The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.
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Time for Province to Keep its Promise

Posted June 17, 2014

With a new majority in the Ontario Legislature, the Liberal Government no longer faces any external barrier to fulfilling its commitment to fund LRT in Hamilton.

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Hamilton's light rail effort is on track, city says

Posted June 16, 2012

The Spectator reports that the city's LRT planning is on schedule.

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Update on B-Line LRT Planning

Posted May 18, 2012

Rapid Transit staff on track to complete their 2012 work plan on the B-Line LRT. Once the work is finished, Metrolinx will make a funding decision.

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Walkable neighbourhoods: Key to Hamilton's creative industries

Posted May 09, 2012

A Spectator report on a new study by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce finds that walkable streets and high quality transit should be viewed as investments in economic development.

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Spectator editorial: Bratina wrong to usurp council on LRT

Posted September 30, 2011

This Saturday's Spectator has an editorial calling out Mayor Bob Bratina for "usurp[ing] council's stated will" on LRT.

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Dreschel asks whether Mayor Bratina is "going rogue"

Posted September 29, 2011

Spectator columnist Andrew Dreschel asks whether Mayor Bratina is "going rogue" in his prioritization of all-day GO service over LRT.

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