The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Paul Hoang says,

    I totally support for LRT, because that is the need for our Southern Ontario region traffic, when it is getting worst on the highway to go to Toronto and surrounding areas.

    It is a better way to go for jobs creation, a greener Hamilton's future.

  • George Smith says,

    Believe that all of Ontario's large urban centres should have some form of rapid transit- preferably electric powered and our smaller cities have well-designed city and intercity bus stations to improve public transit throughout this province. Here in Toronto masssive investment and improvements of our existing system are needed as well.

  • Daniel Cummings says,

    Hamilton is a wonderful city that gets a very bad rap. A decision in favor of a light rail line would be a big step in revitalizing the city. Not only would it attract more visitors from outside the city, but it would attract more people already in the city to use it.

  • Jennifer Miller says,

    The city of Hamilton had a great reputation once upon a time. Over the years it's ambition has left us. Let me remind you of the difinition of ambition: 1. A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
    2. Desire and determination to achieve success.

    Lets prove that we have not lost this great quality and do what was once set out to do: make Hamilton a better city by finishing what was started with the LRT. . People may see potential in Hamilton, but are turned away by it's game playing politicians. It's time to show them we have what it takes and stop playing games. Let's build the LRT with ambition!!!

  • Matthew Zantingh says,

    As a downtown resident, I wholeheartedly wish to see the LRT project come to fruition. I currently commute to McMaster where I am a graduate student via bus or bicycle, so I am often frustrated by full buses or long time gaps between bus arrivals. On the flip side, the highways that are Main and King Street always present serious obstacles if I bike. The LRT line would help to alleviate some of these obstacles while also fueling downtown growth, something I would love to see happen. Having travelled through many of Canada's largest cities over the past few years, it continually disappoints me to see how great their downtown cores can be while Hamilton's continues to stagnate. Please stop sending mixed signals about LRT and throw your weight behind this project. As one of the many Hamiltonians who live and work in this city, this project means far more to me than all-day GO service.

  • David Couture says,

    Light Rail is important to Hamilton so we do not fall behind other local communities such as Kitchener-Waterloo in terms of economic growth.
    We cannot pass this opportunity by or we will lose more potential, crucial jobs to these emerging progressive communities.
    Development is popping up everywhere along Toronto's Eglinton Crosstown LRT corridor; something that will happen once B-Line LRT is also under construction.
    Light Rail NOW for the Future of Hamilton!

  • David Colacci says,

    I am not an all-out advocate for LRT in Hamilton. I do believe, however, that after seeing in person Edmonton's LRT in person that it is a must to modernize HSR services in Hamilton. And that even if only half of the believed developement occurs along the B-line corridor, that we are substantially further ahead than we are today. LRT can and will be a building block in the re-birth of our great city.

  • Justin Jones says,

    Hamilton is a proud city, one that has displayed resiliency in the face of hardship, and one that is poised to become an even more attractive place to live for people looking for all the amenities of an established city without the insane costs of living found in other GTHA municipalities. The need is there, the demand is there, and the benefits of installing an LRT would be massive. No more relying on diesel fuel (which will only continue to increase in price), no more delays and concerns due to traffic, and most importantly it displays a commitment to new, sustainable, effective forms of public transit. Stop the petty bickering between the levels of government and put the interests of Hamiltonians (present and future) first. Let's get some shovels in the ground, get some jobs created and make Hamilton an easier city to get around.

  • Dianne Lethbridge says,

    I am a former Torontonian. Even though I owned a car, the subway was the first consideration when going anywhere in the city. It was faster and cheaper (parking being very expensive). There was always good shopping at any stop. I miss that element. If we had LRT the downtown would improve for shopping and east of James Street would become more desirable especially to those at McMaster University.

  • linda miocinovich says,

    Let's get our city into the future. we have already spent money on studies and received monies from the federal government. I can only see positive development happening with LRT. I was so impressed with LRT when I visited Europe a few years back.

  • Peter Malysewich says,

    You cannot grow and sustain a city without an infrastructure that encourages its own people to work in that city. The plans for downtown need to be supported by transit, or our prime industry will soon become 'parking'.

  • Gillian Booth says,

    To be successful, you need to think successful.
    Why does hamilton council still think like a small town? We have the makings of a modern, vibrant city. If only the city would think and act like it, the province might take us more seriously.

  • Noelle Allen says,

    Light rail would revitalize many parts of Hamilton's downtown; connect the city from East to West; aid students, the elderly, the poor; benifit the environment; and show that we are a city looking to the future. I don't understand why we are still asking questions about this. Build the rail while we still have the money from the Provinical government.

  • Michael Clase says,

    Having used light rail in other places, I have seen first hand the efficiency and convenience that such a system would bring to Hamilton.

    With increased traffic, rising oil prices and the need to combat global warming, there is a short to medium term need to provide efficient transportation alternatives everywhere, not just in Hamilton.

    Let's be ahead of the curve and ensure that Hamilton remains an attractive place to live and work for years to come.

  • Michael Muller says,

    I have great hope for the city of Hamilton. As do the people I live with and know in our downtown neighbourhoods. This hope needs to be tied in with actions. The LRT is a positive step towards transforming Hamilton into the great city it can be.

  • Sean Burak says,

    We need this for so many reasons:
    - Economic development
    - City image
    - Transit service improvements
    - Improving density
    - Encouraging infill and filling vacant spaces
    - etc!
    We cannot afford to squander this opportunity!

  • Barry Diacon says,

    Light Rail Transit is the most important transformative initiative that Hamilton can make or has ever made.
    It is very important that Hamilton commit itself to a sustainable future, rather than pouring its scarce resources into ever-farther flung suburbs which must be serviced and which require automobiles to travel to.
    The supply of gasoline has already reached its peak and will make huge SUVs, large pickup trucks, humvees, etc. an expensive luxury. The suburbs will become the new ghettos. We will have to spend money to transform suburbs back into parkland.
    Let us not spend any more money or time going down this unproductive road. It is time to focus on the urban, on livable density, on people living together, on all the cultural benefits of a growing, vibrant, people-centered city. It is time to build a Light Rail Transit in Hamilton and bring us back to the innovative city that Hamilton was at the turn of the 19th century.

    Barry Diacon

  • Jason Allen says,

    It's time for our Mayor to get out of the way of what the people want. Hamiltonians want LRT, and Hamilton needs LRT if we are to stand any chance of being a competetive, prosperous, attractive city in the medium to long term. Don't sell our future short.

  • Simon Geoghegan says,

    LRT is a critical component in the rejuvenation of Hamilton's downtown. It is a sound investment and the committment by the McGuinty government should be honoured.

  • Frances Murray says,

    It's time for our democratically-elected politicians to get together and represent the people who elected them. LRT is a priority for the city of Hamilton. Stop backing down on your promises and move forward. Now is the time.

  • Matthew Oliveira says,

    We need to prepare for the future. Let's get light rail in place to make it easier for people to et around without a car!

  • Anne Wilson says,

    Hamilton has always been a resilient and resourceful city. We used to be a tobacco city, we used to be an appliance city; but we don't dwell on these things. Most recently we canned perishible fruits;now we have pear cider. We are a city that changes with economic tides. We adapt. We take chances. We recognize a good thing when we see it. We used to be a light rail city. Well, its time to be a light rail city again. Light rail is both an economic and ecologic leap into our future, and a firm hold on our heritage. What could possibly be more Hamiltonian than the LRT?

  • Daniel Jelly says,

    LRT is an opportunity that Hamilton should be grabbing with both hands. Seldom does a project come along that will enhance the lives of so many and lead to innumerable economic and social spinoff benefits. The short term sacrifice will pay dividends for generations to come, providing citizens from all walks of life a safe and reliable form of transportation and neighbourhoods designed around people, not just around the automobile.

    LRT is the beginning of a transformation to a healthier, more livable Hamilton. As we continue to feel the effects of volatile fossile fuel prices and increased population density, LRT will help insulate our local economy by providing an affordable and convenient form of transit when other options become unsustainable or unattractive.

    We are not just building LRT for today, we are building it for a future generation of Hamiltonians who will demand more than the status quo. If we don't build it, they will move to cities who already have, and it will be just that much harder for us to catch up.

    I can understand that in a world driven by 4-year election cycles it's difficult to commit to a project that will be built and completed by successive governments. I encourage all of our elected representatives to look past the ballot box and lead boldly. LRT is an opportunity to build something big, a true legacy that will help tie our community together and define what Hamilton will become.

  • David Wootton says,

    I understand that Toronto is getting its LRT free at Ontario government's expense. That is my tax dollars going to support Toronto - again! It is time that the Ontario Government support and pay for an LRT system in Hamilton. I will vote for whoever promisses this

  • Melanie Olsa says,

    It's time to make a commitment to the future we all envision for the city of Hamilton.

  • Wendy Jackson says,

    "Whenever and wherever societies have flourished and prospered rather than stagnated and decayed, creative and workable cities have been at the core of the phenomenon. Decaying cities, declining economies, and mounting social troubles travel together. The combination is not coincidental.

  • David Hosten says,

    I have lived in cities with LRT and have enjoyed the utility of it, and now that Hamilton has a chance to get it, I want to be sure we do not blow that opportunity.

  • Dan Thompson says,

    Beyond the obvious benefits to local businesses and freeing up parking lots, I think light rail has real potential to reignite civic pride in Hamilton as a city and a prosperous place to live. Hamilton has the potential to place itself amongst the ranks of Canada's more desirable cities, with its affordable housing stock, excellent regional transit links, and strong and diverse economy. A crucial piece in this puzzle is to break the stigma of Hamilton (which is profound in much of Canada) by taking on this exciting and game-changing task.

  • Kim Doucette says,

    I feel it's important that we don't give up on the LRT. Hamilton is a wonderful city that has been ignored for too long. As we struggle to reinvent ourselves an LRT is critical for our future.

  • Sevhra Reda says,

    It's time the people take control of our city. Our leadership is dysfunctional and LRT is a must for Hamilton. It's time the old guard step away and let the new leaders and citizens of this city take action. Unfortunately some of our most significant leaders don't believe in the city the way the people do.