The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Douglas Gerow says,

    This is a project that must become a reality... Just try taking any rush hour bus and you can see that public transit needs an overhaul of routes as well as LRT to properly transport the people of this city... We cannot lose this oportunity..

  • Chandra Rice says,

    For my three teens, the transit system is their primary means of moving through the city. Currently, getting from one end of the city to the other is a long process. Light rail would help bring the city together, offering my kids a more integrated whole city experience. It is a forward looking investment. Hamilton is worth it. So are my kids.

  • Joan MacDonald says,

    Any city I have attended with LRT has been successful in providing access to its citizens throughout its city. Once built, there have been even more benefits than previously anticipated.

  • Katie Zazulak says,

    I think that the LRT will provide Hamiltonians with a much more efficient way to get around the city. While the HSR does service a large part of Hamilton already, increasing traffic and increasing numbers of people using the major routes make it difficult and uncomfortable for people to utilize this service.

    There is constant talk about how we need to revitalize the downtown core, and repeatedly there is never any action to back up this talk. This is the perfect opportunity to make a revitalized down town core a reality.

    Like the age old statement says "build it and they will come"

  • Brian Gerrard says,

    Let's keep this city moving forward. It's listed as one of the 10 best cities in Canada to invest in, let's keep it that way.

  • Kim Newcombe says,

    Hamilton is always on the cusp of being discovered. People who live here recognize the balance and pace that life in this city offers.
    Could the LRT be the tipping point that opens the Hamilton to the gaze of others in a new and flattering way?
    Not to mention aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound, economically viable - what a bold, confident step into the future

  • Darcy Wienk says,

    so what, they city does not care for the people who LIVE and WORK in Hamilton? only the people who Live and work in Toronto, or Niagara, or where ever the go will take them?

  • Jack Bernacki says,

    Light Rail now. No excuses, no back tracking. This is the future of our city. Light Rail now.

  • David Jenkins says,

    Light Rail Transit is amazing in other parts of the world, we need it here.

  • Frank Taylor says,

    I am a Commercial Realtor that is heavily involved with the revitalization of the downtown core and can attest, without a shadow of doubt, that serious private investment is waiting in the wings for the City of Hamilton to stand up and take a lead in getting the LTR up and running. No single act will help the downtown core and the City as a whole, more than having the LTR.

  • Al Salmon says,

    We need this rail systom in hamilton Ever take the king a 4 pm on a week day

  • Mikael Andersson says,

    "Potential" is the one word that keeps being thrown around whenever Hamilton comes up. When are we going to realize all this potential we have? When are we going to come to the table and AGREE that the future of our city does not lie in more parking lots and mountain sprawl, but in creating a vibrant core? When are we going to take serious action to remove the stigma associated with taking public transit?

    Hamilton's potential does not lie with being a Park-and-Ride zone for Toronto. GO service is already excellent. What we're lacking is a reliable, fast, stigma-free way of getting around our own city. We don't need more parking lots, we need better alternatives than personal cars for intra-city transportation.

  • Hank Balfoort says,

    Hamilton needs the LRT for economic and environmental reasons. It will be great for commuters and tourism. It would also keep cars off the roads and ease parking along the route.

  • Terrance Odette says,

    I strongly believe that public transit enures growth and vibrancy in a city. LTR is the way to achieve that.

  • Graham McNally says,

    It's too easy to say that development isn't happening so there is no need for LRT.

    Currently, developers aren't coming to the B-Line so lack of LRT can't be the reason. They're staying away because of development regulations and a perceived lack of ROI for developing. Certainly, if we do nothing to change the current conditions, developers will continue to not invest in the corridor.

    City staff have reviewed, researched and studied the LRT corridor and I am confident that the changes to the zoning bylaws and other development related regulation recommended will, with the inclusion of LRT, stimulate development in our city, specifically along the LRT corridor.

    Without LRT and the associated zoning & bylaw changes, nothing will change along the B-line corridor.

    We need strong leadership for LRT to be realized. We need city building champions. We need to be progressive and that means changing the status quo and moving forward, together, as a city.


    Graham McNally

  • david sanderson says,

    I have lived in Hamilton for 54 years and in that time our city fathers never seem to have a plan for the city's future. Here's an opportunity for a strong commitment for our future. Let's not pass this one up.

  • Tom Kelly says,

    It feels like many of the politicians in this area here are forgetting their place. They are there to serve the interests of the public. The most transit improvement I have seen is Jason Farr looking smug in his shiny new truck.

    I am beginning to become very very worried about where the priorities lay in this city. We have a council and a mayor, that are paid very handsomely, who have billed the taxpayer over $27,000 in meals while lower income people in this city are going hungry....yet showing absolutely no remorse. The privileged using the taxpayers as their own piggybanks to fill their bellies sounds like something out of Nottingham, no?

    Again, we voters vote to serve our interests. What use is it if you decide you're too lazy to commit to your campaign promises? Either nut-up and get LRT going or step-aside and let someone else do it.

  • Craig Hermanson says,

    The evidence has been clear: LRT has the greatest potential to transform our city, would serve our present needs and help ensure the competitiveness of our city in the future. What kind of future will we build for Hamilton and our children? Please lend your support and commitment to LRT!

  • Richard Robertson says,

    Let's get on with it! LRT is the future.


    It's time to stand up for Hamilton.

  • matt john says,

    I am in support of light rail services in Hamilton. An LRT line in Hamilton would be a boon to the core, generating many direct and indirect jobs for Hamiltonians.It would be a demonstrable effort by city council to revitalize Hamilton's city centre.

  • Cathy Swenson says,

    LRT is a tremendous opportunity to transform this city. Please get on with it.

  • Jon Davey says,

    I'm writing to urge you stay focused on the commitment to bring Light Rail Transit to Hamilton. Help take Hamilton into the future with a bold infrastructure investment that will be utilized by a majority of Hamiltonians everyday. Building an LRT system will signal to investors and businesses that Hamilton and Ontario is thinking long term in terms of sustainable development.

  • Steve Porter says,

    Bluntly, the LRT project is of vital importance for the renewal of downtown Hamilton. The City and Province really do need to work together, figure this out and get this project moving forward.

  • Vince Franco says,

    Years ago, Hamilton made a huge mistake by removing the HSR tracks and trolleys for the sake of the automobile. We now have a change to reverse this grave error with partial funding. Please don't ruin the future of Hamilton for another 50 years. Become a legacy for positive change in this city instead of being another name in disgraced leadership.

  • Myke Hutchings says,

    As our city grows in population and geographic size, what remains evident is the need for its population to move around freely with little hinderance.

    Currently Hamilton is often gridlocked as individuals in single passenger cars crowd the downtown streets and where major thoroughfares meet, such as the Red Hill Expressway and Queenston. There HAS to be a better way of moving people efficiently in the city.

    LRT is that way.

    Mayor Bratina says his focus is on all day GO Transit, moving people into and out of the city. Well Mayor, these people that are coming into the city are going to need to move around and travel while they are in the city? LRT on an east-west and a north-south corridor would provide an efficient way to move these people.

  • Susan Lau says,

    Please let the rest of Ontario see that Hamilton can really achieve something that will better the city for generations to come.

  • Matt Wright says,

    They only way you will be able to attract people to the corners of city, is by making transit efficient and user-friendly. Hamilton needs LRT.

  • Sandra Dykstra says,

    There are many in this city (greater Hamilton) that already use the buses because they do not own a car. However for those of us who do own a car sometimes the roads can become so congusted and parking is at a premium. Light rail would be so convenient to get across the city in a hurry and would free up congusted roads. I know at first there would not be to many built but if one line was successful I know other lines would be built too. Please continue to think about this and encourage the province to step up and help to make this city a thriving place to live. Thank you.

  • Henry Brouwer says,

    We need a new vision for transportation in this city (and beyond - more highways and roads will not solve our transportation problems, especially as oil will become an important concern in the future, along with having to reduce carbon emissions. An electrified system reduces pollution and can run on renewable energy.