key to achieving a carbon neutral environment. Let’s pass this last hurtle and get moving!

  • Catherine Ahern says,

    I started supporting this when my kids were in pre-school. Please just get it done! By the time this is ready now, they will have graduated from high school, after spending years taking a slow, broken system to get to school.

  • Mike Lock says,

    Please please please get the LRT moving forward!
    This could be something the city would already be benefiting from if it wasn’t for the lack of vision on the council.

  • Nathan Savelli says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT! I hope city council does the right thing and approves getting this project started!

  • Cory Gurevitz says,

    This is a huge opportunity for Hamilton’s future. Do whatever it takes to make this LRT project work. Look at the growth in Waterloo, Toronto and Ottawa. Failure to take advantage of this opportunity, will ensure Hamilton regresses to a tier two city in Canada. Time to step up. Take the money and grow the city!

  • Nicholas Kevlahan says,

    On September 8 please vote to support the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Metrolinx to implement the fully-funded LRT.

    This is an amazing, once in a lifetime investment in Hamilton's future! And the billions in investment couldn't have come at a better time to supercharge Hamilton's economy during our post-COVID recovery!

    Best regards,

    Nicholas Kevlahan

  • David Wilkinson says,

    I am looking forward with great anticipation to the approval of the MOU with Metrolinx so that the Hamilton LRT project can finally be started. Please vote in favour to overcome this final hurdle.

  • Christine Fandrich says,

    Please vote yes to the LRT on September 8th. This has been a process that has been going on for over 10 years. The LRT will be a game changer for Hamilton.

  • Diane Eisenberger says,

    For our children and grandchildren

  • Anna Sharpe says,

    We live on the “mountain” as we like to call it and yes of course we support the LRT. Just because it doesn’t directly affect our way of life up here doesn’t mean we should not support it. We are thankful for the red hill and the linc which does benefit us so we should support the lower city (the core) in the LRT that will benefit everyone greatly.

    I would love a yes LRT lawn sign.

    Thank you,
    Anna Sharpe

  • CHRIS LUCAS says,


  • Margaret Ferizis says,

    Not supporting this investment and project is backwards thinking and an indication that you have no interest in the future of this city. Please look to the future, at least consider the jobs that will be created and the investment money it will bring to a long depressed area of Hamilton.

  • Harley Auty says,

    Please vote “Yes” and support the motion in favour of building the LRT. Stop wasting time and money already spent. The LRT will be good for Hamilton. Go for it!

  • Chris Walton says,

    See the benefits - economically and for a progressive future!
    Vote yes to the LRT!

  • Damian Borrelli says,

    Avoid another fiasco (e.g.,stadium, Cootes Paradise)and please vote for LRT!

  • David Zalepa says,

    It is time to end the debate and decide yes. No study will ever deliver the information you think you need. No studies can predict the future with any degree of accuracy. If that was the case every person that could would have bought as many properties as possible 2 years ago and sold them all this fall. If you think delaying decisions and creating red tape to serve the people you could not be more incorrect . Voters want actions in this city not political debate. Stop trying to look like you are intelligent because I got news for you. You Ain’t’ .
    This City needs development not hot air coming out of your mouths.

  • Mike Demczuk says,

    Support, Support the LRT.

    Nothing in the growth of this great city can be more important. This is the best initiative that can happen to Hamilton.

    Every city I have had the opportunity to travel to Canada & Europe that has the LRT is nothing but great.

    Build this LRT.

    Mike Demczuk

  • Tom Worsley says,

    Don't let this opportunity slip away, WE WANT LRT. !!!!!!

  • Barry K says,

    It's time to move forward and approve this multi billion dollar investment in our city. Tomorrow council will send a message to the world and investment community. What message will it be however? Is Hamilton content being left behind and living in the past, or are we going to be leaders of tomorrow? Are we going to be ambitious?

    It's too late to go back to the drawing board and consider BRT. It's been almost 15 years since LRT was first considered!

    Time for Hamilton to move forward and take its place amoung the leading cites of the future!

    Vote yes for LRT tomorrow!