The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Randy Coutts says,

    Please help Hamilton become a forward-thinking, progressive city! So much time, effort and money has been invested already and cancelling LRT at this point will hurt our city’s continued economic development. LRT MUST CONTINUE!!

  • Deanna Rylott says,

    Hamilton desperately needs the LRT. It would help businesses to grow here, and allow for much easier access to them. The LRT would boost our local economy, and give Hamilton the must needed help it deserves. Please support funding for the LRT.

  • Andrew Milne says,

    The recent announcement that the federal government will support Ontario's transit projects is a great opportunity to keep this project alive and not fall behind by another decade on much needed transit.

  • Steven Hernden says,

    Larger cities such as Hamilton and Toronto need a way to travel efficiently across the city. Hamilton DOES NOT have such a system. the HSR bus system is not efficient and barely covers that need.

    Hamilton needs a LRT system, not just in the lower city, but also in the upper city and travelling between the lower and upper areas of the city.

  • Ian May says,

    I support the Hamilton LRT plan and wish to see it be fixed so Hamilton gets what it was promised.

  • Michael Majcher says,

    As a Hamilton resident I support the LRT and hope you will do the same.
    The LRT is a critical piece of the BLAST network that will enable it to be as good as it was intended at serving the greater Hamilton area. If we don't take this opportunity now to prepare our public transportation for the expected growth in this area we could end up with a similar traffic mess that Toronto deals with on a daily basis. If the right decision is made, such a traffic nightmare can be avoided for Hamilton's future. And it's easier to do this sooner than later. And we may never get another opportunity to get an LRT built later. Please set Hamilton up for success.
    Thank you for what you are doing as part of the task force in determining the best and the right thing to do for Hamilton.

  • Susan Muma says,

    The cancellation of Hamilton's LRT is a travesty. A great deal of money has already been spent; properties have been expropriated, and many have been inconvenienced.

    LRT promises to bring great prosperity to Hamilton. Yes, there will be disruption, but much needed repairs to infrastructure will be completrd as the line is built.

    LRT is and should be the future for Hamilton.

  • Alan Bourke says,

    Hamilton is in dire need of the type of efficient, accessible, and environmentally friendly transit option that the LRT represents. The province should reinstate the funding and follow through on their commitment. Yes LRT!

  • Nate Van Kampen says,

    LRT is the right choice. This has been decided on numerous occasions by both elected officials and experts in the transportation and city planning fields. Investment has already been made in the city because of LRT. Do the right thing and ensure Hamilton moves forward. Build the LRT

  • Adam Chojecki says,

    The LRT will provide so much for a planned future for the city of Hamilton. Instead of looking at the near future like governments tend to do, we should be looking at the future and the LRT will provide a more stable far off future then a BRT ever will, since so many people already take that route to get around every day. This will also provide the HSR with the opportunity to expand service since they can now have busses drop passengers off at stations to get downtown with a more frequent service along main instead of running many busses to downtown Hamilton

  • Andrew Kellner says,

    The city of Hamilton needs a LRT line desperately!!!
    Would make a easier commute through city, bring jobs and a revitalization through the rail corridor/and surrounding area.

  • Tanya Ritchie says,

    It’s not to late to turn this city around. LRT will do so much good at every level. It is an obvious win. Please make the best decision for Hamilton.

  • Michael Muller says,

    My hope for my children's future in Hamilton and Ontario is that they will be able to live in a vibrant accessible place that provides access to opportunity and a great quality of life. One of the reason's I have this hope, is because that vision of Hamilton's future will be much more likely with LRT and the BLAST network throughout the city.
    Please ensure that the promises that were made, and the research that has proven its viability and positive outcomes are realized.
    Thank you

  • Karen Venning says,

    I have lived in cities with LRT and seen firsthand the difference. Transit that we can be proud of encourages everyone to use it, young, old, tourist & local.

  • Ryan Miller says,

    Yes LRT! Province provide max funded as allocated, request funding gap to be provided through federal help.

  • Cynthia Cote says,

    It is vital that the Ontario Government reinstate the funds for the LRT in Hamilton. If left as is, this decision will not only impart residence and businesses in Hamilton, but all in the surrounding area.

  • Brandon Nelson says,

    Light rail, as anyone who has visited European cities of similar size, is the best way to create vibrant communities that are easy to navigate, pedestrian friendly, and have cleaner air. Yes they’re disruptive to install but these are multi generational investments that pay dividends for all residents and visitors.

  • Nancy DeLeeuw says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT. Period.
    This city needs to come into the 2020’s and make it a viable alternative to a very expensive GTA. Our children need the I frastructure of this city urgently updated.

  • Craig Burley says,

    Agreed! The LRT is the best project for the intensive corridor development Hamilton needs to better house or people and protect quality of life for our residents.

  • Joan Hobbs says,

    We need the LRT for our future transportation needs and economic growth in Hamilton. People from Niagara and Burlington/Oakville will use it to commute downtown or to MacMaster University. The core will rebuild and redevelop along the B line instead of more sprawl. With new development we will see our commercial tax base increase.This helps everyone. For our kids and grandkids -please vote "yes" to LRT.

  • Tibor Bocz says,

    Members of the LRT Task Force/

    This note is to pass on my strong, continuing support for the LRT as our preferred option for transit improvement in Hamilton.

    The development of light rail has been demonstrated as critically important and effective to economic improvement and downtown revitalization in many jurisdictions worldwide, including recently in Toronto and Waterloo. More particularly, it is clearly the best option for the proposed transit investment in Hamilton:

    1. LRT has the highest positive impact for Hamilton in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Multiple studies show the massive benefit this project will bring and Metrolinx's own comparisons show Hamilton LRT has higher net benefits compared to other projects in Toronto.
    2. Hamilton LRT is the only project of its size that is "shovel ready" for implementation. With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, the LRT project is well underway.
    3. With the recent federal government offer, this option is fully funded to meet currently projected costs.

    Quite apart from these economic and strategic benefits, this project represents the expressed will of the majority of Hamiltonians as repeatedly demonstrated via polling and the results of municipal elections. The current impasse represents a clear breach of the commitments made between this constituency and their representatives, and this is an opportunity to repair that, and to restore faith in the democratic process.

    Please support the LRT as the preferred option for provincial funding of transit in Hamilton

  • David Kravinchuk says,

    Hamilton's LRT is an investment in the future health of Hamilton's community and economy. And based on the promise of the LRT, thousands of people have already chosen to invest in making Hamilton home.

  • Maria van Nie says,

    Living between both Main and street and King street west in Hamilton, I look forward to the infrastructure invested in the city and slowing down these busy roads. I also agree the LRT will modernize Hamilton bringing it into the 21st century as an exciting and attractive city to be in. HAMILTON is well overdue for this investment and it would be a mistake for it to to be completed.

  • Brenda Thompson says,

    An LRT would connect people and facilitate the kind of urban renewal Hamilton desperately needs.

  • Dan Gismondi says,

    Please build the Hamilton LRT! This project is vital to the continued success of economic development for Hamilton! Hamilton deserves a modern clean mode of transportation for it’s citizens. Let’s move forward with Hamilton’s LRT!!!!!!

  • Christopher Lawson says,

    The LRT is essential to the continued growth of Hamilton. It will make life better for working people by connecting them to jobs and opportunity. Over $100 million has already been spent on the project, and the cancellation was based on bogus figures. The PCs need to keep their promise to Hamilton and reverse their decision to cancel the LRT.

  • Scott Phillips says,

    Reinstate the LRT for Hamilton now!

  • Rob Italiano says,

    A lot has happened since Transport Minister Caroline Mulroney was chased out of town with a police escort back in December after cancelling Hamilton LRT.

    Through leaked documents, there has been VERY clear evidence that the cost estimates she quoted were false. There are ALSO problematic connections with her staff which, once reported, resulted in the transfer of these staff from her office.

    The numbers of LRT supporters have surged as more and more information comes out. More recently, the federal government stepped forward and offered to contribute financially to LRT, but is waiting for a formal request from the province.

    You were established to provide recommendations to Mulroney on how best to spend Hamilton's LRT money and the LRT is still on the table for consideration. You are due to provide your recommendations on March 16.

    Choose LRT for Hamilton and do not squander this opportunity on projects with less impact:

    LRT has the highest positive impact for Hamilton in terms of economic, social and environmental benefits. Multiple studies show the massive benefit this project will bring and Metrolinx's own comparisons show Hamilton LRT has higher net benefits compared to other projects in Toronto.

    Hamilton LRT is the only project of its size that is ready to be implemented. With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, the LRT project is well underway.

    The federal government has offered to cover the funding gap for Hamilton LRT, which was the only reason Mulroney cited for cancelling the project in the first place.

    Given these facts, the best solution is that you recommend LRT and any extra funding needed comes from the provincial government or the federal government.

  • Matt Edmonds says,

    In 2014 I moved from Hamilton to Edmonton, and was so disappointed that I would juuust miss seeing the LRT come to my home town. At the time, it seemed inevitable:

    - multiple studies were unanimous that LRT would have the greatest positive impact on the city (environmentally, socially, and economically)
    - LRT was ready to be implemented immediately
    - funding for LRT has already been committed

    And now, 6 years later, I've moved back home to find exactly as many LRT lines on operation as when I left (ie zero).

    Please Hamilton, please get this one right. The world is full of hard questions, but this is not one of them. LRT is the obvious answer, and it's not close. If Edmonton can do it, I'm sure we can.

  • Bernie Geiger says,

    We need LRT to replace gas guzzling buses, save on operating costs and give public transit a presence.