The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.
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Connecting the Dots on Hamilton LRT

Posted January 22, 2020

It's useful to understand some of the key players at the provincial level that are connected to the Hamilton LRT project.

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The $5.5 Billion Number Really Is Bogus

Posted January 14, 2020

The government's own third-part cost summary shows the Hamilton LRT is on-budget.

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Bad Mulroney Math Used to Justify Cancelling Hamilton LRT

Posted January 07, 2020

Leaked documents show that our cost is in line with the Hurontario LRT, but Hurontario was approved while Hamilton was killed. We deserve a fair deal.

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Call to Action: Tell Premier to Fix Mulroney's Mistake

Posted December 23, 2019

Minister Mulroney made a mistake cancelling Hamilton's LRT but the Premier can fix it. It's not too late to do the right thing for Hamilton.

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News Release: New Campaign asks Premier to fix Mulroney's mistake and help get Hamilton LRT back on track

Posted December 22, 2019

t's not too late to do the right thing for the people of Hamilton. Hamilton has done the hard work. All we're asking for is fair treatment.

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Another #yesLRT Victory, Thanks to your Support

Posted October 23, 2018

The people have spoken on the LRT referendum, and they have decisively voted to keep moving forward with the plan!

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