The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Premier Ford to get Hamilton's LRT back on track.

All Statements of Support

  • Daniel Taylor says,

    LRT will bring substantial benefit to Hamilton. The sooner we get to work on this the better.

  • Thomas Burrows says,

    Any thing short of LRT will leave us hopelessly unprepared for the future.

  • Peter Margetts says,

    It seems like poor decision making when projects are canceled after spending significant time and effort to move them forward, and based on inaccurate budget information. It would seem that the better solutions would be to have the city, province, and federal government try to find a solution that works.

  • Brett Clowes says,

    Too much has been planned and promised, we are Torontos Brooklyn and we need ti be treated as such.

  • Eric Gaydos says,

    Hello, please stick with the LRT idea. I'd even rather LRT or nothing. If you end up using the 'billion dollars' for something else LRT is truly done. At the very very least wait till the next election.

  • David Watson says,


    I wanted to write on behalf of myself and my family to urge you to choose LRT for Hamilton. The project has been in motion for many years and the research has been done. It's the best transport solution for a modern Hamilton.

    My wife and I moved to Hamilton 4 years ago and a big part of the decision was the LRT. It was to serve the neighbourhood we chose and showed us that Hamilton was moving forward and modernizing and attracting investment. Further to that, our vote in the last municipal election was largely in support of the LRT project. We were relieved to hear The Premier's support for LRT when he ran for office. He discarded that promise when he was put in office and it was carried out in a very opaque and disrespectful manner to the city. We were very disappointed.

    We would like to implore you to make the right decision and support the people and future growth of Hamilton by supporting LRT in your committee recommendations. It would restore a lot of my family's faith in the government.

  • Andrew McKay says,

    The LRT is not only a fantastic business idea that will encourage development along the entirety of the line, it also presents 3 enormous additional benefits:

    1. Dig once: the construction along the LRT line will allow for vital pieces of infrastructure to be fixed or replaced. Additionally things like fibre optic cabling and other technologies to facilitate future products can also be added. This will have a major impact on helping Hamilton's future economy embrace incredible tech based opportunities.

    2. Set the stage for future lines: Citizens of the mountain are upset that the LRT is not running through their area. This is understandable. I look at the cross town LRT as step 1. If it is successful, I don't see why a future north/south line wouldn't eventually be considered. That would be a game changer for the city, and wouldn't be possible without this first line.

    3. Unity: A dedicated, high speed, safe, enjoyable, thriving, transit connection from McMaster to Stoney Creek. I can't fathom a better way to connect so many Hamiltonians. Being able to pay 1 fare and travel this distance in an enjoyable way is nothing short of the biggest Civic initiative of my lifetime

    LRT is the way. Let's do this!

  • Laura Doucette says,

    As a full-time REALTOR® in this city for 30 years, I believe that building LRT is the best way to move our city forward. The economic potential of LRT is extraordinary, and when combined with zoning and property tax changes, will create an amazing opportunity to build our city.

  • John Coakley says,

    This is the way forward for Hamilton.

  • Ryan Plestid says,

    Hamilton is unique amongst all southwestern Ontario cities in that its geography and history have lead to a dense linear corridor between the lake and the escarpment (bounded by McMaster on the West and the Red Hill Valley to the east). This "linear density" makes Hamilton better suited for LRT than nearly any other city in North America.

    To see Hamilton grow and prosper we need dedicated rapid transit along this corridor, and eventually in the rest of the city.

    Hamilton is one of the poorest cities in Canada, and equitable transit access should absolutely be a top consideration. LRT achieves this more than any other investment could

    LRT is good for the poor, it's good for big business, its good for commuters, and it's good for the environment.

  • Catherine McKay says,

    I support the LRT!

  • Douglas Gerow says,

    Bring back our yesLRT!! It’s needed!!

  • Steven Smashnuk says,

    The LRT is vital to Hamilton's future. Stick to the commitment.

  • Jason Wilford says,

    Please consider all the benefits that the proposed Hamilton LRT line will bring the city. Aside from updating much needed infrastructure, the redesign of traffic flow on King st in central Hamilton will breathe new life into this dead corridor. We’re falling behind on transit here by not taking action, and this project is a slam dunk on so many issues were facing these days.

  • Joy Kearney says,

    If we want to make progress in reducing green house gases we have to to give people viable options to get out of their cars. Bring back the lrt to Hamilton. It is already a city that demonstrates its willingness to use public transit..

    What were you it!!

  • Susan Joanis says,

    I was shocked and appalled when the provincial government suddenly cancelled this major and important project with no notice. Please ressurect this essential transportation development for Hamilton!

  • DAVE BEYNON says,

    Put LRT back on track

  • Wade Zacharias says,

    Hamilton has made plans, and purchases for LRT. It is what Hamilton needs. No other planned version has the benefits that LRT does, and not just for the downtown core. When the lower city does well, the entire city does well.

  • christina Karney says,

    Working as an architect in Hamilton, the benefits of the LRT are numerous and is critical infrastructure to enable sustainable growth and development of the city. Given the investment that has already been made, I strongly support efforts to revive this plan. Bring back the LRT!!

  • John Thompson says,

    March 6, 2020

    To whom it may concern:

    As a Hamilton taxpayer, I am a strong LRT supporter and want to see the project reinstated at once. It has been proven in many other cities in Canada and the US that LRT is welcomed by transit riders as it is smooth, quiet and clean, as in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto. Also, Hamilton is in dire need of resulting development. I do not want to see the large amount of money already invested in LRT to be wasted. It is apparent that the figures quoted for construction and operating expenses of our LRT are greatly excessive. Given that the Federal Government has offered to fund the difference, I strongly urge that this offer be taken up, and political rivalries side tracked in the interests of civic progress in Hamilton. It could be a wonderful legacy for the Ford and Trudeau governments, working co-operatively for the greater good. Hamilton, wants, and deserves, LRT NOW.

  • Jane Cudmore says,

    I wholeheartedly support LRT in Hamilton. I think it is vital to the next phase of city building and will help Hamilton capitalize on the momentum which has been building over the last five years or so - the economic benefits of LRT are well documented. Council's position, which supports LRT for the city, was unanimously approved, despite what Mr. Bratina keeps saying publicly, and I'm sure, behind closed doors. I see the crowded buses and the obvious need for LRT. I will be using it and I urge you to commit to LRT for Hamilton. Thanks!

  • Janice Brown says,

    Choose LRT!

  • Frances Murray says,

    Please return to Hamilton's LRT plan, debated and dissected over many years and the plan voted on by a vast majority in the last municipal election. We deserve a home-grown transit project, not one imposed by a non-elected body.


  • Angela Haas says,

    Hamilton is growing and business is booming! Many people need to have quick and efficient transportation to get to Toronto etc. It is 2020! It is imperative that LTR happens now as Hamilton will continue to grow. What we have now is not enough! Ma

  • Richard Brooks says,

    The Hamilton LRT project offered our only opportunity to build our tax base. The days of relying on a once flourishing industrial tax source are gone. The LRT would have caused a building boom of highrise condo/apartment buildings with accompanying tax revenue with little other infrastructure costs.

  • Daniel Caron says,

    There is abandoned houses , our neighborhood look like a war zone. Please go forward with the project as it will also bring people downtown more easier.

  • Ahmed Sheeno says,

    LRT works in every major city in the world but apparently it won’t work in Hamilton right? Come on. Let’s get it done!

  • Michael Casarin says,

    With 12+ years of planning, extensive pre-construction work complete, over $160 million already spent and over 60 properties expropriated, cancelling the LRT project is of no choice! That amount of money alone being flushed down the toilet makes me sick.

  • Claudia Leduc says,

    I have lived in this great city all my life and have seen it go from a vibrant and prosperous city to its economic slump and more recently its rise from the ashes. Do the right thing show the community that you are innovative leaders and vote LRT!!!!

  • Barry Reid says,

    I support the LRT and the positive impact it will have in this city. I know personally it is a mode of transport that I will use and I think the benefit to low income people, businesses, reducing congestion and making the city more accessible are some of the reasons that the government should move forward with this project as a positive investment in Hamilton and its future growth.

    Barry Reid