The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Sandro Giulietti says,

    All the work that has been done money invested time

  • Mateo Larrazabal says,

    It is ridiculous that the province is canceling this project. The LRT has the potential to completely revitalize the downtown core of Hamilton whilst providing an eco-friendly transit alternative to local Hamiltonians. Get this project back on track and give the city the investment it deserves.

  • Helen Sadowski says,

    As we prepare for a future where our planet is in extreme crisis we must take the necessary steps to do what we can. Investing in infrastructure and public transit. This is absolutely a necessary part of our work to make sure our children and grandchildren have a future.

    It was extremely disappointing to see how much the Ontario government obfuscated about why they cancelled the Hamilton LRT project. They refuse to provide documentation and it would appear that they have lied. It's unacceptable to avoid accountability for decisions that impact society so much.

    Perhaps our only saving grace will be the Liberal federal government who do believe in climate change and whose Infrastructure Minister has already expressed concerns.

    Heen Sadowski

  • Margaret Moore says,

    This province needs to invest in public transit and infrastructure and the cancellation of this project was not well explained Or justified. Please reconsider. Also the highways are full along the QEW. We need to move people to good reliable LRT as a long term solution. Yes

  • Andrew Thomson says,

    While I dont live in Hamilton, I support the the construction of the Hamilton LRT as it is surely needed. It will result in economic growth in Hamilton, attracting development in the core of the City.

    Should the project get back on track it should be expanded. The LRT should be expanded so that it runs from the Aldershot GO station in Burlington and terminates at the new GO station on Centennial.

  • Susani Muma says,

    I want the LRT on Hamilton. We need it. There has been too much done and too much money spent to cancel it. Tha decision to cancel the LRT was thoughtless and was a betrayal of pur municipality. We need the LRT and the progress it will bring to our city.

  • Frank DeCurtis says,

    This was a huge mistake please correct and give the city what it deserves

  • George Smith says,

    Hamilton has so much potential- it is an amazing city as it transforms itself into something that will fit in with the natural beauty of the area- the Burlington Harbor is getting cleaner, the Escarpment is a natural wonder, number of waterfalls, rivers and so much more- as Hamilton moves away from heavy industry into more of a health care center- an LRT would be great- it would prove that Canada, Ontario and the City of Hamilton are actually investing in phasing out oil as the backbone of our transit moves and economy

  • Ian Fox says,

    Updated transit is needed in our city. Buses are jammed. It helps update infrastructure and also moved this city forward with investment along the LRT corridor.

  • George OVEREND says,

    Please deliver our LRT because it will be so beneficial to our city. Reverse this awful mistake.

  • Scott Phillips says,

    Get back with the funding for the LRT in Hamolton or you can lose my vote for the next 15 years at least.

  • Bryan Webber says,

    We moved to Hamilton in Jan 2018. One of the attractions was the city’s progressive transit plan that included LRT. In the fall of 2018, I canvassed extensively for my ward candidate that was pro LRT, and she won. I also supported Mayor Eisenberger, as a pro LRT Mayoralty candidate, and he won. Premier Ford acknowledged this democratic outcome and committed his support to the project.

    The decision to withdraw this support, with a confusing interpretation of the project’s capital and operating costs is unjustifiable, and easily corrected with a retraction.

    Let’s get on with this overdue and fully considered investment, that will prove to be a strategic decision in the renewal of this city.

  • Chris Ewing-Weisz says,

    As a Hamilton resident who works with people of all income levels from across the city, I see a huge need for the prompt completion of the promised LRT. It would allow transit-dependent people to cross the city much more expeditiously than is currently possible -- important to allowing our most vulnerable citizens to access jobs and training -- and would encourage others who currently drive to take transit, relieving both congestion and pollution. Few projects can claim to do so much for so many.

    Having the LRT would also bring much-needed economic development into the core area, and provide the key initial artery of an eventual broader rapid transit system that could tie the whole city together.

    The province must not renege on promised resources that will make such an important difference to Hamilton and Hamiltonians.

  • Jackie Lodder says,

    Transportation equity for all will change lives and change the way Hamiltonians interact with thier city.
    Bus congestion is a real thing in downtown Hamilton and light rail is the best and most reliable alternative,

  • Nick Policelli says,

    I was excited about an LRT line being constructed only to have our hopes dashed by the recent cancellation. It has been indeed frustrating as the project has dragged on for 10 plus years and should have been constructed much sooner if there was no controversy .
    Please reconsider and reverse this decision please ASAP. !!

  • Marina Joseph says,

    We recently purchased a condo at 36 James St. S., downtown Hamilton. Included in our buying decision was the fact that, at the time, the LRT had been approved. We looked forward to the environmental, personal and economic advantages of the LRT. Seemingly this has become a political matter. Always interested in knowing both sides of the issue, however at this point, it appears as though Ford has made a bad call on pulling the project.

  • Deborrah Sherman says,

    Although my neighbourhood, age and usual destinations make me highly unlikely to use it myself, I am nonetheless dismayed and frankly disgusted by the cancellation of Hamilton's LRT - particularly since that decision seems to be based on bad or faked math. Hamilton needs reliable, accessible transit not just to grow, but to remain viable as a city and to keep a healthy tax base within the core. If this betrayal of Hamilton is not corrected, no Conservative candidate for any level of government will be welcome to call or knock on my door.

  • Taylor Marchand says,

    It will make Hamilton great again Hey more work for Hamilton it will create more jobs for the city

  • Dolores Smith says,

    We need the LRT to continue to flourish this wonderful City! New businesses are opening constantly and We are in the top Restaurants!!!

  • Matthew Allen says,

    My wife and I have chosen to make Ward 3 our home since 2015, when we relocated from another neighbourhood in Hamilton. At the time, we put heavy consideration into many factors involving our move, not the least of which was the proximity to the proposed LRT line.
    Today we lead a busy family with two young children and make use of all local amenities, both new and well-established. Every day, we work to instill environmental consciousness and community pride in our kids. They have both taken many trips on HSR buses as we explore the city.
    I have worked downtown for almost twenty years. New employment opportunities in the area often present themselves to my wife. We are both employed in the public sector, paying into, and receiving significant benefits from, municipal, provincial and federal taxes. Reliable public transit makes sense to our family for a variety of reasons.
    Part of the lure of the LRT to us is the vision it demonstrates by current city planners, politicians and citizens. We are proud to live in Hamilton where forward-thinking individuals and organizations work to ensure that short-term economic and infrastructure development aren’t anathema to the sustainability and environmental realities that the future generations of this city will face.
    In our opinion, this project is more than a symbol. It’s proof to our children that we have their best interests at heart. It’s a commitment to work on real solutions that will lessen their burden. It’s an opportunity to teach them how to live in a modern urban area where public transit is their first choice in moving around. It’s a chance to show them that short-term inconvenience can have meaningful results that last decades. It’s a demonstration that opportunity is not to be missed. It’s a call to make this city better...for now and then.

  • Eugene Ellmen says,

    The province has a choice to make: support low-carbon, affordable and sustainable development in Hamilton with the LRT, or continue our current car-oriented development, choking our streets with vehicles and parking lots, and costly and polluting auto transportation.

  • Rob Italiano says,

    Your numbers are FAKE! Bring back the LRT!

  • Christopher maynard says,

    I 100% support the city building that the investment in LRT represents.

  • Kim Kilburn says,

    The long term effect of cancellation of the project will put Hamilton in Toronto's position .....severely lacking in transportation infrastructure and struggling to catch up and find money to do so!Development in Hamilton is growing and contributing to the economy of the City and its tax base. Please be forward thinking about how the transit system should be keeping pace with growth. That's the job elected officials are bound to do. It's never a good thing to be looking backwards....woulda,coulda,shoulda always costs tax payers more in the end.

  • V Wayne Elshawĺ says,

    I have always supported LRT and always will. It is a much-needed city building project. It will also do much to fight climate change.

    Hamilton is Open For Business

    Promises Made. Promises Kept?

  • Dwayne Green says,

    This is necessary.

  • MARK POOLE says,

    I cannot say just how utterly disappointed I was when it was stated that our LRT, with which had so many promises and guarantees from all levels of government with an incredible amount of debate prior to come to the right conclusion, that this project is moving forward for all the right reasons. To then, have it at last minute be shelved like it was no big deal, with fuel of this Provincially lit fire to be also further fueled with lies and deceit. How can we go ahead trusting this government on this matter let alone, many other matters big or small with Ford's Tories with final say.

  • Cheryl Steeves says,

    Let's get back on track. This province needs to be accountable.

  • Diana Billings says,

    I have lived in Hamilton for 62 years. My Dad a 86 yr resident, tried to get hamilton to look at the light rail going up the mountain long before the lrt was even a vision. By not pushing this system and growing our city,we are stunting our growth and stopping new job production. Let get with the new century ppl.

  • Brett Staffen says,

    Your cancellation of the Hamilton LRT was unprofessional and very demeaning to the people of Hamilton. We can make our opinion known now, and you can restore the Hamilton LRT, or we can make it known in the next provincial election. Your choice. Do the right thing.