The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Matt Fisher says,

    I believe Hamilton deserves LRT. There should be no reason to continue to use stalling tactics. We had the same here in Ottawa, where BRT supporters argued that we didn't need to build LRT because our BRT, the Transitway, was more than adequate. But saner heads prevailed. Our city is now building LRT scheduled to open in 2018 and even planning for expansion to bring the O-Train to a size comparable to Calgary CTrain, which I have been on. Nearby in Kitchener-Waterloo, LRT is being built too. Even sprawling Mississauga has LRT on the agenda. There should be no reason for Hamilton to use the same stalling tactics that we have attempted in Ottawa to no avail.

  • Deborrah Sherman says,

    I live in Ward 6 and am close to retirement. It is highly unlikely I will ever need to use the LRT. However, I want to see it built to make Hamilton a city that everyone of every age and every income level can navigate more efficiently, more safely and with less impact to the environment. My grown kids are not interested in the car culture, and want good transit. I want it too, for them and their future children. I want Hamilton to thrive, and to do that we need complete streets as well as LRT. Please do not blow this opportunity.

  • Michael O'Riordan says,

    As a relatively new resident of Hamilton (5 years), I am strongly in favour of the LRT. Public transportation and cycling infrastructure are what make bustling cities vibrant and accessible. Vote Yes on the LRT.

  • Klaas Walma says,

    My Hamilton includes an LRT. An LRT will allow residents and visitors to travel effortlessly across the downtown. It will relieve congestion downtown. It will reduce the number of vehicles spewing pollutants into the air which will in turn help the environment and reduce the healthcare burden imposed. It will make Hamilton more attractive to business, visitors and people looking to relocate from Toronto.


  • Diana Paprica says,

    LRT is an absolute must for a future that respects the generations that will follow our own. Opposition to LRT boils down to one thing: benefiting the interests of capital vs. the interests of people. We need to take this courageous step to shift political decision-making away from "safe bets" to those that set the stage for future progressive growth of a full community - and not just an economy.

  • Valerie Warren says,

    Just because I can't make the meeting because I have to work doesn't mean that I am not passionate about LRT. I would like to see the city once and for all accept and move forward with this project which will benefit the entire city. This is no time for partisan politics. "United we stand, divided we fall." - John Dickinson

  • Noda Kouniakis says,

    Please don't let this great opportunity for Hamilton pass us by. This is good for the entire city. Even us in the east mountain.

  • Chris Phillips says,

    I support the LRT!

  • Karen Phillips says,

    I support the LRT!

  • Rachel More says,

    Hamilton is an amazing city to live in and this is a real opportunity to stay one of the most liveable cities and the best place to raise a child. Progress does not stop and it's up to us to take the best from it that we can.

  • Julia Veenstra says,

    Please continue to support the LRT. Please honor the commitment you have made. My household is for LRT.

  • Thomas Lorini says,

    YES TO LRT! Lets invest into our citys future now. Stop the politics and lets move full steam ahead!

  • David Low says,

    LRT has our full support. It concerns me that we are still debating this. It's time for council to move ahead with progressive ideas and stop trying derail this important venture.

  • Raymond Braun says,

    I fully support the LRT system for Hamilton !
    Pity Hamilton rejected to Monorail offered 30 yrs. ago by the Fed. Gvmt. in Ottawa - for if accepted this LRT would already exist. The LRT in Waterloo through downtown Waterloo and Kitchener is almost finished and ready to go late this year or next. Most people don't know that.
    Look at Europ. and some US cities and Calgary/Edmonton,
    they have it in place

    Raymond Braun. Dundas..

  • John Hannah says,

    My Hamilton includes LRT.

  • Dina D'Ermo says,

    I understand there will now be a poll to see how much people understand about LRT. Enough of this... Council made a decision , stick to it and get on with the steps to make LRT happen starting in 2019.

  • Dave Bazowsky says,

    No city has ever advanced/improved or expanded without having sufficient modern transit systems capable of taking us to the next level.

  • Tyler Pearson says,

    Dear LRT Decision Makers,

    I am writing to let you know that I am in full support of the LRT project. So much so, that I moved my family to Hamilton over a year ago (as did my business partner and his family) to expand our Private Equity Investment company. Our company is focused on deploying large sums of capital in Hamilton and not just its downtown. The reason we chose Hamilton is because we believe strongly in its future and the economic pillars that are beginning to underpin it and want to play an active role in its continued revitalization. A primary catalyst for us focusing on Hamilton was largely in part due to the LRT infrastructure that we feel will inject considerable new life and investment dollars all throughout Hamilton. Anyone who would go on record and state they are against this planned infrastructure or that only the downtown core will benefit is simply not thinking rationally and is certainly ignoring the numerous examples all around the world where LRT was a major catalyst for new growth and quite frankly responsible growth. The reality is population is increasing and highways and inner city streets are becoming increasingly congested. People are becoming much more aware of their time and how valuable it is to them and their families and are now measuring their commutes in minutes and not in miles. As a result, people and businesses have and will continue to gravitate to cities that are investing in LRT infrastructure because quite frankly it needs to be done in order to properly prepare for the future. Hamilton has an incredible opportunity to begin putting in some major building blocks for future growth that will continue to retain and attract some of the brightest minds and forward thinking companies around. However, if we let petty politics prevent this new chapter from turning it will inevitably be a very unfortunate moment in history for the City of Hamilton as it will undoubtedly get left behind by other city centers willing and wanting to invest in large LRT infrastructure projects.

    That all said, I remain confident that you will all come to the conclusion that the best time to invest in LRT infrastructure would have been years ago however, the next best time is now. I trust you will do the right thing.

    Tyler Pearson

  • Kevin Archibald says,

    I commute using HSR every day from DUNDAS. LRT will be great for the city of Hamilton and for me and the future use of my kids.

  • David Wootton says,

    I just don't understand why Hamilton is so backward. Why would anyone in the city or for heaven's sake anyone on council even question the merits of a FREE LRT system???? i am so tired of Hamilton being the backwater of Ontario. It's so embarrassing to say the least! I personally have suffered economically and so have my children who have both left the area since there have not been paying jobs for educated people n Hamilton. Even my parents back in the fifties had to leave Hamilton for Ottawa in order to earn enough to support our family. Is is not time after nearly 80 years to make this city prosper?????

  • Anna Vermaat says,

    Bringing the LRT into Hamilton will make this city that much easier to navigate as years go by. It will take time to build and be an inconvenience for a short while, but it's the long term pay back that we need to consider. Our next home/apartment is going to be on or near a transport line. Everyone will stop driving at some point in their lives. There are cities in the world where people never have a driver's license or own a car. Between public transport, use of bikes and walking, think how much better the environment and our personal health will be.

  • Evan Aagaard says,

    The LRT project is a must if Hamilton is to build itself I to a modern, livable, city of the 21st century.

    Look no further than cities like Austin and Portland to find vibrant communities, thriving economies and proud citizens connected by the central nervous system of light rail.

    With LRT Hamilton doesn't need to play second best to Toronto anymore. We can be our own unique destination city where thousands will want to live and work.

    Build it!

  • Nick Policelli says,

    The LRT is good for Hamilton.

  • Mary Anne Ablitt-Blain says,

    I live at First Place and as a woman entering my senior years I implore you to go forward on the LRT. As seniors we eventually have to give up our vehicles and licenses and then we have to resort to public transportation to get to appointments, shopping and even an odd evening out to socialize. I watch my fellow tenants as they try to maneuver the system as it stands today. Not good enough for a city of this size. we deserve better and with the province offering to help, we need to take advantage of this and have a better and cleaner transportation system installed. Enough of not looking forward, enough of dragging of the feet. This has been offered to us and we need to take advantage of it, now. Not later. It won't be available then and you will have dropped the ball. I really don't understand why the is opposition to improving our city, our quality of life.

  • Edward Sernie says,

    While I realize that construction of the LRT will create much havoc, for many years -- in the long run we must move forward and commence building the LRT.

    I think the benefits of improved public transit in Hamilton will make the City a better place to live and work. Hopefully people will realize that they no longer need cars for many of their day-to-day activities and join the rest of Hamilton who already use public transit, ride a bike, or even walk!

    I believe that the LRT will contribute to making Hamilton a more user-friendly and pedestrian-oriented city.

  • Janis Topp says,

    The LRT is so important to our city's future. It has my continued support, and I do expect our council to continue with the decisions of approval that they have already made.

  • Hans Stief says,

    LRT is critical to reducing congestion and improving connectivity within the city of Hamilton. Our population is growing and if we wait on this we will end up behind where we need to be. Please approve the Environmental Assessment Ammendment.

    I live in east Hamilton and I support building the LRT!


  • Fernando Ferreira says,

    Now is the time that we have to all agree that this much needed LRT will make Hamilton a much better city to live in.
    Please ensure to vote this in.

  • SNEHAL PATEL says,


  • Matt Grant says,

    Full support for LRT in Hamilton!