The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Nicholas Kevlahan says,

    Dear Mayor and Council,

    It is almost exactly 14 years since the Provincial government promised to fund an LRT system for Hamilton: June 15 2007.

    The time for delay, hesitation, and ever more conditions is long over. This project has been extensively studied by the City, the Province and the Federal government and found to provide a huge net benefit to Hamilton.

    The Federal and Provincial governments are making an incredible offer, far beyond what Council was hoping for back in May 2008 when you voted to pursue LRT with "full Provincial funding of the direct capital costs".

    Please TAKE YES FOR AN ANSWER, and vote to negotiate an MOU to accept $3.4 billion in external funding to build LRT and upgrade other infrastructure in Hamilton! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nicholas Kevlahan

  • Michael Majcher says,

    What other city anywhere would turn down a 3.4 Billion dollar investment?

    How many other cities are already salivating at the thought of getting their hands on this investment if the current greater Hamilton city council decides to turn it down? Why do they see their cities as deserving of such an investment that the current greater Hamilton city council doesn't see for ours?

    Both the Provincial and Federal governments have done their homework and determined that the greater Hamilton area as the right place to make this investment TODAY. What real, justifiable reasons could there possibly be for turning away what is most likely to be a one time only opportunity?

    So many great cities around the world have obviously determined that light rail transit was, not only the right thing to do from a transit perspective, but also an integral part of making their cities great. Why does the current greater Hamilton city council not think that LRT would contribute to our city in the same way? Why would they think that our city is not deserving of such an opportunity to be just as great? Do they really not believe in Hamilton?

    Why does our current council not see that the greater Hamilton area needs a capable transit system with a spine, the starting point of a great transit plan?

    Why does council not think that we could take full advantage of such an opportunity to prepare for the people that are projected to move here? Why do the people that live her today not deserve a better transit system? Why do they not see that LRT would be a huge contributing factor in the greater Hamilton area's Climate Emergency Plan?

    This could very well be the only chance we get for such an investment, one that would be be transformative for sure. This is an opportunity to prepare the greater Hamilton area and it's citizens for the future, to give them an even better future. Current council needs to think not only about today, but also for how to prepare our city for tomorrow. And they need to find the courage, the wisdom, the foresight and desire to do that. The same thing that so many other cities seem to be able to do. You can either let fear hold you back, or you can let courage move you forward!

    Mike Majcher
    Ward 5

  • Tom Weisz says,

    Vote yes, and get the work started.
    Any further delay is completely unwarranted. Some people want ironclad assurances about all details of the project, but there is no way to do that. Previous experiences in other cities give the best indication, and that history is a good one.
    Also remember that much of the cost of this project would be in salaries to the workers involved, which is then taxed. The income that people then in and around the city spend is also taxed. All of this further reduces the actual costs involved. Let's see a cost/benefit analysis that takes this thinking into account.

  • BrianPlease approve the LRT Project. It has the most bebefit for the city Coleman says,

    Please approve the LRT project. It has the most benefits for the city is is approved technology now.

  • Donna LaFroce says,

    Dependable public transportation is critical to support our efforts towards an inclusive Hamilton. City Council for all Hamiltonians - current and future, please vote for the LRT.

  • Maureen McKeating says,

    No more delays on LRT. The city of Hamilton needs this resource in order to grow and thrive. This issue has been discussed for too long. It’s time to take the money and run to LRT. A vote for LRT is a vote for an exciting future for this city.

  • Kyle Doucette says,

    The City of Hamilton cannot afford any further delay in the delivery of the LRT.

    Using this time to upgrade infrastructure and increase transit capacity in the lower City will provide a solid foundation for future growth.

    The members of City council voting against the MOU should be ashamed of themselves. Comparing a multi-billion dollar transit system to building a deck is ludicrous and the good people of Hamilton should not have to listen to what is clearly a distraction tactic, meant to sway impressionable and uninformed citizens.

    Contracts for projects of this scale are much more complex than a bill of materials for some minor home renovations and they will most certainly take into account market fluctuations. A P3 allows a private party to develop an innovative and cost effective solution to delivering the project, all while offering value for money for the ultimate Owner of the asset. A strongly worded and diligently enforced contract will ensure that all levels of government have made a sound investment that represents the best interests of all taxpayers.

    You need not look farther than Toronto to see what decades of transit underfunding can do to the mobility of the City. Do not make the same mistakes as Toronto City Council of past years. Do not waste this opportunity to build a truly livable City.

  • Patricia and Dennis Baker says,

    Please let Hamilton at least catch up with some of the forward thinking towns/cities in Ontario and across Canada. We need to decrease the use of individual cars and this will not happen without an efficient and speedy fast transit system. The LRT will be the start to such a system. I saw what happened in Ottawa with their disaster of BRT - now they are paying for their own LRT. We don't need to make this mistake - please, councillors, don't just think of your fiefdoms but of the city as a whole.

  • Joe Curto says,

    Please release MOU to proceed with LRT. For the councillors who oppose the LRT can you please let the citizens of Hamilton how the city plans to pay for infrastructure upgrades needed if the LRT is not built.

  • Ann Lawton-Barry says,

    This is an opportunity not given to too many cities...please do not delay your decision to go ahead any more.

    We have witnessed light rail in many countries - the last being in the new part of Rio de Janeiro. LRT was always full.
    A great endorsement.
    Other countries ...Greece, Italy, for example....always busy LRT.

  • Klaas Walma says,

    Please get this done. Every delay contributes to climate change by encouraging private vehicle use and prevents increased prosperity by discouraging investment and people moving here.

  • Kathy Bresnahan says,

    Let’s get this done. Time for our city to demonstrate it has some vision.

  • robin zilberg says,

    Please stop delaying

  • Catherine Clase says,

    Please move ahead with this now so that our city can plan around it, and look forward to it.

  • Cathi Hachey says,

    Please move forward with the LRT. The future of Hamilton depends on this. Make Hamilton great, for everyone.

  • Robert Perrault says,

    Stop wasting taxpayer time and money on lengthy bureaucratic delays. The majority of Hamilton citizens want to get this thing moving.

    Please use your voice and influence to get LRT in Hamilton approved and a shovel in the ground. If you disagreed with LRT, it's time to concede. There is too much momentum and support behind this with all levels of government and the will of the citizens of the entire city of Hamilton.

  • Guntars Silders says,

    Please do the right thing and support the Hamilton LRT.

  • Robert Brosius says,

    The LRT project has been delayed enough. This is sink or swim time for a $3.4 Billion investment in our community. Council must negotiate a Memorandum of Agreement expeditiously so our community can retain this huge investment in Hamilton's future development. It will be unforgivable if Council delays and we lose the investment to another community.

  • Petra Zantingh says,

    Please stop the delay and move on this. Thank you

  • Michael Lock says,

    Federal government stated the money was for LRT or nothing.
    How on earth are we still talking about this. We are being gifted 3.4 BILLION but you need to think about it?????

    As the council has already wasted 13 years its no surprise that the Feds had to give a take it or leave it approach to this to ensure a decision was made.

    If I have to explain to my kids once they are teenagers why our transit system sucks. If it's because our councilors turned down a few billion in investment.
    Don't be Toronto and wait until the system is overwhelmed. Build it now. Fix the roads. Fix the sewers and TAKE THE MONEY and stop acting like spoiled brats!

  • Jana Kumar says,


    Think for the future and vote for LRT. Canada is growing and so Hamilton. Make this city grow with other North American cities.

    Do your job and think about the future generations!!!

  • marg webster-hutton says,

    Our family has purchased 4 houses in Hamilton in the past 4 years on the basis of the understanding that they would be well placed to access the coming LRT. We have seen what the LRT has done for other communities and CANNOT imagine what is causing Hamilton's delay. Please take the generous offer of support from the Federal and Provincial governments and move into the future. You don't want to be remembered as the council that threw their future all away.

  • Shane Percy says,

    Please let's get this done. This endless debate is causing Hamilton to fall behind.

  • Lorraine Moss says,

    I live on the mountain but I support lrt, it will benefit all of hamilton in the long run!

  • Azher Siddiqui says,

    Dear councillors,
    Let's build LRT already!
    Thank you!

  • Gemma Corless says,

    HELP Hamilton catch up to our neighbouring cities with the LRT. Create jobs in these economically troubled times. I am seeing buildings being taken down and I am ready to see our new transit system put up.

  • Connie Smith says,

    I urge council to move forward. I have witnessed too many missed opportunities and delayed but inevitable projects that end up costing twice as much and more.
    Think of the city’s future. Don’t let Hamilton miss out, get left behind and mired in skyrocketing residential tax base when development nosedives.

  • Joan Hobbs says,

    Please vote for LRT on Wednesday. We need LRT to move Hamilton into the future. We will also reap the benefits of updated infrastructure at the same time. We do not want to be a generation of “users”. Improve our city for the next generations. .Don’t be the Council that let this terrific opportunity slip through your fingers. Vote “Yes”.

  • Raymond Braun says,

    You must go for LRT !! Look at Waterloo - Kitchener's.
    Theirs is longer and cost only 900 Million ................
    We lost out 33 yrs. ago with the Monorail up the Mountain.
    LRT would be running if had accepted ! A Mountain spur is a must. TAKE. IT !! Raymond Baun. Dundas
    (905) 628-1289

  • Sean Springer says,

    We need to act now.