The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

Top 50 Statements of Support

  • Kevin Miller says,

    I think that Hamilton needs LRT. I live in the lower city and take the B-Line to work every day. LRT would provide the needed service improvements to make the trip more enjoyable. Also, I believe that LRT can be the catalyst for growth in downtown that this city needs.

  • Meredith Broughton says,

    For Hamilton to continue moving forward, we need the efficiency and intensification this type of transit brings. This is a prerequisite for many types of growth here.

  • Kevin Hollingworth says,

    Even though I live on the east mountain, the chances of me taking the LRT system is low. However, being a former downtown resident, I still fully support the initiative and would definately support any tax increase directly associated with proposed rail line. I am a Civil Engineer working here in the City and fully understand the net benefit the system would have for the entire City of Hamilton, not just those properties along the proposed LRT alignment.

  • John Sweeney says,

    LRT is needed to invigorate and renew the city's core. Healthy cities must maintain a balanced mix of both residential and commercial properties to remain viable. Car culture is rooted in 20th century thinking and urban sprawl is not a practical or sustainable for cities, which are increasingly becoming independent from higher tiers of government for their own well being. LRT can attract business and residents alike, which would increase urban overall tax revenues, in the years ahead.

  • Duncan O'Dell says,

    Dear Mayor and City of Hamilton Councillors, I respectfully request you proceed with the LRT project. I firmly believe this project has the power to transform Hamilton, a proud city of over 500,000 with huge potential that lies on the vital commercial corridor between Toronto and the USA into the modern and innovative city it could be.

    One of Hamilton's biggest barriers to re-generation and development is its depressed downtown core: the centre includes a strip club, a depressing bingo hall, and boarded up buildings all of which which tell an appalling story of neglect and lack of vision by those in power. Light Rail has been well documented to act as a lightening rod to draw in investment elsewhere. We badly need it here.

    This is a truly exciting opportunity, the like of which rarely comes along. I for one believe that a modest hike in taxes is well worth it for turning our city into a place people want to live and work in.

  • Tom Shea says,

    I have lived in Hamilton my entire life. I have watched cars pull the city farther and farther apart until the central core collapsed. I believe LRT is the future of transportation in a sustainable, sensible, and environmentally sound city. And I want Hamilton to be that city--my city, my children's city. Do the right thing!

  • Robert Drake says,

    This city was excited and on-track for LRT three years ago. While we've moved forward with feasibility studies and environmental assessments, we've moved backwards with our council and provincial support.

    Let's pressure both sides to get back "on track".

  • Damian Orzel says,

    I fully support LRT and really hope Hamilton makes this a priority. It will undeniably help in the revitalization of the downtown core!

  • Giulio Amodeo says,

    Hamilton has already lost out in having the stadium be a catalyst for city building and we are on the verge of blowing it with the LRT. Leaders need to make decisions that will benefit the City over the long term. I have lived in Toronto and have moved back to Hamilton because of the potenetial that this city has.

    As a leader, if you cannot make the right, riskier decisions, then move aside and let someone else!!!

  • Justin Wood says,

    A big step forward for the city! Let's do this Hamilton.

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