The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • Wayne Baker says,

    Light rail transit is the right thing for the city of Hamilton. It will provide high quality rapid transit service as well as encourage investment along the lines constructed.

  • Roger Mann says,

    Everyone, from large and small business owners, clients, customers and employees, to inhabitants of Hamilton and surrounding communities, stands to gain from an evolving transportation and communication system. Don't blow this opportunity to acquire the significant boost to future prospects of a functioning LRT system.

  • Naomi Kane says,

    Transportation available for all seems like a no brainer to me. I drive everywhere in Hamilton because I have mobility issues. Better more accessible public transit would be a boon to me, my even older mother and the people in our family that would like to visit us.

  • Michel Ray-Zarate says,

    Hello councillors,

    I have been sending you near daily emails to implore you to do the right thing for our city and future generations by eliminating any more delays on this project. Vote yes to the motion on June 16th and get shovels in the ground ASAP and build the Hamilton LRT.

    Thank you for your time,

    Michel Ray-Zarate

  • Alice Preston says,

    I lived in Kitchener when it went in there and I am sure it is a good thing.

  • Mike Colyer says,

    For goodness sakes, get on with it. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. It has been demonstrated over and over again that this project benefits the city as a whole, as do the the library in Waterdown, the arena in Flamborough and various other civic improvements I will never use. If you want to see your taxes rise, think about the costs of city infrastructure this will cover that you will pay for big time if you say no. Get over the pettiness, get this done! We will never see an investment of this magnitude again if you say no. If you turn this down, don't you dare whine when your taxes increase. Do it!

  • Leanne Huizenga says,

    This is needed so very much to help this city with its infrastructure as well as creating smart transit. Please stop stalling Hamilton’s progress. Investment in the downtown is desperately needed!

  • Jesse Gallant says,

    Please pass this, Hamilton needs this to progress into the future, waiting any longer will just hold the city back.

  • Tony Hill says,

    I think the LRT should be built to different specifications and not all a once. I should go from downtown to Concession St. and replace the mountain buses to THE McNab Terminal We need a uniquely Made for Hamilton solution.

  • Jake Simpson says,

    I am for the LRT. Please build and revitalize the downtown core!!

  • Richard Moore says,

    Please press forward with LRT!!! Let's get Hamilton moving toward a bright future!!


    I have read all the articles on LRT and strongly support it.
    Any councillor who does not support it has no vision to make Hamilton Great. Good Councilors make decisions for the betterment of the City and not just decisions to get reelected.
    Approximately 150 years ago Hamilton Council approved the building of our original Water Treatment plant on Woodward Avenue. At the time it was considered very expensive. Fortunately enough Councilors had the vision to approve the project in turn making Hamilton Great!

  • Robert Zeidler says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT to continue to add jobs to the core. We need the next generation of tech companies to make Hamilton their home. Without the LRT, they will look to other cities for their offices. Kitchener-Waterloo, our biggest competitor for tech investment, has already completed their LRT. Let's take the cash and get going!

  • David Wilkinson says,

    I strongly support the Hamilton LRT and urge council to move forward with this initiative with all possible speed. Good ideas are too often allowed to wither by delay and this cannot be allowed to happen with the LRT. Where other cities already have their LRT systems up and running Hamilton has wasted valuable years of city building already. Let's get it done.

  • Bryan Webber says,

    Dear Councillors.

    I appeal to your broader responsibilities as decision makers for the City of Hamilton.

    On Wednesday, June 16, please support the motion to pursue an MOU for LRT in Hamilton.

    Yes, there is some level of uncertainty about the precise costs to operate this transit option, however I believe it is safe to say the revenues will cover these expenses for the most part, over and above the infrastructure that gets replaced (so that city infrastructure dollars can be spent elsewhere) and a return to a more reasonable commercial/residential tax ratio.

    This is an unthinkably large cash infusion in our city, at a time when it is desperately needed. I would like each of you to remembered for making a strategic decision for the betterment of our whole city on so many fronts, for the benefit of generations that will follow us.

    Thank you for reading my note.

    Bryan Webber

  • David Simpson says,

    I am a long time resident of Waterdown and despite what Partridge says many of my fellow residents want to see the LRT project to proceed. I agree with what Danko said today in the Spectator. David Simpson

  • Jenn Brasch says,

    I am a psychiatrist and I work in downtown Hamilton. I support the LRT project. Many of my patients are on social assistance. I believe LRT will benefit them with easier transportation through the city, economic development bringing new jobs, increased housing density offering competitive rents and other opportunities. Please support this important project--it will change the city.

  • Joan Heels says,

    Get on with it! The City of Hamilton needs the LRT. No more delays, please!

    Vote FOR for LRT, and anything associated with the LRT.

  • Joan Heels says,

    Get on with it! The City of Hamilton needs the LRT. No more delays, please!

    Vote FOR for LRT, and anything associated with the LRT.

  • Alison Rogers says,

    It's for the future! There are strings attached -imposed by the province and feds - so there is no other option. It's take it or leave it. For the sake of the city, TAKE IT!!

  • James Galvin says,

    Stop delaying the vote on the LRT MoU, pass the memorandum and let's get the LRT project moving. The City of Hamilton cannot afford to lose a $3.4M investment in transit and infrastructure.

  • Steve Smashnuk says,

    It would be completely short sighted to turn this away. Hamilton is stagnant and needs an injection.

  • Rob Italiano says,

    The momentum is building. EVERYBODY'S engagement over the past few weeks has helped reignite a sense of urgency on the LRT issue. We are closer to the finish line, but we need to keep up the pressure as LRT opponents are trying to delay and derail progress. Once again, LRT opponents are trying to delay this step to run out the clock. If we don't keep on schedule, we will lose this $3.4 Billion opportunity to another community. The motion has already been delayed once and we can't afford to keep delaying further.

  • Marion Brooks says,

    we need the LRT for the future growth of our city

  • Matthew Nash says,

    Dear Council,

    Support LRT. It is a once in a generation opportunity to enhance our transportation infrastructure, decrease traffic and pollution, and jump start the economy after COVID, including providing jobs for years to come. I took the b-line from Eastgate to Mcmaster for years and it was plagued with passenger drive bys, dangerous passing and crowding. I, along with the majority of Hamiltonians, voted for LRT and the future of our ambitious city.


    Matthew Nash

  • Dan Gismondi says,

    Please move forward immediately with Hamilton’s LRT!!

  • Sarah Kovacs says,

    I am in full support of LRT in Hamilton. We have every reason to move forward with this incredible opportunity. LRT will help our entire city by stimulating economic opportunities and fund needed infrastructure improvements along the corridor. Transit investment in the core will allow us to improve transit service all over the city by freeing up HSR resources currently servicing the core.

    Opportunities for multi-level government investment in massive public transit with lasting positive effects for our city don't come along all the time. It's time to say yes to LRT !

  • Stephen Smith says,

    The LRT is the greatest step forward for Hamilton, and the region of the last decade, and it positions Hamilton for the next half century as a city not just surviving but thriving.

    Public transit means opportunities for people and fewer cars on the road for those who are using them.

  • Richard Beauchamp says,

    I lived for over 40 years in Hamilton, and am now in Burlington, with frequent time spent in Hamilton. I remain attached to the City of Hamilton, and am highly supportive of building the LRT as one important component of urban modernization.
    Lots of information has been presented to demonstrate that the LRT is beneficial to the entire city, not merely the downtown, as a function of increased tax revenues realized through this development.
    Yes, the building process will be disruptive, but the focus has to be on the end goal, with the knowledge that this endeavor has been successful for all communities that have moved in this direction.
    Don't fail the citizens of Hamilton through fear of change..embrace it!!

  • Gabe DAngelo says,

    Keep in mind the LRT is beening built for the future .