The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

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  • Denise Hager says,

    To me, all day Go service is not as high a priority as LRT. I don't commute to Toronto, however I do commute within Hamilton.

    It appears that all day Go serivce is a priority because of the PanAm games. I am angry that the support for LRT was just dropped, seemingly from out of the blue, and too much money is being targeted toward the PanAm games.

    I don't recall disagreeing more adamantly with any Mayor at any time than I do right now with Mayor Bratina.

  • Michael Johnston says,

    Please follow through with your commitment to the people of Hamilton to implement LRT.

    The studies have been conducted, the results state clear benefits and design work has already begun. This has cost the Province $3 Million and the Municipality countless worker hours, why squander it now?

    All that remains is that you, our elected officals honour your promises for support and continued funding.

  • Al Horzelenberg says,

    All day GO is only as good as the systems that feed it. Unless ample parking at affordable prices is made available, the only real viable option would be to feed the GO system with a readily accessible Light Rapid Rail/Bus service. What is needed is an all-encompassing system (HUB) that utilizes Bus, Rail, Cycling' and Taxi with shuttles to parking or major transportation centers. Think of the WHOLE picture!

  • Jennifer Hennigar-Shuh says,

    I strongly reaffirm my belief that the LRT is absolutely the right direction for Hamilton to go to the new mayor and city council.

    Hamilton is a large city but with inadequate, inefficient, and inconvenient public transportation which forces people to drive to get around.

    As a resident of Hamilton for more than two decades, but who has lived in other large cities, I am frustrated by how difficult it is for me to commute to work using public transportation. Because of this difficulty it takes me an inordinate amount of time getting to and from work.

    I have tried to avoid using a car for commuting and have done so successfully for years by cycling and walking and taking the bus but the truth is that the inefficiency in the public transportation is waring me down. There are many things that are not practical to do by bicycle and walking (often I walk because the bus routes are not well designed and too much transferring and back tracking is required). I am almost ready to throw in the towel and start driving because my travel time commuting is so long it means that I have little time to take care of things at home.

    I am also frustrated by how difficult it is to enjoy the culture, green spaces, museums and other wonderful things that Hamilton has to offer because of the lack of good public transportation. It is nice that the mayor wants to improve GO service in and out of the city but I would like to be able to more fully enjoy being in my own city and that can only help our economy.

    The LRT would make us a city that is greener, innovative and forward thinking, and one that supports its local economy and culture instead of taking everyone efficiently somewhere else.

    Hamilton needs the LRT system to help bring together the various areas of the city, offer people practical alternatives to driving and make Hamilton a city that is enjoyable to live, work, and get around in.

    I ask the mayor and city council, the premiere, and our MPP, and MP, to put the LRT back on Hamilton's priority list once again.

  • Wendy Jackson says,

    "Whenever and wherever societies have flourished and prospered rather than stagnated and decayed, creative and workable cities have been at the core of the phenomenon. Decaying cities, declining economies, and mounting social troubles travel together. The combination is not coincidental.

  • Gillian Booth says,

    To be successful, you need to think successful.
    Why does hamilton council still think like a small town? We have the makings of a modern, vibrant city. If only the city would think and act like it, the province might take us more seriously.

  • Ann Lawton-Barry says,

    I have written to Mr. Bratina regarding my opinion on light rail (it's a "must"), among a couple of other things such as his inaccessibility (he accused the Hamilton Spectaor of being a second Rupert Murdoch problem), and his response to me was that I was "impertinent and derisive" to question his decisions regarding the City of Hamilton. And I voted for this man ! How dare he speak to voters like he does.

    Please keep up the pressure on the premier and Mr. Bratina to see the future !

    Ann Lawton-Barry (905) 389-9238

  • Kyle Place says,

    As a University student, I know how much public transportation is an asset. Being a regular passenger of the HSR, I constantly see the bus drive by people due to the capacity limit and for the lucky ones that get on, it is packed. Implementing a LRT would un-congest the streets and be a more efficient for getting from point A to B across our wonderful city of Hamilton

  • Patrick Brennan says,

    I recently invested $$$$$$ in commercial property on King Street West in Hamilton. I believe that light rail development will aid the redevelopment of neighborhoods along the full route. In particular, the food/beverage and entertainment industries grow when transit is comfortable and available. I have visited many cities in Europe during their transition to light rail. In these cities I saw the quick redevelopment of neighborhoods around the transit lines. So in the UK, Europe, and major cities in the US LRT projects started in the 1990's. It is time to get going in Hamilton!!!

  • Heidi VanderKwaak says,

    Just spent 2 weeks in Portland Oregon with awesome transit and bike paths, lanes and trails. More people out of their cars and healthier than ever. Safe, efficient, economy boosting, convenient transit is what we need. No longer a subsidy for the poor but let's get everyone out of their cars more and develop our downtown instead of letting it lie in ruins.

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