The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Heather A says,

    Any improvement/addition to mass transit systems is good for the ecology - give people options other than the their personal automobile (an enormous takes-a-lot of energy and resources pig that usually transports only one person).

  • Mike Renaud says,

    Our city is moving in the right direction and LRT should be a huge priority. If we're truly going to be a first class city then we need to make first class decisions.

  • Robert Beck says,

    In my opinion, the LRT is a priority. Failure to implement this would severely hamper the City's future prospects for economic growth.

  • Mark Mundell says,

    LRT will bring in the investors that Hamilton so desparately needs to revitalize the lower city. But a smart investor will not commit their own $$$ until the shovel hits the ground.

    In saying that, I have read that some have opined that the big investors aren't building yet,why should we do LRT? The truth is, it is an "if you build it, they will come scenario.". Follow Don R. Campbell of REIN to understand what LRT means to this fine city of ours.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Mark Mundell

  • Pauline Taggart says,

    I supported LRT for Hamilton in 2008 and believed the promise made by the Provincial Government to fund the capital costs associated with building the A and B line.

    I continue to fully support LRT for Hamilton in 2011 and do expect the Provincial Government to make good on their promise to fund the capital building costs.

    Awkward timing and politics aside, this is an election issue for me and a promise I'd like to have reaffirmed before casting my ballot in the upcoming election.

  • Andy Coltman says,

    Please don't let this opportunity to improve Hamilton's liveability and future fail. The questions have been asked and the options weighed, and LRT was shown to be a viable and highly desirable initiative to help strengthen our City, its economy and its future. This led to clear support and promises from Council and the Province to pursue its installation --- promises that need to be reiterated and acted upon NOW so we don't squander all the hard work and insight we've gained so far. Please get LRT back on track.

  • Kevin Wiens says,

    For decades, the Main/King corridor in Hamilton has been the site of a staggering inequity - motorists can race from one side of our city to the other at 60km/h without hitting a light, while transit users cram on to overfilled, slow buses (the ones who can fit on the bus at all). Social divisions such as this are harmful to everyone. LRT would bring some balance and fairness to transportation in Hamilton, one of many reasons to complete this project.

  • Connor Prebianca says,

    As an older teenager that grew up in this great city. I would be thoroughly disappointed not to see this plan followed through on. Almost every time we have a proposed plan to optimize transportation in and around the city the plan gets stalled for too long. Then, after the plan gets carried through with, the stats prove that the plan turned out to be successful. Stats don't lie, let's keep the trend going! L

  • Brian Cumming says,

    All great cities have some form rapid transit. It's time for Hamilton to get on board! I support a LRT system for my city, Hamilton.

  • Lee Dermody says,

    Not building LRT is a missed opportunity for the city to leap into the 21st century

  • Esther Huh says,

    If Hamilton wishes to continue to grow and appeal to the new generation, it needs to invest in an effective public transit system like the LRT.

  • Mary Thomas says,

    Light rail transport is the future! Hamilton needs to act on this now!!

    This is not the time for local or provincial politicos to play games. The mayor should remember that he was elected to represent this city not his personal whims. He has one vote on council, he is the mayor not a king with veto power. Council endorsed this project last year, so get on with it!! Hamilton keeps losing progressive opportunities due to petty power playing. Stop this stupidity. Do what is best for this city (what you were elected to do).

    We will all benefit with cleaner air, better mobility and opportunities for local development and employment.

    Mary T

  • Mary-Lou O'Donnell says,


  • Meg Coppolino says,

    LRT, please!

  • Sonja De Pauw says,

    The ground work has been done and Hamilton needs light rail transit, on the B line. The mayor may be waffling for some unexplained reason but many citizens, including myself, are not!

  • Jeff Chuchman says,

    I am very frustrated by the number of buses that need to fly by the bus stop at Dundurn & King and cannot stop to pick up passengers because there are too many people. I watched 8 go by the other day while I waited.

  • Hollie Pocsai says,


  • James Butchert says,

    Hamilton has all the makings of a world class city including a good sized international airport, a busy sea port and access to major highways to both the USA border and the rest of the province.

    Installing an LRT system in the city of Hamilton would be the next logical step in bringing our city into a greater economical and environmentally friendly future.

    I am in FULL support of an LRT system for the city.

  • David Clarke says,

    Please don't be short-sighted about this! You will be able to attract significantly more investment in real estate projects in Hamilton if City Hall isn't seen as being anti-growth and anti-development.

  • Robert Fedak says,

    Hamilton always seems to find a way to dumb it down, as opposed to raising their game.
    To take us to the next level, we need to have strong support from the people who were put in place to do WHAT WE WANTED. Enough of the back door deals- to get to the "next level", we need to "get to the next level". And LRT is, or will be, a key part of the future of this City after decades of being beaten up by City staff who seem incapable of making decisions involving foresight.

  • Margaret O'Grady says,

    The deteriorating core of Hamilton is seriously deminishing our city. Lite rail would make traveling to our centre more convenient, attractive and reliable. The construction of a rail system would also increase the credibility of the city in the world domain. Hamilton has a lot to offer in beauty and culture. Let it grow!

  • Lisa Hodge says,

    This would be a step in the right direction in terms of economical growth for our city.

  • Tim Simmons says,

    It is time we start believing that Hamilton can be a world class city. In the past we have built highways essentially to help people get out of the city. We are now going to increase GO Transit to help people get out of the city. Maybe we should think about transit that keeps people living and working in the city of Hamilton.

  • Sheila Heyes says,

    LRT will be one of the best things Hamilton will see to keep our city moving forward. To decide anything other than "bringing it to Hamilton now" will be a HUGE mistake and will cause our fabulous city to stagnate and perhaps even take steps back.

    Please, MAKE THE DECISION to move forward with this amazing opportunity for our great city.

  • Jonathon Valeri says,

    Yes, as a student, a G drivers license holder, and an advocate by taking our transit and differing away from using a vehicle (one in possession but do not use), I believe this city will echo through years with an example of progress a city can make through using LRT and affordable, reliable, and sufficient transportation. No more excuses, look at others that have built. This will revitalize our city in ways never imagined because we cannot know our future, but we can guide ourselves to its success

  • Matt S says,

    Great idea!

  • Jacklyn Campbell says,

    Please proceed with election campaign promises and earlier Council decisions to proceed with the Hamilton LRT. The LRT will facilitate moving people across Hamilton and various points within the city. All day GO service between Hamilton and Toronto will facilitate moving people out of Hamilton to their jobs in Toronto. Fulfil those earlier promises and decisions and built the LRT - stop the back-tracking!!!!

  • nikki li says,

    please support this opportunity

  • John Reinink says,

    This has been in the works for many, many years and some of you were elected into this position *because* you supported this project. So... where is it? Don't let this be added to your list of broken promises.
    And not only this, but the LRT project is a fantastic one for a city that is desperately in need of downtown revitalization. Please make a step of support in this project. Now.

  • Martin Eckart says,

    It's time to stop waffling on these large /already committed/ projects that are good for the entire city.