The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • david wootton says,

    As an Ontario taxpayer, I'm tired of all my tax money going to support Toronto. Now they want my money to build a casino in Toronto which will further destroy the economy of the Niagara region. It is long past due that this government spent some money in the rest of Ontario. I had to leave Ontario twice in my life to find employment and my son had to emigrate to New Zealand four years ago for the same reason. We need a government that will stimulate Hamilton's economy and I can't think of a better way than improving our transportation system by building LRT in Hamilton. Simultaneously, the government should be connecting all of our metropolitan areas with GO transit. It is absolutely ridiculous that the center of a metropolitan area of nearly 800 000 is no longer connected to the outside world by rail. 60 years ago as a child, I remember taking the train out of Hamilton. The McGuinty government does not have my vote until investments are made in Hamilton

    David Wootton

  • Aleksa Cenic says,

    Just moved from Calgary. The LRT in Calgary is a superb transportation system. Let's make Hamilton superb too!

  • John Wilbur says,

    Building the B-Line LRT is essential to the future of Hamilton, poverty reduction, social justice and fighting Code Red.

  • RIch Zuc says,

    Build the LRT in Hamilton.

  • Amber Miller says,

    Citizens of Hamilton and across the GTA should be encouraged to forego fossil-fuel burning vehicles in favour of a less expensive, more environmenally friendly mode of transporation. LRT is the perfect way to do this!

  • Daniel Evans says,

    The time for modern transit is now and light rail is the best option for our city. It is vital that we act now to keep the momentum of the renewal going.

  • Lianne MacIntosh says,

    I believe that the city should step forward and give the residents of Hamilton what they were promised, and what is needed. There is no sense in continuing to waste money on more studies when the work and research has already been done. Increasing public transit is an essential thing which need to be occur in the city to improve the quality of life and environment. Spending money on vital transportation needs will help achieve the city's goal.

  • Evan Neal says,

    I live on the mountain and work downtown. The buses are great but it would help me get places that I would otherwise not have time to get to in the a day. Such as grocery stores or my parents. It will also open up more realistic job opportunities for me.

  • Sameera Prematilake says,

    I had to move from the Hamilton mountain (my parent's house) to a place close to McMaster University because the travel time was too long for University student like me.

  • megan rausch says,

    great idea! the buses need their own lane, some of the drivers drive crazy on the roads! speeding and slamming on the breaks; almost hiting other cars...i think it would make a big difference.

  • Diwakar Sharma says,

    LRT is a must for bringing back the lost glory of Hamilton.

  • G H says,

    Hamilton NEEDS LRT. How can Bratina say that he will push for LRT if 1 Million people move to Hamilton in the next 5 years? They need a reason to come. People need to see that Hamilton is a city worth living in AND that these world class services such as LRT for rapid transit are already implemented. Years of hard work on LRT is going into the trash if LRT is not implemented. Hamilton had a terrible city council for a long time that only chased businesses and people out of the city. Hamilton is a city with a tone of potential. Hamilton NEEDS LRT!

  • Kim Haworth says,

    As a disabled person I would really welcome transit that travels on rails. I get tired of being jostled around on those buses and I feel pretty unsafe!

  • Hugh Lindsay says,

    It's time for Hamilton to ride shotgun, we have been taking the back seat for to long. Do something for Hamilton, make this project a priority, and give the people of Hamilton this valuable tool. It will help to bring people to the city, and help the city to continue to prosper.

  • Rick Zingel says,

    Dear City Council
    Please provide the reason council has not moved forward with this plan.

    This is your opportunity to set the record straight.

  • Kelly Kotulak says,

    The LRT would greatly benefit the city of Hamilton. This is an opportunity to make the city more accessible and reduce the amount of buses (and cars) we have on the roads. Not only would it make the city more eco-friendly, but it would give the city a positive image instead of the steel city image it has today. The LRT is definitely the next step in the right direction.

  • Dillon Donison says,

    I very much support the idea of light rail service in Hamilton

  • Steve St. Jean says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT. Give us something.

  • Jeffrey Wong says,

    As a McMaster student, I understand Hamilton's need for a light rail system in order to better the transportation of both students and Hamiltonians.

  • Conrad Daigle says,

    LRT is the ONE thing that Hamilton is missing. Please don't lose this chance to make a difference in the Hammer!

  • doug farraway says,

    Council needs to move on this whether the Mayor wants to be a champion of this initiative or not. this is big time money for a city that does not get it's fair share of big time money from Ottawa or Toronto. Do it!!!!

  • Raymond Lawlor says,

    Honoured government representatives - Hamilton, Ontario has been starved of infrastructure for too long and it is time to push hard for the introduction of a modern light rail transit system to this city. I support the introduction of higher-order transit in Hamilton as a key component of the urban renewal process. For too long, there has been precious little initiative, funding or vision for the city of Hamilton and a light rail transit system is a good example of a project that could be a lynchpin to turning this around. Please show your support for this process by advocating for funding for light rail in Hamilton!

  • chris cotoi says,

    I really believe that LRT will help the renaissance of the down town Hamilton. LRT will also decrease the pollution.

  • Megan Wood says,

    the buses are always late and i can never go anywhere fun in hamilton other than main street! this will get me to encourage people to come to mcmaster or mohawk and enjoy hamilton!

  • Jeremy Parsons says,

    Please consider this for the future of our city!

  • Stephen R says,

    Hi there,

    My Dad's company was going make investments in Hamilton - they're OFF THE TABLE as long as there's no stable future plan.

    STOP THE FLIP FLOP MAYOR! Listen to the people.

  • Jane Slote says,

    much needed


    There is no valid reason why LRT should not be a priority. All studies have said that it is the right thing to do. Not to do this is to condemn Hamilton to the status of second class city for the foreseeable future because we see ourselves as incapable of thinking big.
    Isn't this supposed to be the "Ambitious City"?

  • Laura Cattari says,

    We have done the studies. We have the Hamilton Real Estate Board supporting this, awaiting confirmation. Not only is this a long term investment in economic growth in Hamilton but it provides a viable way to traverse our city. I have waited close to an hour as 3, filled, B Line route buses passed me by on a cold Sunday afternoon. Please stop dithering and send a clear message to our provincial government that this is what we want.

  • Connor Allaby says,

    Most major cities have some type of rapid transit system, be it subways or LRT. An investment in LRT shows that we are committed to maximizing public benefit and reducing our environmental impact. Also, we should operate our public transit for free, but one step at a time I guess.