The City's LRT plan has $1 billion in provincial funding. Tell Council to take YES for an answer.

All Statements of Support

  • Peter Hutton says,

    It is extrremely disappointing that local officials at all levels have not been able to cut through the political and bureaucratic obstacles at the provincial level to getting LRT done Any project dragged out this long will run into problems and plays into the hands of the nay-sayers.

    Clearly we need to invest in all forms of transit as an essential part of our infrastructure to support new and renewed econoimic developme

    Council has it right - we need both expanded Go and we need to begin to build sensible LRT to meet the needs of existing riders as well as those who would make the choice, but can't because the existing HSR us overwhelmed.with existing passengers

    Mayor Bratina, you are wrong Expanded GO alone will not help the economic development of Hamilton as it will take people to the jobs that exist in Toronto, and it will take decades to really reverse that trend. But staged LRT and GO as the money comes available can make that change faster. It doesn't take a million people and honestly I hope that Hamilton never reaches that point

  • Janis Topp says,

    Sad to see we are being pulled back to square one on the LRT project. It is the key component to the necessary public transit within Hamilton. I agree we must move forward on it.

  • Roger Mann says,

    Mayor Bratina represents only one vote on Council, and in his role as the official spokesman for Hamilton he should be representing Council's decisions, not his own opinions. It is council's duty to make this fact clear to him, and to ensure that any commitments he makes on Hamilton's behalf are transparent and reflect the wishes of council.

  • Rudy Neufeld says,

    It seems we the people have to lead the fight for the LRT with force and vision: two commodities in short supply from our present mayor.

  • Lisa Hind says,

    the LRT is past due and is desperately needed for a growing city. It has been held back because of dawdling and delays. Hamilton City Council .. please listen to the tax payers of this city that the LRT is needed. We are in the 21st Century and Hamilton needs to move forward. As well, I dont need to tell you Hamilton City Council that it will bring jobs to a struggling economy of Hamilton. thank you sincerely,

    Lisa Hind

  • Nicholas Shaw says,

    It's time to plan for a sustainable future. It's time for rapid transit in Hamilton.

  • Paul Barrett says,

    Hourly GO Transit Trains sound great but there is already efficient GO Transit Bus Service Toronto hourly. Hamilton has come to far down the road towards Rapid Transit to back out now. If Hamilton and Ontario want to grow sustainable and economically prosperous cities then efficient transit and high density development are required. Keep your promise pay for Hamilton LRT. Its time to fund the transit needed to bring Hamilton from car culture to culture.

  • lleslie szamosvari says,

    Light rail transit, properly designed, has proven to be very successful in many cities. We, in Hamilton, have been blessed with volunteer contributions by interested, activist, citizens who want to see this alternative transit get on the ground. No one is suggesting that it is the one project that will save Hamilton's downtown area. Consultations, meetings, input, designs, recommendations, have had impressive participation by many who care about our city and care about equal access to our neighbourhoods. Why is the mayor not listening?

    Let us get to work and move forward to create benefits for all.

    yours, les szamosvari

  • Jason Morse says,

    Our investment in LRT will create the foundation for future smart growth, attractiveness, and thus prosperity for generations to come. Now is the time to take this bold step and lead Hamilton from decades of stagnation.

  • Brian Detlor says,

    I encourage Hamilton City Council to make LRT a top priority for completion as soon as possible. The economic and environmental benefits of doing so are just too good to pass up.

  • James Graham says,

    This would be a GREAT success for the city of Hamilton, and for the people in Hamilton. HSR buses are constantly jam-packed at crucial times during the day. HSR's record for performance is among the worst in the province.

  • Dawn Danko says,

    With a change in job I went from successfully using Hamilton transit to an unacceptable level of service. After 8 years, we have broken down and bought a second car. If light rail transit was available I absolutely would not need the second car. I fully support LRT, and would suggest that it is critical for maintaining a vibrant downtown in the future.

  • Krystyna DunnBlacklock says,

    The LRT is something that Hamilton requires. I think council needs to make the LRT a prioity for the city. Council needs to step and see that this is done. All day GO service will not help the majority of taxpayers living and using transit through out the city. The Mayor and council need to think of our city and the LRT was something Mr. Bratina campaigned on in the past election. I am angry it is not following the original paln and the promises McGuinty made in the past regarding it.

  • carolyn lehmann says,

    Please, do not leave Hamilton in the 19th century regarding public transit, especially light rapid transit.

  • carolyn lehmann says,

    Please, do not leave Hamilton in the 19th century regarding public transit, especially light rapid transit.

  • Lee Edward McIlmoyle says,

    I proudly voted for someone OTHER than Bob Bratina. He therefore does not have my consent to derail this project, which may actually be the only good plan put forward for reviving the inner city and our local economy in the last thirty years. If he can't see that, then maybe it's time he stepped aside and let someone with a little more vision do the heavy lifting.

    We need the LRT, Bob. Money has already been spent setting this up. Don't be that guy. Build it first, and then you'll get your city growth, not before. All you've done so far is help continue the mass exodus of real development to the outer boroughs. Howzabout giving a little something to those of us who actually live in the actual city. It's our tax money, too.

  • Dawn McIlmoyle says,

    Stop playing games with the citizenry over this! Hamilton NEEDS a clean, reliable, environmentally sensible public transportation system. And I mean the CITY of Hamilton, not bloody Ancaster. Pouring money into development in Ancaster, Stoney Creek and properies on top of the escarpment is destroying Hamilton. Address the situation by unifying the downtown core, east and west ends with this rail system.

  • Ann Lawton-Barry says,

    I have written to Mr. Bratina regarding my opinion on light rail (it's a "must"), among a couple of other things such as his inaccessibility (he accused the Hamilton Spectaor of being a second Rupert Murdoch problem), and his response to me was that I was "impertinent and derisive" to question his decisions regarding the City of Hamilton. And I voted for this man ! How dare he speak to voters like he does.

    Please keep up the pressure on the premier and Mr. Bratina to see the future !

    Ann Lawton-Barry (905) 389-9238

  • Nadine Bernacki says,

    Please support the LRT b-line construction as soon as possible. Our citizens in the future will thank you for being so forward thinking and pro-active in dealing with coming economic challenges.

  • Dianne Mead says,

    It is time that Hamilton actually joined the modern world. We should build the infrastructure to bring people to Hamilton, not infrastructure to leave Hamilton. LRT improves Hamilton, makes it an easier to access the city. Another GO station - we become yet another commuter city without a heart.

    Give people a reason to come ride our "rocket" - instead of going to TO to ride theirs.

  • Adam Brown says,

    Light Rail Transit has been proven by cities such as Oregon to have a positive not just on transit ridership but municipal beautification as well as had an impact on automobile reliance.
    Let's put the "R" back into HSR!!

  • Connor Clark says,

    I honestly can not believe that mayor Bratina has said, and i quote "LRT is

  • Heather Judson says,

    Dear Sirs and Madams, I am writing to ask that you do not abandon the Hamilton LRT initiative. I am an urban person, living and working in the Hamilton Core. I also attend McMaster university. I currently walk to and from work, and then drive to McMaster. It is not feasible for a night school student to take the bus home from campus because when classes let out, you cannot even get on a bus until three or four have gone by, the need is so great. I do own a car, but would prefer to take LRT or walk, while using my car for longer distances and trips outside the boundaries of Hamilton. I used to live in Calgary, which as you know has the C train. It's hugely beneficial to students, people who work downtown, or even just people who prefer not to drive in city environments. Hamilton is a big city. Let's act like one, shall we?
    Heather Judson

  • Melanie Skene says,

    Hamilton is an awesome city, but needs to change the way people can move around it - from a automobile mentality to one that is more human/citizen friendly. Come on Hamilton get your heads out of the 50's and into the 21st century.

  • michael hampson says,

    lets get this started...

  • Nina Hladio says,

    It's time we invest in the future of our city. What are we waiting for? Do we want to be an accessible, citizen-friendly city that attracts new young people? Or do we want to remain complacent and inevitably watch people move to other cities where they can get what Hamilton can't offer: the accessibility of light rail transit. Hamilton has everything to gain from the Light Rail Initiative, so let's take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

  • Rick Cordeiro says,


  • Heather A says,

    Any improvement/addition to mass transit systems is good for the ecology - give people options other than the their personal automobile (an enormous takes-a-lot of energy and resources pig that usually transports only one person).

  • Mike Renaud says,

    Our city is moving in the right direction and LRT should be a huge priority. If we're truly going to be a first class city then we need to make first class decisions.

  • Robert Beck says,

    In my opinion, the LRT is a priority. Failure to implement this would severely hamper the City's future prospects for economic growth.