The City's LRT plan has $3.4 billion in federal & provincial funding. Show your support for the plan.

All Statements of Support

  • John Hannah says,

    There will never be a bigger opportunity to do the right thing for Hamilton by build the LRT corridor and thus investing in climate change action, economic recovery, a sustainable future and a more liveable and vibrant city core that will support the city and ensure a climate adapted future.

  • Catherine Clase says,

    Still supporting this plan. It's been a long road, let's not falter now. Revitalize the downtown core and make choices for the environment.

  • RAJ PATEL says,

    Please prepare us for better transit.

  • Eric Humphrey says,

    Transit Oriented Development will follow the greatly improved streetscape that this LRT project entails. Every block for the entire length of this project will benefit from this generational capital investment. The durability and long life of the
    vehicles, and the superior ride quality will benefit Hamiltonians for the next 40 years. Now is the time to act.
    I've experianced it firsthand as a resident of Spadina Ave in TO. Quieter by far than buses.

  • John Azulay says,


    Progress - Let’s get it done. This project is one of the main keys to Hamilton's future. This is just a first step. Eventually there could be a beltline to James St. North Go station, the airport, East Mountain, all the way to Binbrook and then back down to Stoney Creek. Eventually there will be no cars and no parking in the downtown business core or at McMaster.

    LRT is a one-time gift we must not refuse.

    Consider the future with no or very few people driven cars. An electric driverless car (or transport pod) will pick you up at home and deliver to a public transportation hub where you will ride busses and LRT to where you want to go. These cars will not need parking lots because they will be on the road most of the time except at night and they will park and wait anywhere. China is already further ahead with this. They have high speed trains which we have none. China is looking at standardizing electric car vehicle batteries so they can be changed automatically at “Battery Stations” with fully charged batteries. This is way ahead of North America thinking.

    When you think of the progress of LRT, you need to put it in the vision of the future. The technology of transportation and human mobility in the future will be nothing like it is today. The only personally owned transportation will likely be bicycles or their future replacement with bike paths.

    The future is going to happen with or without you, so it is best get on the road and march with it.
    We went from horse and buggy to cars, and now we are moving on.

  • Mike DeVillaer says,

    Every time that I have visited another city anywhere in the world that has a rapid transit system, it has proven to be so useful to getting around a city you don't know very well. Build it. People will come.
    Businesses will thrive. Our community will prosper.

  • Donna LaForce says,

    I work in the healthcare field and live in close proximity to McMaster University. Thank you to all the elected officials that have demonstrated commitment to Hamilton's LRT. The LRT is a foundational contribution to Hamilton's vision to be a healthy and safe community for ALL to prosper. Your contributions in moving the LRT forward will be a pride point within your legacy. Thank you.

  • Peter Tracz says,

    Please, please, please do vote in favour of the Metrolinx MOU! You will likely never again have an opportunity to meaningfully change the future of our city. It is much more than a transit option. Than you!

  • Janice Brown says,

    Please support the Memorandum of Understanding so we can get on with long awaited transit improvement to Hamilton.

  • Vanessa R says,

    Please continue to support the efforts in getting the LRT be actualized in Hamilton. Those of us who require fast and accessible transportation are depending on your vote. Those of us interested in lowering emissions and having a more sustainable future for our children depending on your vote. Thank you very much.

  • Elisabet Service says,

    The LRT is a great opportunity for Hamilton to move forward with transport solutions for a greener future. It is a win-win for us all.

  • Patrick Hodgson says,

    Dear Premier Ford,

    I am writing to show my support of the long-approved Hamilton LRT transit project. I believe that this has been and will continue to be a transformative investment in both Hamilton and for the Province.

    This project was within a few short months of having the RFP’s submitted and has already had so much work completed on it, ie studies, planning, purchasing of properties along the route , that to throw this all away does not make sense.

    This province needs you to follow-through and let the RFP’s come in and for this investment to go through to completion.

  • Sean Theriault says,

    PLEASE make this a reality. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. A vote for the LRT is a vote for Hamilton’s recovery and securing a viable mode of transportation for those that need it most.

  • Ashish Chonkar says,

    Please yes to LRT

  • Doug Robbins says,

    Hamilton is so far behind in developing Light rail, - - Ottawa and Kitchener started when we did and theirs is up and running, - - Ottawa is expanding theirs while we are still talking about it.


  • Mike Brook says,

    Core infrastructure builds cities. Hamilton is not ready for a subway, but the LRT provides a strategy to more tightly link the community, facilitate smart growth, and encourage transit use. It's a generational opportunity that we must take hold of.

  • Guy Bradford says,

    As a former Hamiltonian, with lots of family still residing in the city, I am asking you to please vote in favour of the LRT. It is a worthwhile investment. So much money, time and energy has been spent trying to make this project a reality -- don't let that all be for nothing. Please do your part to see that this modern system of public transit comes to fruition.

  • Frances Neufeld says,

    Let's be a City with a visio. I say this realizing that Dundas, where I live isn't directly included but will have bus connections that will make travel easier. And LRT will create 7,000 jobs, providing an economic uplift, cut CO2 emissions, and replace aging underground infrastructure. Let's take the money and get this done!!!!

  • Greg Sinclair says,

    Please move ahead with LRT

  • Andrew Pettit says,

    Elected Representatives,

    Send an unequivocal message to everyone in our city and our government partners with the September 8 LRT MOU vote: We know the value of this once-in-a-generation investment and we are going to get it done.



  • Frank DECURTIS says,

    Thank you i an so excited that you have decided to move hamilton into the future..LRT is a great way to progress our city Thank you.

  • maureen mastracci says,

    We chose to live at 36 James St, South based on the proposed LRT project. The idea of efficient, clean transportation across the city (downtown to McMaster) was very appealing. With more people moving away from Toronto to Hamilton, we need a modern transit system that will safely and efficiently meet the demands of commuters, and draw more commerce and small business into the area.

  • Jeff Chuchman says,

    I am a resident of Hamilton and strongly support the LRT project. I work on the McMaster University campus and in Jackson Square. Our family was able to move to a 1-car family (with 3 kids) because of transit. The current model will not support the transit needs along the Main/King corridor. Hamilton is a city of over a half a million people that requires a state of the art transit system to sustain its long term growth.

  • Shawn Bines says,

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring Hamilton not just into the present which is long overdue but into the future not just from a transit perspective but from a city wide perspective. This will be a catalyst for a construction and growth boom for the likes of which this city has never seen before. It will also fix vital infrastructure under the entire length that is long overdue. The city's tax base will explode with new wealth that will benefit the entire city not just the LRT wards. I ask that city council PLEASE VOTE YES and let's do it unanimously! Thank you

  • Jack Maga says,

    We feel that the LRT will benefit all of the citizens of Hamilton in numerous ways. In conjunction with the federal dollars for the improvements to our overall transportation system, the city will flourish.

  • Hans + Anna Vermaat says,

    The LRT will be an amazing improvement for the city. We have used light rail transit in other cities - awesome. Yrs, it will be messy + inconvient for a while. Not that different from doing major home renovations but so worth it at the end of the day.

  • Birgit Gerke says,

    Please continue with this very important step in making Hamilton the city it once was!

  • Robert Meneguzzi says,

    Please vote yes to approve the memorandum of understanding on the LRT project for Hamilton. The transit and infrastructure upgrades are needed to help our city grow and compete on a world-class level.

  • Noel Fraser says,

    I firmly support the planned LRT project for Hamilton. Please approve the MOU at the upcoming vote.

  • Stephen Officer says,


    Please approve the MOU and get the train rolling. We’re already on track - it’s time to bring the LRT to life and get Hamilton moving towards a sustainable future with better public transit!