The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Gary Moorr says,

    To stop the process without the benefit of the actual tender price was a negligent was of tax payer money. The fabricated and politically spun cost estimates produced by the Minister and the Provincial government boarded on fraud and negligent misrepresentation! Let’s be honest the local MPP didn’t want it and hasn’t done anything to support the City since her election!

  • Mike Van Impe says,

    What has happened to Hamilton's LRT project is appalling. Having lived in Toronto for over 5 years, I know the long term value that improved mass transit brings to a city. Having more recently moved to Hamilton, I was excited by the (once) fact that it would be equipt with an LRT. Taking this away from the Hamilton, a city that is truly trying (and succeeding)to grow and prosper, is a utter shame and speaks to narrow minded thinkers.

  • Ian Chisholm says,

    The flip flop on LRT was a betrayal and a partisan attack against urban Hamilton from an administration that only cares about suburban voters. The current administration consistent failure of leadership and forward planning, instead focusing on short term partisan gotacha's, makes me embarassed to be an Ontarian.

  • Jim Mccoll says,

    Get Hamilton's LRT back on track!

  • Don Holland says,

    Please reinstate your promised commitment to LRT in Hamilton, a promise is a promise

  • Melissa Kelly says,

    It's not about people and this generation. The LRT is an investment in our people for the next generation and those beyond to come.

  • Martin Zarate says,

    Climate change is a crisis. Housing is a crisis. We need modern, dense cities to tackle both.

    Our children are growing up in an Ontario where there are no homes to buy and no hope for a safe future for their families. We need more dense homes in urban areas - sprawl is bad for climate and for Ontario's agriculture. But for density to work they can't just be serviced by cars and buses.

    I have not heard any alternatives, because there aren't any. It's higher-order-transit or catastrophe.

    This is a need, not a want.

  • John Newstead says,

    LRT for Hamilton brings needed economic growth, jobs, infrastructure repairs and the first step in a plan to revitalize transit throughout the city. Please bring it back.

  • Glen Hodges says,

    The LRT is vital to Hamilton's future, please bring it back!

  • Fiona Parascandalo says,

    3 main reasons we need LRT:
    1. Environmentally focused transit infrastructure that will lead to improved air quality
    2. Quicker cross-city transit (I work downtown and live in Stoney Creek, the LRT would make my life so much easier)
    3. Get commuters out of their cars so they are able to view the city differently (eg. spend more time along the busier streets shopping and eating; look around at the city more during the commute and see things they haven't seem before)

  • Matthew Higginson says,

    We purchased our home in July 2019 with the understanding that the LRT was supported by all three levels of government and that it was a sure thing. Now our investment is in question, our neighbourhood is filled with empty storefronts and abandoned properties, and we need the promised investment. Please consider keeping this promise which is so important to the people of the city, and to transit as a whole. There are environmental and economic factors at play that will not be meaningfully served by any other means, and by not honouring the contract you risk doing a disservice to the people of Ontario.

  • Elaine & Robert de Ruiter says,

    Light rail is imperative to make this city work efficiently.
    Doug Ford needs to stop using his bullying tactics and get this system moving now!

  • Catherine Clase says,

    More than $400m in sunk costs will be wasted if you cancel this now. Many businesses that would have been inconvenienced have already suffered; this will be in vain if you cancel this now. We hope that this will revitalise our downtown, be a boon for the many new Canadians who live downtown, and encourage all Hamiltonians to be part of the solution to our Climate Crisis by getting on public transit. I am deeply disappointed.

    Catherine Clase

  • Rebecca Chambers says,

    Hamilton and the planet need this!

  • Will McNair says,

    Public transit is the way forward. Making Hamilton an alternative to Toronto for young professionals and workers requires investment in infrastructure.

  • Domenica Presti says,

    An LRT in downtown Hamilton will help reduce traffic, provide a means of transportation without pollution. Increase property values and help keep the economy going as it will create jobs and that’s always a good thing.

  • MaryAnn Centanni says,

    Please let's move Hamilton forward. This city always takes ten steps back before taking one step forward. Everything is dissected to death preventing the city from keeping up with the times and preparing for the future.

  • Jennifer Hennigar-Shuh says,

    The City of Hamilton wants and needs the LRT. It is so important for improved public transit, investment in Hamilton, air quality improvement in this climate crisis, and to get people to start making the switch to public transit because there is efficient public transportation available. Currently Hamilton is underserved by public transit infrastructure. When effective transit is available and it becomes the most efficient and appealing option of transport, people will use it, and those who currently use it will keep using it. And as for the handful of businesses affected negatively in the short term during its construction, once it is built, businesses along its route will do much better. The LRT benefits everyone. Please build the LRT.

  • Joanne McCallum says,

    A travesty for Hamilton to have LRT cancelled. The city will be left struggling, while surrounding urban centres are being transformed as a consequence of infrastructure investment. So sad to have this clearly politically motivated action result in destroying years of momentum to revitalize and reinvigorate this great city. The people of Hamilton deserve so much more.

  • Tony Hill says,

    Let's get the LRT going again!

  • Marilyn Hunt says,

    I support and urge this to ,go forth .....LRT

  • Rev Parmer says,

    Mr. Premier,

    The time to fix your mistake on Hsmilton LRT is now. Ms. Mulroney has no command of this situation and is making your government look incompetent on transportation and infrastructure.

    Put this project back on track and be the hero of the moment.

    It's time to fill this hole you made.

    You're fighting too many battles on too many fronts.

  • Ed Clayton says,

    Please reinstate LRT funding to address Hamilton’s
    core transportation needs. Cancelling this much needed initiative will impede development and job growth and leave a lasting impediment to our city’s future.
    Please do the right thing and reverse the short sighted and erroneous decision to cancel this initiative. Leave a positive legacy. Leaves us the LRT.

  • Susan Yarwood says,

    After 10 years of repeated referenda on LRT we need to finish what the public has stated it wants!

  • Jordan Callander says,

    Continue the LRT!

  • Cynthia Cote says,

    The decision to eliminate the LRT in Hamilton is both short sighted and clearly destructive. The negative impact for Hamilton will be felt in all economic areas of the city. This is simply one more decision which focuses on making the provincial government books look good in the short term, but downloads the negative financial reality to, not only Hamilton, but surrounding areas.

  • Srimonti Karmakar says,

    After so many years, so much work done, money spent and hopes raised, Hamilton deserves its LRT.

  • Ahmed Sheeno says,

    Just do it.- Nike

  • Sharon Richardson says,

    Hamilton deserves to be treated fairly

  • Steve Konkle says,

    Build the LRT!